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Three New Customers For IntelliAd

Immonet, plan.net and pilot “offer” individual features designed with the software / for agencies Munich, October 11, 2011 – intelliAd continues on growth course and WINS new high-profile Agency and corporate customers. Currently the real estate portal won immonet.de of Axel Springer, the digital agency of the service plan group plan.net,, as well as the Agency pilot 1/0 GmbH & co. KG. The independent technology provider intelliAd offers advertisers and agencies a bid management and multichannel-tracking (www.intelliad.de), which can significantly improve the performance of all online marketing activities. At the plan.net, GmbH & co.

KG come bid-management as well as the intelliAd tracking and the special reports used. In the future the new product list tool and the multi-channel tracking (www.intelliad.de/ products/multichannel-tracking.html) to be used for customers by plan.net. Thomas Gassler, head of unit SEM the plan.net media, about the benefits of intelliAd solution: “as We get from our customers digital agency tasked with distributing their budget as efficiently as possible. With intelliAd software we can determine exactly which campaigns and channels best serve the objectives of the campaign.” Also the pilot 1/0 GmbH & co. KG is convinced of the intelliAd software and deploys it to the analysis and optimisation of performance marketing campaigns. Several features were developed specifically for the Hamburg-based agency: “With intelliAd, we have all performance data at a glance and must no longer switch between different systems,” explains Thomas Koch, Member of the Executive Board of the pilot 1/0 GmbH & co. KG. The Immonet GmbH operates one of the leading real estate portal of in Germany each month 2.6 million visitors.

The responsible to manage and optimize the AdWords campaigns rely on the flexible bid management (www.intelliad.de/ products/bid-management-tool.html) by intelliAd. Immonet is able to track more than 20 predefined conversion types and receives a special report with your own, Data warehouse is compatible. Another advantage: intelliAd functions in a single system such as the cross-channel tracking or the cookie soft offers. Wolfhart Frohlich “We score for our customers, because we can expand our tool exactly to the features that the customer needs”, explains CEO of intelliAd media GmbH. “in addition we now have interfaces with numerous technology partners, so that we can provide almost all relevant functions and data in online marketing through an interface. That’s a gain in efficiency and better results for our customers.” Company Description intelliAd is an independent technology company headquartered in Munich. intelliAd, a software that lets you significantly improve the performance of all online marketing activities offers advertisers and agencies. The core of the platform is the bid management tool, with the SEA campaigns can be time-saving managed and optimized. Through an integrated multichannel tracking can the synergy effects between the offline and Online channels, telephone, SEA, social media, direct traffic, price search, display, newsletter and affiliate marketing are analyzed. The findings from this be taken into account in the bid management. This 360-degree view of all online marketing measures allows the best possible use of the total advertising budget.

Coaching For Entrepreneurs Running

The ESF Grundercoaching runs to only up to the September 30 of the year. This regulation is replaced by a so-called KfW coaching in the same bank. The problem is that the applicant in the East 25% and 50% of the sum itself must take in the West. Could you largely determine until now the coach, being instructed from the new date on a management consultant of the KfW. In sports, the coach leads to the success of the individual or the team. It is exactly as in the private sector.

The beginner needs an introduction and a constant monitoring by an experienced person. The new regulation could prove for smaller founder as a negative setting to consultant. Get more background information with materials from Pacific Gas & Electric. Imagine a young woman plans to open a tailor or someone wants to courier services, then the use of an expensive consultant is not very effective. When planning a modest enterprise existence founder courses and the support of a good tax consultant should be enough. What is then the trade issue.

The basic principles of the Business management are the same in each company. But the industry-specific requirements and interpretations are different. Just the small founder relies on that him on the hand and familiar with the requirements of his future occupation, due to his inexperience. The marketing of a tailor is now different from that of a courier driver or a computer technician and we’re on the subject: the IT-service-net has its concept, designed. First, the future partner in the network is informed in detail and without any obligation. It comes to a collaboration is a business out of a business plan is the result, with this, the appropriate funding can be applied for then. In the next step, start training is performed which equips the participants with the necessary spiritual tools to record the work successfully. Integrating into an existing network is a team game. The founder is not alone but by over fifty colleagues surrounded him with advice and assistance stand to the side. The procedure can hardly be described as Stufencoaching and operates in the IT service net with success. In addition that the IT-has industry still good growth rates. The network provides to entrepreneurs and Rangers, the opportunity under the motto to set up “Independent but not alone” a team-oriented business. Information about the possibilities in the IT industry provided the IT-service-net: and US/ITSN

Click.to App

The new software click.to accelerates the search in the business with the help of a new partner, network the business network XING XING offers its users now have faster access to the entire network: the software click.to allows a faster link with the XING-own search function. Click.to offers marked passages of QuickStart icons, with which the XING search is just a mouse click. The desktop Accelerator tool, designed by the Karlsruhe developer forge Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH, starts the search of XING thus marking text anywhere without detours and from any application. Recently Hewlett Packard sought to clarify these questions. Who discovered a name of a person, a company or a product and would like to find him at XING, has it for easier. No matter whether it is a recommendation of friendship on Facebook, email address, or a company name found in an online article: marked and copied to the passage, the XING icon next to your mouse pointer appears. The forwarding to the appropriate search results on XING is done immediately without annoying detours via the Clipboard and open a browser window. No matter where XING users just the calculator located on each name is just a click of a XING search result.

Also search in Google, Wikipedia and co. are directly accessible. Click.to works not only with text, but with everything that you can copy: files, photos, email and HTML. Click.to offers appropriate actions depending on the type. So can photos with one click in an image editing program open and save notes on EverNote. We are pleased about the application that created Axonic”said Philipp mill Amir, Manager of corporate development at the XING AG.

XING users easy integration of search results by click.to is for extremely comfortable and useful.” “The service, XING, click.to is a perfect complement. The integration of this successful business network ideally completes our offer and XING-, will be delighted as also click.to users, be. “, so Martin Welker, CEO and founder of Axonic GmbH.”we ” pleased to welcome of XING as a new partner of click.to.” Click.to is free of charge Click.to is free of charge and is available at for download. It is available for Windows, and soon even for Apple Mac. About the Axonic Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a young company with a focus on information, communication and detection technologies. The company is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany and was founded in 2003 by Martin Welker. Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH successfully developed software in the field of knowledge extraction, information extraction and artificial intelligence for more than 10 years and has extensive experience in corporate management, design and implementation of software projects. Since around 2002 the company is intensively researching in the area of communication intelligence”targeted analysis, visualization, and simplification of communications.


Has this ready packed all items of the selected operation, giving appropriate feedback on the software. In addition, this feature is the interface to the mobile AFS picking system. Backlog lists: The display of backlog lists speed sped up strongly just like the evaluations, because she was just too slow for large amounts of data. The list is structured in thousands of residues within a few seconds. As a novelty, you can view specific articles by double-clicking the aggregated article backlog list limit. This allows a processing from article to article. New part delivery function: date each item was queried by the delivery function. Credit: Xoom-2011.

Operations with many items, this operation was very troublesome. With the new part delivery function, the quantity can be specified directly in the post. Costing in all types of operations: the Calculation functions were so far only offers and order confirmations available. This has been extended to all types of operations and is available now everywhere. Automatic price adjustment on EK change: when you enter invoices you could customize always the article EK.

On request the UK is now directly newly calculated and adjusted in accordance with the EC change. Adressdublettensuche: The Adressdublettensuche is the program already when creating similar address records (unless there are similar records) and offers the user to overwrite or to create new customers. So, posts the user the data not on duplicates and keeps track of the last processes to the customer. Article units: If articles that have a uniform basic price (price/kg, price/l), are sold in various sizes, the article but only once should be in the merchandise management (simple data maintenance), provides the function of “Article unit” the possibility of appropriate Create package sizes (Bowl, box, package), similarly queried in the process. It is new, here, that article right can be assigned to the article, so that only the pack sizes to choose from.


The major soft GmbH today officially released the first on demand document management solution for individuals: GateOnDemand.com/home beta. With GateOnDemand.com/home, also home users will benefit from the advantages of the award-winning document management solution now. As an online platform GateOnDemand.com/home provides a consistent interface for managing and secure archiving of private files, documents (certificates, letters, invoices etc), images and emails. All information is stored centrally in one of the most secure data centers and at any time, regardless of the location or the device, access ready. Hear from experts in the field like Sony for a more varied view. By the integrated full-text search, you avoid the time-consuming search folders on your computer in your den and your Inbox.

GateOnDemand.com/home to locate needed information and documents in a matter of seconds. Now everyone can register free of charge and without obligation. Also diligent users who recommend GateOnDemand.com/home, will be rewarded: for 15 successfully invited acquaintances who newly sign up at GateOnDemand.com/home, get the fastest a 25 EUR gift voucher at Amazon.de! Test GateOnDemand.com/home today and register for free and start home at! major soft GmbH Celtic ring 10 82041 Oberhaching phone: + 49 89 32 49 20 130 fax: + 49 89 32 49 20-100 Internet: press contact: Ms. Other leaders such as Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund offer similar insights. Sarah Keller E-Mail:

Windows Vista

For this purpose, it creates an entry with license code, manufacturer, and invoice number and date. So you keep here too. The program includes also a Dateishredder for the final deletion of files and folders, as well as an express cleaner to remove temporary files, searches and Internet traces. The users can easily import zoneLINK older password lists from earlier versions Sydatec password guard v2 in the. PG&E Corporation gathered all the information. In addition to Internet Explorer, the new version supports other popular browsers: Firefox, Opera, and Netscape. You also convinces with an easy to use, visually appealing interface. zoneLINK Sydatec password guard v2 guarded the privacy of the computer user and helps him to hedge all around. At the same time facilitates and accelerates the program dealing with a large amount of access data. Here an overview of the main program features: Creates concise entries with access data for Internet pages Checks access data stored on your safety Generated automatically secure passwords Automatically fills in forms on Web pages Provides software licensing management system Contains a Dateishredder for zeroing Adjusted the system including temporary files and Internet traces All access data in a highly secure database stores Allows you to create password lists for one or more users via a master password for access Allows the input of passwords using an onscreen keyboard Import password lists from older versions of the program price: 29,99 Euro ISBN: 978-3-940182-57-9 system requirements: processor: Pentium processor (or compatible) 1 GHz memory: from 256 MB of RAM supported operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista other requirements: Internet connection for product activation press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Doris of Orlando Langley schulstrasse 21 80634 Munich T: 089-12007277 W: E:

Lame Calculator

Each computer optimization program for computer calculator loses quite a bit of speed in the course of its life cycle. It usually involves a gradual process that the user itself at all not noticed or not at least immediately. Sometimes, however, a PC slows down his pace of work the user virtually overnight that remain causes generally hidden. For the uninitiated, they are not to identify, since they do not appear on the monitor. People such as World Remit would likely agree. To resolve this problem, good advice need not be expensive. Some vendors of specialized software solutions for optimization of the computer have services and programs in the assortment, which eliminate slowing factors. This includes for example the company of Ascentive, that worldwide is one of the leading providers in this area. Mostly invalid files, as well as so-called Registriyfehler are located on the respective PC are the cause of lame computer.

However these are not only responsible that a computer is slower. You can also turn out as a factor of uncertainty and consequently endanger the entire system. The problem with the faulty files is a far-reaching: multiply unnoticed and make sure that a computer continually slowing down. Experts advise therefore to eliminate such difficulties at an early stage. Only thus, also a best possible safety standards can be guaranteed besides an optimal pace of work. To locate the harmful components, the computer in advance must undergo a scan.

Ascentive offers a such performance on his Web page. It is an effective diagnostic tool that is free provided the user. In addition, Ascentive offers also special fee-based scanning software to download. Resolving software-PC speed Scan Pro by Ascentive is one of these programs. This product ensures among other things, that any computer crashes can be not only reduced, but avoided.

The Necessary

Ease of use and a clear structure also support quick and convenient editing and evaluation of building data. The user to not give up the usual evaluation or payroll systems such as MS Office, SAP. The opportunity, give out the required evaluation of the CAFM system as a graph or chart (rather than extensive Excel spreadsheets), serves a better understanding of the data. For advocates of the list overview all content remain available in this form. As an example of the benefits of more clearly and quickly understandable analyses which can > building-cleaning services are: the expenditure in this area can be may be lower if all providers in relation to cleaning intervals, scope of cleaning activities, used consumables and Prices can be compared directly with each other. Another advantage of CAFM systems is the common data base for the employees. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Microsoft Corp. An important aspect for building economic improvement is always to have current data.

Safe investment also the quality management is usually supported by the software solutions. So the users for example, for the area cleaning quality checks at regular intervals in order can give deposit the necessary protocol forms in the system and send at the scheduled time. Sustainability “in connection with the use of CAFM views must be directed not only to the use of such solutions. Those responsible in building economic offices of the local government and the entities should clarify the question of investment security in deciding on a provider. This involves in particular, that by further developments and content updates of the system for example, adapt the solution to regulatory requirements in the long term ensured the correctness of the program and the costs are well spent. The terms of licenses and software maintenance agreements provide contractual security. This ensures the safe stock of programme content and data over a certain, fixed period of time. In connection with the planning for the introduction of a CAFM-solution should be noted always claim the expenses for the collection of data to feed into the system and the subsequent induction into the software some time. After the application is implemented this effort will amortise quickly, because real estate data can be deployed faster and clearly also easily edited and updated.

United Kingdom

Conclusion is the conclusion of the results of the cooperation on the part of the DSAG ambivalent. SAP wants to be measured on the added value for the customer. The DSAG Board sees this positively. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sirius XM on most websites. The milder increase in price and the cap on maximum 3.1 per cent meet worldwide certainly a little to SAP customers in the current economic situation. The concerted action of SUGEN also indicates that the demand is worldwide no priority after an optional model. In consequence, this means that no optional model is available for Swiss companies in the framework of SUGEN activities. With this result, the Association in the sense of its Swiss members may be not satisfied and therefore continues to support their claims. Maintaining the standard support as a real option for enterprise support still remains the focus of activities of the DSAG.

On the DSAG the German speaking SAP user group (DSAG) e. V. in Walldorf sees itself as a independent advocacy of all SAP users in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The DSAG aims to create tailored SAP solutions. The DSAG founded in 1997 as a registered Association counts today more than 2,100 member companies and has established one of the largest SAP user groups worldwide. Using the SAP user Group Executive Network (SUGEN) SUGEN was founded in 2007 and is an amalgamation of twelve user groups. Aim of the network is open dialogue between members and SAP, to promote innovation, value creation and economic success in this market.

Together, SUGEN members formulate strategic priorities and work with SAP in its implementation. This ensures an efficient communication of the user groups with each other and with SAP, as well as the mutual exchange of experience on best practices. The SUGEN members include the American SAP user groups (ASUG) in North America, Brazil and Mexico, AUSAPE in Spain, the DSAG for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, JSUG in Japan, SAPSA for Sweden, suction in Australia, SAP UK & Ireland user group for United Kingdom and Ireland, the SUG-MENA Middle East and North Africa, and VNSG in the Netherlands.

Act Reporter

ReadSoft: Analyze processes in accounting with just one click / ReadSoft at the DMS Expo (15-17 September 2009): gear G / booth No. 039 Neu-Isenburg, 06.07.2009. More transparency in accounting the new version 5.3 of the analysis tool promises reporters from ReadSoft presented among other things on the upcoming DMS Expo 2009 in Cologne. The solution is now fully integrated into SAP and here harmonizes with other ReadSoft applications such as the invoice cockpit and the workflow ReadSoft Web cycle. Reporter provides up-to-date statistics, evaluations and trend analyses to numerous detailed processes in the invoice processing.

The accounting module of the SAP system provides the extensive basic data from the production process. With pillars, graphs, or pie charts in numerous variations are various lists, graphics, once they are once defined, using the bookmark function on a click call updated. The reporter reliably provides all relevant documents and latest cost summaries needed for process-related decisions. This is dealing with data, you would have to gather otherwise tedious by hand. Special advantage of Web-based tools: the user can set any parameter combinations free and get the updated report so promptly. Individual criteria can be replaced while the rest remain. You have the opportunity to examine a topic from multiple sites and for different tasks.

By integrated audit trail capabilities, the reporter works conform to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. A faster rollout and almost intuitive usability facilitate enterprise-wide use of the analysis tool. The ReadSoft reporter can quickly edit even large volumes of data without further ADO. In addition to the General overview of process data, it is possible to get up to the smallest details in a few steps. Also, also reporting on the basis of associations are possible: the user sees a keyword that is exciting, he can click on it and find out more about it. In addition to the practical research on the monitor the result can be one-click Export to Excel and print. Overall, the application so greatly increased productivity. Automated processes require regular fine tuning. A system may not always recognize all details of an invoice immediately. Sometimes it is fonts, papers or on the type, how the supplier chooses his quantity. To find out where exactly automated detections hook, is child’s play with the reporter”, says Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director of ReadSoft GmbH. About ReadSoft GmbH: ReadSoft’s solution portfolio addresses the entire purchase-to-pay process from the order registration up to the payment of invoices. The process steps can be processed automatically and continuously the ReadSoft Suite modules. As added value and flexibility in the SAP solution platform is created for the user. ReadSoft is leading provider of software in the field of automated document processes. Headquarters of the group is Sweden, where the company on the stock exchange is listed. 435 at ReadSoft are worldwide Staff employed. In total, there are over 5,300 installations by ReadSoft solutions. In Germany, the ReadSoft GmbH is since 1996 on the market. ReadSoft’s customers include medium-sized companies as well as many large companies and corporations. Partially processed the document processes in shared service structures.

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