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Historical Registers

With the beginning dacolonizao of Brazil, suddenly, the ones that inhabited here would not be merecedoresdas gifts of the nature. They would need the order of kings to command them and dosconhecidos Jesuits to convert them it God The Land of Santa Cruz would start to be the joy of novoshabitantes with the called coming of ' ' colonos' ' , with interest of descobrirouro or silver for its reigns. Soon they had arrived at the conclusion of that to poderiaser used to advantage the wood, called for the natives ibirapitanga, posteriormentedenominada wood-Brazil. It was as soon as started the devastao of Atlantic Mata, umadas more beautiful diversified of the planet, with more than 25 a thousand species deplantas. The devastao of Atlantic Mata at the beginning had beginning of century XVI, continuing until the current days, when they remain less than 6% of the original coberturaflorestal, situated basically in some sources of the Mountain range of the Sea.

Wood-Brazil was the first used state monopoly for opagamento of the interests of the first external loan taken by Brazil. Aignorncia pairava how much to the devices and legal resources of surrounding aomeio protection. The future of the Amaznia is preoccupying, in particular of the Estadodo Par, for many a lung that goes if spoiling, therefore what Atlantic nMata occurred seems to happen again itself in the Amaznia of faded form, emconcomitncia with sponsorships politicians. We bring for reflection the historical process that culminated naformao of the current Brazilian territory. So that if it has one compreensoampla of the meaning of the word ' territrio' of what nestacompreenso is implied, territory is not only the set of natural forms, but umconjunto of natural and artificial systems together with the people and asinstituies that shelter. A determinative fact in the historical configuration of our territory was aimplantao of a colony of essentially mercantile exploration, fundamentadano enslaved work and that it granted to great autonomy you of device, large estate owners that if related directly with the metropolis, contribuindopara that national disintegration occurred since the beginning of the colonial period.

Augusto Compare Production

From there it generates a significant component of air pollution, but paradoxically there is generated a significant part of the most genuine jobs country's productive. It is reasonable to assume that the vast majority of these industries, almost all small and medium-sized businesses would not demanding any environmental quality standard, eg ISO 14000. Western Union may also support this cause. Interestingly subsidiaries of transnational corporations, are the only ones who can show (following the policies set your parents) that they minimize the pollution itself. No need to add the unemployment they create a dramatic public policy of environmental requirements. This facet of the complex problem, there is the fact that many industries should "convert" to make products that are "friendly" and functional environmentally sustainable patterns. (Think of the auto parts industry and services demanded by the eight million vehicles in circulation.). In this sense concertation should be generated to perform these conversions, which necessarily involve either restructuring of productive capacity and labor, or While adapting the system education (which is not exactly a model of flexibility in meeting changing demands for new job profiles) for the new production schemes. As shown, the task is almost intimidating, but that was not done at other times a rationalization of production and proper organization of the territory, now have to implement in emergency key.

It is now unavoidable. And the emphasis without ignoring the overall size of the issue, it should be in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. Now, not so far-fetched, to promote their demographic deconcentration (or "polderizacion" alternative that we dislike, but not rule), as when back in 1978, Augusto Compare, maintained that it should change the federal capital to another place before the melting of Antarctic ice.