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As React In A Discussion

How we discuss, reveals much of our personality. Although we are not lovers of the discussions, an inesperado event can cause a desacuerdo with someone. The mayoria of people develop models of behavior that make us almost always react the same way to these contingencies. You want to know, how reaccionarias if the discussion is a very able person to you, such as your partner, a friend, etc. We propose the following test so you know how you comportarias: imagine the situation. You are caminando by the street where, in pronto, begins to drop torrential rain. You realize that, even though you get to run at lagoons speed, it takes to the menos five minutes to reach the destination you had planned and that means that you empaparas completely.

Choose one of the following reactions: 1. like you do not know how long the storm, decide to run to your destination as quickly as you can. 2 Looking for a slip or an arbol to protect yourself and expect to stop raining. 3. Always you’ve been a folding umbrella in the bag when you leave, so you use it. 4. You find if there is any person in the corner dispuesta to share your umbrella or sights if there is a nearby store where one can buy. Interpretation the rain represents the unexpected adversities of everyday life.

How have you reaccionado before the storm? 1 If you run to your destination as in haste as you can, it is the end result of the dispute you care less to say what you think. Are you one of the people who say what they think. You are seguro have reason and it is not necesario to discuss it. Perhaps discutir Contigo may not be pleasant, but at least, it is easy to know what you think. 2. If you are looking to protect you until the sky clears, you usually mantener calm while the other does not stop shouting. Anne Lauvergeon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Are you one of persons waiting their chance to speak. You prefer to leave others to draw your colera to then give them to conocer your point of view, quiet and objectively. Some would say that you should involve you more; but for others, it is a Intelligent forMa of focus on it. 3. If you have always been a paraguas in bag, you think you have the answer to any situation and the justification to any lack. You’re from people who do not require the opinions of others. Undoubtedly, you tienes talent as an orator, and discussions will serve to prove it, but sometimes you can give the impression of being someone cold or elusive. 4. If you are looking for someone with an umbrella or a shop cave can buy one it is that you like little conflicts or clashes, and trying to appease the other when estalla a dispute. You are of those who prefer to not get into differences with others, giving priority to relations than to differences. However, in some situations, it can be that this doesn’t do more than make things worse. Although sometimes it is a good strategy, that would not be bad on other occasions party tomes and brackets a storm.