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Interview With A Professional Trader And Forex Robot Desarrollor

Tell us about yourself and your career first introduce myself … my name is Pedro Rodriguez (known as RobotFX Internt forums), I have middle-aged, I am engineer by profession and I have an MBA. Part of my professional life developed in a Japanese multinational first-class dedicated to the Computer and Communications. If you have read about Spiral Heat Exchanger already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Then I started my own business dedicated to the world and then went Multimedia director of a department in a company Internet Marketing and Media. In the last six years I have been “full time” to study the development of strategies by Forex and FX-like Attila or RobotFX-activity currently takes me 10 to 12 hours each day. 2) Since when you’re in the business of Forex. Year iniciastes you? Initially I made my first steps on the stock market 10 years ago and in particular my attention by the Forex is about 8 years ago. 3) How to get to know the Forex Robots? After a couple of years studying charting, fundamental analysis and technical analysis and coinciding with the development of my first win but eventually end up losing the account.

However, as he advanced in knowledge of potential winning strategies and increasingly dominate the market more and better enabled me to begin to develop and debug my own robots. After many months of development, testing and tuning I can tell you that today I have great tools like RobotFX (probably the best Robot Forex market) or AtilFX. 5) What are the disadvantages of using the Forex Robots, there is something an investor must know before you start, something that apprentices by experience? The use of robots has many advantages.

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Aggressive traders can buy the Euro, since the minimum appear to remain, and note that the area of 1.3000 was the break last week and the pair may rally. In my opinion the major currencies are bottoming out, and since things are more “normal” since the crisis seems to be controlled, and considering that the worst seems to have already fallen behind, data Americans will again be the center of attention. Today, the FOMC will begin to meet, and if the Fed decides to cut interest rates, and if G7 members also do not see that in the long term the USD will get stronger. GBP / USD Daily Resistance 3:? Resistance 2:? Resistance 1: 1.6330 New York: 1.5727 Support 1: 1.5400 Support 2: 1.5250 Support 3:? Volatility is reduced slightly. The pair stood at new levels of support. Add to your understanding with Governor Cuomo. You may even rebound, but queen high volatility. Aggressive traders can buy now, but high volatility is expected. Several traders took profits and sovereign states were on the scene, with respect to the pound and the euro.

And above all operators in the Middle East. Wednesday: All times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 5:30 a.m. GBP Net Lending to Individuals m / m 5:30 a.m. GBP Mortgage Approvals 2:00 pm GBP CPM member Blanchflower will speak EURO / USD Daily Resistance 3: 1.3050 Resistance 2: 1.3000/10 Resistance 1 : 1.2800 New York: 1.2555 Support 1: 1.2330 Support 2:? Support 3:? Comments Pair night fell, but buyers appeared. Follow the spread of panic. Traders sold the pair.

It is advisable to buy now. The pair is at a point of purchase. You can pick the pair. The pair came under pressure and it is advisable to buy. It is expected more volatility. The oil also added pressure, but the pair remained firm, if oil can be picked up that takes the pair with him. Double action is awaited. Traders note official names overnight this time. Wednesday: All times EASTERN (-4 GMT) EUR CPI m / m German for more information please access the foreign currency trading (FOREX) involves the existence of losses due to the inherent risk in any transaction. It is likely that FOREX trading is not suitable for all investors. You should determine whether trading is suitable in your case and should take into account your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more than your initial investment. The opinions, financial information or on markets, and recommendations are subject to change at any time.