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Corporate Communications

Telephony, eMail, intranet, firewall, storage and monitoring on a platform. EKOM server is a solution that houses so single-mindedly on a system with the highest standards of individual areas of communication, security and information management from the perspective of the provider so far unique. Through the flexibility to be able to use both micro – and medium-sized enterprise, EKOM server it is convinced honeycomp to fully meet the economic demands of their customers. In contrast to conventional environments is honeycomp to save space and above all energy through a consistent consolidation concept. This is when honeycomp of less a product as contrary to a service. The big advantage to comparable infrastructure is clearly in terms of costs and of interoperability. So the customer in order to benefit from hoenycomp through the use of open-source software, which is measured by a high compatibility features.

A solution so single-mindedly with the respective highest standards of individual areas of communication, security and information management on a plant houses, from the perspective of the provider, EKOM server is unique. Through the flexibility to be able to use both micro – and medium-sized enterprise, EKOM server it is convinced honeycomp to fully meet the economic demands of their customers. honeycomp – virtualized server framework EKOM server sees honeycomp as a full-blown basis of individually expandable modular a user-friendly operating environment. So, any system can be migrated due to the solid virtualization layer. Speaking candidly Tiggany & Co. told us the story. The service provider sees his server framework as grown, since it already comes with the basic functions, your customers need for a comfortable and safe management of the day-to-day business. Hamdi Ulukaya might disagree with that approach.

Marc Surberg, EKOM server so a professional phone system feature-rich is introduced with asterisk(R) simplifies the operational communication processes of its users and even fax-to-eMail allows. Based on a groupware that competing in terms of functionality with the Microsoft Exchange Server(R) and facilitates the handling of every user through an interface based on Microsoft Outlook(R) offers honeycomp with SCALIX(R). In reference to taking on the intranet, an internal communication platform and applications, such as forums for the exchange of internal and wikis for documentation of business processes offers honeycomp. But also accounting and document management sees EKOM server as options. An innovative concept of firewall, which differentiates into the four different networks, Internet, intranet, demilitarized zone, and Wi-Fi and allows access from outside via OpenVPN uses hoenycomp as the technical core. In addition, the integrity of the communication data is ensured by a in the firewall of implemented virus scanner. The modules for storage and monitoring are further supports of the concept of security and usability within by honeycomp. So, the storage module provides various methods for data mirroring and a large range of functions to the allocation of shares. With the open-source-software Nagios(R), the most comprehensive tool offers honeycomp for the monitoring of all aspects of the IT landscape. All modules of this server frameworks administrable are time-saving and easy via Web interfaces. Inventory systems can be integrated in a project tailored exactly to customer, simply. In this way, existing and proven systems are immortal – because they work henceforth independent of their own hardware.

Stimulsoft Andrey Savin

Note to editors: to get more info, please visit the website of our company. “Three times per year we create new versions of our products, – CEO of Stimulsoft Andrey Savin says. Each new version is always the creative solution of complicated technical tasks. It is impossible to describe, how eagerly and lovingly we create our products. We develop with pleasure and, as a result, we have happy users who are always with us and to help us make our products even better.” Three in one is the Association of products Reports.Web Reports.Web for MVC and Reports.Mobile the most important event of the new version. The new, unified product is called Stimulsoft Reports.Web. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hikmet Ersek. Components for MVC and HTML5 are added in this product. Due to the extension of the possibilities of program products, the applications were connected more closely by these products.

As a result, it was for our users complicated, to choose the matching component for the development of the report. All are now Opportunities for working with reports for ASP.NET in a product of Stimulsoft Reports.Web available. What is ever Stimulsoft Reports.Web? This is a product for reporting for Web applications. The work is based on client-server technology. On the server side, to use the components for ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. On the client side, there is a choice: viewing and editing only with HTML components, or Flash components, or HTML5 components; Create reports on Windows desktop with standalone report designer. The compatibility of products allows to use various combinations.

The variables can be depending on In the report generator Stimulsoft reports use the report variables as parameters that are requested by the user. The developer can link two variables in the report and make a variable dependent on the other. It should be noted that such level of combination of variables can individually be in the report. Also, the number of connected levels is unlimited. Help is at hand to work to make more easy and simple, with our products, we have embedded the help system in our products. Every window, every bookmark, each instrument in the designer or the viewer have the button help (help). The help system gives detailed information on instrument and its possibilities. You can read more information about the changes in our products on our Web site de/news/stimulsoft reports-v2013-2-becoming-even-more-delicious. Stimulsoft company, a leading provider of program products in the area of business intelligence, has released the new version of report generators. Association of three products, improvement in reporting exports, working fields in PDF file, dependent variables that is only a part of the list of news that the developers can already use.

LISCON Management Console Thin

New in the sysob product portfolio: thin client solutions by LISCON Schorndorf, 02 June 2009 the value added distributor sysob and the thin client specialist LISCON have a distribution agreement for the DACH region closed. With this partnership, sysob expanded its offering to other professional solutions in the range of server-based computing. The high-performance, fanless thin clients range from the entry to the premium model and are now available through sysob and its more than 500 reseller partners. The thin clients (TC) support all common protocols (Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, VNC, tarantella, X 11 SSH, etc.) and are optionally equipped with the special, Linux-based operating system in LISCON OS or Windows XPe. Keith Yamashita understood the implications. If necessary, fast 1-GHz processors and digital DVI image outputs provide desktop-like performance at low power consumption. Moreover, the thin clients if necessary even to specific customer needs adaptable.

A high added value for the company arises also from the Possibility to convert existing PC systems via software (LISCON managed desktop) to thin clients. Therefore, also an existing PC infrastructure can take full advantage of the new TC technology. The LISCON Management Console (LMC) ensures an optimal and location-independent management of thin clients and LMD-PCs. The innovative mechanism of inheritance administrators facilitates the installation and management of large thin client networks. Hardware – integrated in the LMC and digital peripherals Inventarisierung also a high transparency of both the network and all devices connected to the system.

All TC and LMD products offer high savings potential with regard to its IT infrastructure costs while increasing the endpoint-security companies. Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG, explains: LISCON has established itself as a manufacturer of innovative thin clients on the market. In addition to the technical finesse, the software solutions provide the company enormous savings potential, a lower TCO and a high level of cost transparency.


Several vendors were at the disposition, some were recommended the Oberfrankischen porcelain manufacturers, others already known from the past and again others already had partial solutions of Arzberg software in use. Flexible ERP standard software with prospects for the future looking for the software selection Arzberg structured approached. A selection team qualified out of key users and management defined the requirements for the future ERP system. So called, for example, that you can even adjust the system after a training session in part, also it should help controlling the porcelain manufacturer, it can generate customized lists and evaluations for the respective areas such as business management, accounting or production. An another important criterion was the future viability of the provider and the software solution. Warehouse organization Five providers were shortlisted and invited to system presentations to Schirnding. If you have read about 4Moms already – you may have come to the same conclusion. CIO Dietz remembers: “a scenario to the Commons organization was sent to in the run-up to all providers.

Then, in the presentation, we wanted to see how each software package to solve the task. The SteinhilberSchwehrAG with the abas business software is the best impression. Since this combination in the flexibility of the software, a secure implementation methodology, made a convincing Upgradekonzept as well as the future and security of investment the best impression, they received the order.” Implementation introduces the ERP software just according to plan Arzberg. While the key users will be trained first and then the Feinkonzeptionierung is carried out. Klaus Dietz: “this approach in the implementation of the software has the advantage that the key users know after the training to the possibilities offered by the standard. Would we create the fine concept prior to the training, many things, among them that may be better solved in the standard would be. According to the Key user and the implementers talk training by SteinhilberSchwehr the same language. So far everything works out very well.” The real start of the system is scheduled for early 2011.

Facility Management

“State Office for buildings management uses innovative enterprise portal the employee portal of the Berlin State Office for buildings management (LfG) is more than just a simple intranet”. So come in the area of fault management digital pens to use, providing an equally fast as innovative remediation. The security control system via the portal is also controlled by means of transponders. Freiburg, May 20, 2009. The State Department for building management (LfG) operates facility services for various buildings of the Federal State of Berlin (police, fire brigade, day-care centres, etc.) with around 1000 employees. Caretaker, craftsman and cleaning staff provide for the maintenance of the buildings. To organize the fault management faster and more cost-efficient, it sought a Web-based portal solution. In August 2006, the LfG began with the establishment of an employee portal with the sector-neutral standard software Intrexx (www.intrexx.com), which already after a few weeks in operation could.

Main application of the portal is the fault management that is handled in an extremely innovative way via the portal. So the janitor can capture errors directly on the spot and don’t have to wait until they are back at their workplace, they write errors with a digital pen: the pen is a pen with integrated infrared camera. Thanks to a special pattern of the paper, it is possible to detect the exact position of the pen on the paper, and thus the image. The so recognized font image is transferred then further via Bluetooth to a mobile phone, and this on a font recognition software. From there on the Intrexx Portal is transmitted via third-party data integration.

The competent staff of the LfG information about errors in this way within the shortest time and can depending on the scope of the orders either to internal craftsmen or external repair companies awarded. This completely seamless process saves enormous time and cost and allows for a very fast order processing: had the orders by fax earlier cumbersome be sent or personally delivered and some unnecessarily long remained on the wrong desk, it is now possible to manage the orders directly to the responsible employee about the digital acquisition. So errors can be resolved very quickly. For the janitor and customers, the portal has one big advantage: you can check the status of your order online at any time and follow to its execution. Currently, it is in the Intrexx portal to integrate the security control system in an extremely innovative way. To do this, the buildings of the Federal State of Berlin, where security personnel of the LfG is active, be equipped with checkpoints (so-called transponders), which are read during each tour via a mobile phone specially prepared and transmitted to the LfG portal. This not only ensures, that carried out the security measures required by the customer be, but a safety for the Porter/guardians is also the transfer of new control points and their time stamp. A point not in the agreed time span should be read is possible to react in a timely manner. See de / cases find interested more success stories from organizations and companies of different industries.


With the application on-hand Viewer can be MPDS4 system models through a FTP server on the iPhone or iPod touch download and sift Moers, Germany February 3, 2010: Project Manager on a construction site have usually a stack of technical drawings in the luggage. Based on this, you can check whether the built plant or factory is equal to the actual planning. This task would fall to them often much easier if always and everywhere would have access to the current planning data. With MPDS4 CAD Schroer and the iPhone or iPod touch application on-hand Viewer is now possible. The exported and created in the professional system construction software MPDS4 hybrid can now on hand Viewer for the iPhone or iPod touch in the back of the hand are taken to the construction site with the help of the application. Plant construction and factory design: products/MPDS/r/112 on-hand Viewer iPhone app the functionality of the application on-hand viewer of MWF-technology supports the detailed views of the plant exported from MPDS4 or factory models directly on the iPhone or the iPod touch. While each model file from an FTP server on the mobile device can be loaded and invoked directly. The planning data is accessed via a stationary Wi Fi network, or thanks to the mobile Internet from almost any location. iPhone and iPod touch owners can test the on-hand Viewer free in the Lite version and only then decide for a full version. Learn more about the on-hand Viewer: h CAD/mechanical_engineering.html (iTunes is required for download) MPDS4 and on-hand Viewer video: MPDS4: plant and the actual plant factory planning and factory planning requires the use of professional software. This must the complexity of individual plants are planning and depicted in many different ways. MPDS4 CAD schroer is such a complete solution for all task fields of plant engineering and factory planning. The database-driven CAD software for the construction of the plant helps the user Planning and the realisation of complex projects. In systems running the entire pipeline construction, steel construction or all 3D models and vendor data plan, visualize, implement and document. Learn more about MPDS4: products/MPDS/r/112 on CAD Schroer CAD Schroer is a global developer and provider of engineering solutions. Company of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and supplier industry, as well as the public utilities, energy and water management are its target market. With several branch offices and subsidiaries in Europe and the United States the company presents itself today more and more up-to-date than ever. CAD Schroer’s product range includes solutions from the area of construction, plant construction, factory planning and data management. Companies in 39 countries rely on MEDUSA, MPDS and STHENO / PRO to move efficiently and flexibly in an integrated design environment between all phases of product or system development. In addition be supported by services such as consulting, training, maintenance and technical support in achieving their objectives customers.

ESTOS Be Awarded

Unified communications solutions and advanced partner of Siemens Enterprise Communications of Starnberg, 28 January 2010 ESTOS, leading manufacturer of unified communications solutions and advanced partner of Siemens Enterprise Communications has been in the technology partner programme just recertified. These products have successfully passed the extensive testing ESTOS ProCall enterprise, as well as the middleware ESTOS ECSTA. ESTOS belongs thus to the circle of those manufacturers, the interoperability of their solutions also with the newest generation of open communications platforms, HiPath 3000 V8. 0 and HiPath 4000 V5. 0 can officially make sure. Those in charge of the testing laboratory confirm the correct connection of the UC solution ESTOS ProCall 3.0 Enterprise, as well as the classic ESTOS ProCall CTI-solution 2.2 Enterprise in combination with the latest middleware ESTOS ECSTA 3.0 on the convergent communications HiPath 3000 and HiPath 4000 of the SEN group. Associated with the certification seal HiPath ready goes”for the above mentioned ESTOS solution components. The Recertification of products from Siemens Enterprise regularly held communications partners for the new versions.

ESTOS ProCall 3.0 Enterprise is a unified communications solution with CTI, instant messaging and presence management and active contacts “-technology.” The predecessor of ESTOS ProCall 2.2 Enterprise is a classic client – server application for PC supported comfort telephony network. The ESTOS ECSTA 3.0 product family is a log-converting middleware which creates the coupling of ESTOS UC – and CTI solutions with open communications platforms. The new generation offers support the latest Microsoft operating systems in 32 – bit and 64-bit (Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7) as well as current CSTA standards. The ESTOS certification pleased Mrs Christa Mirgel, head of supplier development by Siemens Enterprise Communications: the award shows that the open interfaces of the platforms by Siemens Enterprise Communications additional, innovative and at the same time future-proof products technology partners How ESTOS can be used for customer satisfaction. “So, more companies are modern unified communications functionality to use make this while maintaining the proven Siemens Enterprise communications products and solutions.” About ESTOS since 1997, develops and distributes the ESTOS GmbH innovative standard software, and is now a leading manufacturer of unified communications products.

The CTI – and SIP-based solutions are used to optimize the workflow in communication-intense areas of business. Numerous strategic technology and sales partners in Europe and has today more than 200,000 customers benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent producer is advanced partner of Siemens Enterprise Communications and Microsoft Gold Certified partner and has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich. For more information see. Press contact ESTOS GmbH Hille Vogel of Inc. str. 3a 82319 Starnberg Tel.: + 49 8151 368 56 132 email:

Companies Complain About A Too Excited BYOD Discussion

Study of macmon secure: bring-your-own-device security is not considered excessive challenges, however only rarely sufficient solutions are apparently realized the nervous mood BYOD security has settled somewhat. According to a survey of the macmon secure gmbh in September, the critical discussion of the company is mostly as something excited, because they seem to be solved the challenges? On the other hand, the security issues are actually solved only in rare cases. A large part of company by existing technologies such as network access control (NAC) expects this support. After the first of many IT managers in particular reasons large concerns, expressed to allow the use of private terminals of employees in company networks, the discussion has become increasingly pragmatic and differentiated”, interpreted Christian Bucker, Managing Director macmon secure, the results of the study. Then perceives only a tight third of the nearly 200 companies surveyed the security requirements associated with BYOD as difficult to resolve. For seven percent, this topic makes no sense, because they don’t believe in the future of bring-your-own-device. By contrast, considered the largest group (37 percent) the concomitant requirements as solvable and therefore feels that last loud critical positions as to emotionally affected, because they can see no intractable obstacles in the safety problems, even if the appropriate measures must be taken yet. Another quarter also pointed out that the security discussion on concerns from the outset rather than the resulting innovation is been focused.

However every fifth company has according to own confessions only managed, also already largely to the safety BYOD challenges. More than every second company, the conditions are either not yet created or there are still considerable restrictions. Anyone see any currently Not Acceptable!

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sure as with mobile devices by internal or external employees to deal was, on which no business software may be installed or can. Can this deficit be eliminated only through a NAC system, so it must be necessarily a second basic component of mobile device management.” Obviously the companies look like it. Because a majority considers that existing technologies such as network access control (NAC) will become a rising popularity through the mobility trend and BYOD.

Web Business

Far-reaching innovations of the abas business software of Karlsruhe, September 15, 2010 – in Hall 5 stand C55 ABAS and the abas software partners on the present of the 26.-October 28, 2010 in Stuttgart fair IT & business again many highlights and innovations around the abas business software. Mobile access to abas ERP, a methodology designed specifically for mid-sized companies, which allows to expand globally into new markets with the abas business software, extended functionality in the area of CRM and new abas eBusiness features will be presented among others. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hikmet Ersek. Mobile access to the abas business software, mobile access to corporate data must be possible at any time. The user, as well as various mobile devices should be supported. A novel user interface of abas eB will do this in the future. A comfortable editing, for example, tasks, notes, and customer data is possible with laptop or Smartphone all over the world and at any time. New assessment procedures available a clear, transparent, well structured Rating interface is the basis of a common data base for material valuation, valuation of manufacturing performance and pricing.

New assessment procedures are now available in the abas business software. Cost estimate for repair order carrying out repair jobs should be quick and easy to do. A timely in abas ERP, detailed cost estimate facilitates decision making and speeds up the service process. All entries are considered for the subsequent billing. While the system indicates the user deviations from the original cost estimate. Improved services thanks to new abas eB shop features many new functions of the abas eB webshop is waiting. So the catalog infrastructure for an optimal search engine ranking has been prepared, a variety of media and services such as incorporating product videos to catalog articles allow an active Web marketing. Now possible article reviews improves the quality of service for each webshop customers.

More Cloudy Prospects As Crystal Clear Reality

ecenta alleged megatrend cloud computing look at cloud-based call center initially as a niche solution Walldorf, April 21, 2011″has captured well the contact center industry. Some media and providers already sing the Requiem of the current telephony and see the silver bullet in cloud based call centers in the near future. “The ecenta AG from Walldorf warns however, to copy the existing technologies and salvation in the cloud” to search, representing a meaningful alternative opinion of the company currently only for a small number of call centers. Numerous advantages, which are performed regularly by the cloud advocates in the field, are available according to the ecenta AG already for a long time even with conventional IP solutions. No doubt, cloud computing will have an impact on the contact center industry. The relatively clear up-front costs are certainly an argument for.

Nevertheless, this development is still at the beginning, and there is still a lot of education and persuasion be necessary before cloud-based call centers are spread further. Technological aspects, not to mention”, explains Joachim Schellenberg, senior business development manager EMEA for the ecenta AG. We see in many companies still, companies feel simply comfortable, if they have their telephony at least to a certain extent even under control. From my point of view managed services or also dedicated hosting will be so in the medium term demand than cloud solutions.” The operating model of managed services”installed the systems at the company’s site, are but operated by an external service provider, maintained and updated. Dezidiertem hosting”the server of the telephone system are while in the data center of the service provider, the company knows however exactly where the systems are operated and where, for example, critical customer contact data is stored. For cloud solutions, this is not given. Some providers give as key advantages of cloud-based telephony solutions for contact centers Ability to integrate existing systems such as CRM and ERP, as well as existing PBXs.

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