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The city finally moved toward the shores of port Carenas, known today as Bay of Havana, but the village of fishermen remained in that place and from there took the city water that was consumed by its inhabitants. The Chorrera or old town, thus him called to the habanero West settlement. Threats and attacks by pirates and privateers did he Cabildo in Havana in 1565 agreed and sent that from that date in the forward closed roads ranging to La Chorrera and those who leave the beach going to old town and no one would dare open them or make other roads and trails in the area in order to prevent Privateers and pirates could enter in Havana from la caletaas they had already done. Who did was exposed to a fine of 50 pesos to war costs, and if you didn’t, be imposed a penalty of one hundred lashes. All this in order to make these places increasingly inhospitable to aggressors of Havana in its effort to advance on the city. In summary, it was forbidden reside, open roads, and establishing crops and pastures in the area. Hence comes the name of the zone.

Time, since then, mitigated the rigour of the prohibitions and gradually appeared stays for livestock and, although to a lesser extent, water continued bringing in botijas from the Almendares. In 1646, pirate attacks forced the Governor alvaro de Luna to have the construction of the La Chorrera castillito at the mouth of the River. In the area, since the middle of the previous century, there were several sugar mills and its dense forests wood was extracted. And already in the 17TH century began the exploitation of numerous quarries were present in the area and that supplied the stone for the Havana buildings. For many years in the area alone were some poor houses built by workers from these quarries and some few fishermen who dwelled there taking advantage of its proximity to the sea of the place.