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Sculptor Valery Kuznetsov

" According to Ramenkoe TV, in April 2005, the dog was gone, but the administration Ramenkoe to respond quickly to this event is citywide, and soon Ladies have a new canine companion – a replica of the former. In Penza In July 2008, in Penza appeared charming lady with the dog. As reported by the weekly Young Leninist, a gift made penzyakam guide company located on the street, Volodarskogo 9. 'Previously, there was located lordly mansion – says CEO of Oleg Tyugaev. Check out 4Moms for additional information. – We have it restored.

And then realized that the external appearance of buildings are not missing parts. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rob Daley. So the idea to put beside this lovely sculpture. " It is believed that the woman laid the foundation stone for the future of the monument of wooden architecture. From 1884 to 1899. manor belonged to his wife collegiate registrar Mary-Elizabeth Avgustovna Chamberlain. From it by deed to the house passed to his wife the famous physician Olga Kopylova Josephovna.

Photographs of these women have initiated the appearance of sculpture was not, wrote apnews.ru. Entrusted to create an image master – a member of the Union of Artists, Sculptor Valery Kuznetsov. "This is a collective image of the Penza women – those that once owned and ran the house, near which a monument, – told the author sculpture Valery Kuznetsov. Chekhov and the Lady with the Dog in September 2004 during the 5 th International telekinoforuma 'instead of' at Yalta was a monument to Anton Chekhov and his famous' Lady with Lapdog.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Gastronomy: We recommend the dishes with red meat on the grill and roast. Temperature Serving :15-17 C 3 clusters AIS – Association of Italian Sommeliers, 87 points Wine Spectator Price – 194.80 USD. 5. Columbia Crest Shiraz Two Vines / Columbia Crest Shiraz Two Vines Type: Still Wine Color: Red Country: USA Producer: Chateau Ste Michelle Year: 2004 Location: Washington, Dry red wine varieties Grapes: 92% shiraz, 5% Viognier, 3% merlot. Features of vinification and aging: 14 months in oak barrels. Ex-CIA chief recognizes the significance of this. Tasting notes: Full-fruity wine with the aroma of black cherry, white pepper and strawberry. Ripe bright flavor. Gastronomic advice: Excellent with grilled dishes, as well as red meat in wine sauce.

Serving temperature: 16-18 C 2001 – 90 points according to Wine spectator and The best value in the world 2002 – 88 points by Wine spectator version Price – 132.14 USD. 6. Torres Gran Coronas DO Catalonia / Torres Gran Coronas Country: Spain Producer: Torres (Spain) Color: Red Type: Still wine Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo Features vinification and aging: Exposure 12 months in barrels of American and French oak to Face the crossroads of the worlds wine: wine harmoniously combines the completeness and the generosity of the Spanish variety Tempranillo and international power and tannin varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon. Gran Coronas – truly a "Big Crown" line of noble wines of Torres. Gastro recommendation: grilled steak, roast beef, lamb, duck, game, aged cheeses Tasting notes: Deep ruby color, intense, seductive bouquet of dark fruit aromas, clearly perceptible in the background aromas of smoke and leather, full-bodied wine with a velvety structure and balanced flavor.


It would very like to be able to live with a little more dignity in this extraordinary, full country of places and wonderful creatures. For me it would be very important it would make, me very well, it would clean my soul it would full, me of energy it would make, to still more want me the good of my fellow creatures, therefore it would be happy and in peace with me exactly, this with would make me to certainty to sleep with more tranquillity, being increased considerably my quality of life. But what it is to live after all with dignity of accounts in this country that is so full of inaqualities and differences? For me it would be to have a good job, with certain stability, is to gain a good wage, that were the sufficient to support my family with a certain tranquilidade, without that one run-run at the end of the month, for a colloquy in particular with the manager of the bank, life with dignity is also to be able to have one to have a good car, that one that does not leave in them in the hand, To possess a proper house to be able to live with comfort, is to be able to travel with tranquillity without those concerns with financial side, to live with dignity is to have conditions to offer a good study for the children, to have a good medical covenant, is to be able to go to the supermarket and not to more deny a chocolate of quality for our son, is to be able to say one yes at least some times, instead of not always saying several. To live with dignity is to know that we have honest politicians and that they are working in favor of the society, without taking off advantages proper, is also to have the freedom to leave to the streets without fear of being stolen or to suffer any type of violence that can harming in them. To live with dignity is to be livrepara to have faith and confidence in God our all powerful creator, who in them made its image and similarity. It with certainty will be always twisting so that we let us be always winning and that let us live in peace and with much dignity. In 08/05/2009 Jose Valdir Emlioemiliodoma@ yahoo.com.br

Rich Life

We often call it – call the thickly falling in love, which, over time, so there is no talking, all passes, but not dull, as some people think. You may ask, what about those couples that have lived all their lives together? And I'll tell you, nothing strange about it. Just by their very nature they are not so persistently, or stubborn, and entangled in the nets, and lay the rest of his days. Love here does not even smell. Man is a creature that prilovchitsya to anyone, even if not understood and not always pleasant situations. From there, swim and betrayals, and misunderstandings and banal headache in women is not the most the right time. But time passes, disappears from that of the primer pairs who pobuynee, and those who are always near quieter here, and they lapped and let live so secretly hoping that survive each other. Us, among other things, so bring up.

Let us recall the so-called "folk wisdom", and the wisdom of a "can endure – slyubitsya." And as you and morality of our papenek mamenek: "Choose for richer, happiness is in the money" – just do not say you were not taught this. Us with Children instructed to ensure that we are looking for a partner from good families, I mean the rich, and so was the car and apartment, and what people there really is a minor matters. That's how we live … pokazushniki comrades. The main thing to shreds were on – brighter, and then in the family – a continuous "shkandal." Do not know if each of us is really looking for your soul mate, entanglement in nets ambiguously smiling passers-by, then gets up and goes on to bail out and look for that or only single is not so important – so is his whole life, that is, to us all. But those lucky single, who are – still managed to find her in this life, I truly envy you, that's my word, though so I do not idiliynyh relations met in my life and called for a g e a. Choose which of the versions provided closer to you, but what about me then – both fairly pragmatic, but this is the reality of life as it is not sad it sounds.