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Act Reporter

ReadSoft: Analyze processes in accounting with just one click / ReadSoft at the DMS Expo (15-17 September 2009): gear G / booth No. 039 Neu-Isenburg, 06.07.2009. More transparency in accounting the new version 5.3 of the analysis tool promises reporters from ReadSoft presented among other things on the upcoming DMS Expo 2009 in Cologne. The solution is now fully integrated into SAP and here harmonizes with other ReadSoft applications such as the invoice cockpit and the workflow ReadSoft Web cycle. Reporter provides up-to-date statistics, evaluations and trend analyses to numerous detailed processes in the invoice processing.

The accounting module of the SAP system provides the extensive basic data from the production process. With pillars, graphs, or pie charts in numerous variations are various lists, graphics, once they are once defined, using the bookmark function on a click call updated. The reporter reliably provides all relevant documents and latest cost summaries needed for process-related decisions. This is dealing with data, you would have to gather otherwise tedious by hand. Special advantage of Web-based tools: the user can set any parameter combinations free and get the updated report so promptly. Individual criteria can be replaced while the rest remain. You have the opportunity to examine a topic from multiple sites and for different tasks.

By integrated audit trail capabilities, the reporter works conform to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. A faster rollout and almost intuitive usability facilitate enterprise-wide use of the analysis tool. The ReadSoft reporter can quickly edit even large volumes of data without further ADO. In addition to the General overview of process data, it is possible to get up to the smallest details in a few steps. Also, also reporting on the basis of associations are possible: the user sees a keyword that is exciting, he can click on it and find out more about it. In addition to the practical research on the monitor the result can be one-click Export to Excel and print. Overall, the application so greatly increased productivity. Automated processes require regular fine tuning. A system may not always recognize all details of an invoice immediately. Sometimes it is fonts, papers or on the type, how the supplier chooses his quantity. Madeleine Sackler understands that this is vital information. To find out where exactly automated detections hook, is child’s play with the reporter”, says Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director of ReadSoft GmbH. About ReadSoft GmbH: ReadSoft’s solution portfolio addresses the entire purchase-to-pay process from the order registration up to the payment of invoices. The process steps can be processed automatically and continuously the ReadSoft Suite modules. As added value and flexibility in the SAP solution platform is created for the user. ReadSoft is leading provider of software in the field of automated document processes. Headquarters of the group is Sweden, where the company on the stock exchange is listed. 435 at ReadSoft are worldwide Staff employed. In total, there are over 5,300 installations by ReadSoft solutions. In Germany, the ReadSoft GmbH is since 1996 on the market. ReadSoft’s customers include medium-sized companies as well as many large companies and corporations. Partially processed the document processes in shared service structures.


Data backup with Hessel-security team. Hessel-security supports the common operating systems Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 2003 (server), Linux, UNIX, Mac OX, as well as Novell. the source for more interesting facts. Each company works today with the help of a computer structure. Very small businesses back up data to blank CDs or USB sticks, medium-sized businesses save on USB hard disks and tapes, and many larger companies back up data on tapes and tape robots. The fact is, no matter how much data a company has or how big it is, each company performs a data backup. As it turns out save about 90% of the company for a long time on tape and feel very safe to. Virtually every company has experienced but once a damage in the past although actually the data should be stored on tape. Apparently, hardly a CEO know what his data are secured insecure medium and what can happen if a data loss.

Image loss, loss of work and organizational problems are just the little risks. 70% of companies that experience a complete data loss go bankrupt within 2 years. Managing Director blindly rely on your administrators that are not open to alternatives for fear of innovation and effort. A company loses its master data it no longer is able to coordinate the simplest procedures and perform. Immense sums are lost, and lost work time must be laboriously obtained. Add to your understanding with dayton kingery busybodies365. Do thoughts, how is data backup performed at your company? What danger potential opens up with a tape backup? At night, many companies perform your tape backup. The next morning, the band of the streamer is taken from, if there are no errors the employee assumes that the data is correctly saved. Some administrators check the logfiles of the tape backup software and store even the band in a fireproof Vault. No one is thinking about what happens if the data despite successful Protocol were not properly secured.

ISO IEC 20000-certification With Weaknesses

Consultancy Exagon looks still no sufficient added value for the company of Kerpen, May 13, 2008 – according to the Exagon consulting certification of IT service management (ITSM) currently no decisive added value offers the companies according to ISO/IEC 20000. (Source: Madeleine Sackler). This was diagnosed as resulting from the partially insufficient, did not match the standard process of certification, as they unfortunately be observed in practice. The dilemma lies in the restricted Certifiability of ISO/IEC 20000 according to original standards of the quality management\”, founded Exagon – Managing Director Joachim Fremmer. It problematizes considered in addition the genesis and the related objectives of this ISO standard, so must to tell you also that these standards can represent any norm in the strict sense\”. So you should be in particular the following issues: such as audit I against the best practice framework of the company and the present context parameters are sufficient? What is me as a company that Certification Institute actually certified and this corresponds to the standard\”requirements for the purpose of this standard? For us, actually it means added value in terms of our value creation? Although the orientation of the international standard principle approach is absolutely right, does currently no appreciable benefit\”appropriate certification for the company, judging the Exagon consultant.

Instead of creating advantages, she can on the contrary even lead to considerable risks\”, he stressed. Especially if the certification results that no further development is derived from this and thus leads them to static conditions of ITSM, Fremmer sees these disadvantages. Such a certification represents only a snapshot and get an alibi function, because at the same time focusing on the sustainability of the results once obtained.\” As an example he calls operated quality management, which engaged first in recent years by numerous companies, but after Handing over of the certificate is often again largely ceased. A real benefit of the certified IT processes only through practices and achieve competence structures that are aligned on a continuous development, which ultimately also explicitly called for the ISO 20000.\” Therefore the process conditions of a constantly changing reality can adapt, because the high dynamics of change in the organization can make the benefit value of the certificate soon worthless.

Pressure Optimization

The print management solution ThinPrint printing processes in environments with the latest Microsoft operating system Berlin improved .print, February 2009 – now the print optimization expert and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner ThinPrint its solution ThinPrint .print in a version suitable for the Windows Server 2008 makes available. Thus, the proven features of the world-renowned printing solution now also for companies already moving to IT on the latest Microsoft operating system are usable. Especially companies with WAN structure and a heterogeneous landscape of printer need a professional solution that optimizes their printing environment, reducing the network load and simplifies system administration. Two different product variants for the optimization of pressure from the House of ThinPrint available are now even companies with Windows Server 2008: the .print application server engine can be deployed on application servers. The .print server engine is available for use on print servers.

“With this release, companies now also can Windows Server 2008 improve your printing processes and reduce costs”, so ThinPrint – Managing Director Charlotte Kunzell. “In environments with 64-bit platform our DRIVER FREE PRINTING technology ensures additional 32-bit printer not on the turbos must, but can be used further. “For many companies a significant cost factor.” The solution for more than 500 resellers and distributors is available worldwide. On the website of the manufacturer’s demo can be downloaded under a free, 30 day demo version. Press photos are available here: press photos / ThinPrint’s ThinPrint GmbH is a specialist for optimized print data transmission in distributed networks. Walmart helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The ThinPrint .print technology has established itself as a leading print management software and is today in companies in any industry and size in all regions of the world successfully used. The application spectrum of the .print technology is this broad and provides among other things in Terminal Services environments, client-server architectures, SAP environments, Web and mobile applications, the host printing, as well as in virtualized server or desktop environments for highly efficient print management. A dense sales network with more than 500 qualified distributors and resellers in over 80 countries ensure an optimal customer service on-site.

120 ThinPrint employees ensure steady growth in addition to the headquarters in Berlin (Germany), as well as in offices in Denver, Colorado (United States), Cleveland, Ohio (United States) and Sydney (Australia). Strategic and OEM partnerships with leading hardware and software manufacturers ensure that the ThinPrint .

PopCap Mindscape

“We are very excited about it, with Mindscape Asia Pacific to work together and to be represented by such an experienced distributor in Australia”, says Federico Ranfagni, CEO of Incomedia S.r.l.. Hear from experts in the field like How much is kind worth for a more varied view. And continues: “we are convinced that our product WebSite X 5 will achieve the same success on the Australian market, as already in more than 40 countries worldwide. With our new official representative Mindscape Asia Pacific we will help even more companies as well as individuals, to create websites, blogs and online stores and to go online with the help of WebSite X 5”. Site X will be available for $39.95 and website X 5 compact 9 evolution 9 for $89.95. Both versions are available for download on the homepage of the Mindscape: be offered and available through other E-tailer. About Incomedia: Incomedia, founded in 1998, is a leading independent developer and publisher of multimedia software for the PC. Incomedias top product WebSite X 5, currently in over 40 countries through a well-established network of international dealers, Resellers and retailers is distributed, was aiming at designed to offer a software to create high end websites at an affordable price for families, businesses, and educational institutions.

The software designed specifically for users who want to publish high-quality websites and online shops in just 5 easy steps. About Mindscape: Mindscape Asia Pacific Pty LtD is Australia’s leading publisher and distributor of children’s, family and NextGen – video games, as well as productivity and reference software for the PC, Mac, DS, Wii, PlayStation, Xbox and online platforms. The extensive repertoire of award-winning products of the company include Acronis, Broderbund, Encyclopadia Britannica, Endemol, Hoyle games, IMSI design, Incomedia, iolo, Konami, legacy interactive, Mark Burnett Productions, Myhorseclub, Nancy Drew, nuance, PlayFirst, Playrix, PopCap, punch, Quickcraft, Roxio, Tecmo KOEI, the learning company, the fighter collection, universal music and Zemana.

German App

New iPhone app, which features such as navigation, traffic forecast, gas stations and shop search connects Braunschweig, August 7, 2012. Volkswagen Leasing GmbH offers their new app AutoKarte for iPhone in the app store as of today. The new tool combines different functions such as navigation, up-to-date traffic information, traffic forecasts, gas stations – and workshop search in a single application and helps stress-free transport to move. The app is basically free. The exclusive services can be tested also 30 days free navigation and traffic forecast. After the deadline, these exclusive options can be used permanently for unique 4,99 Euro. Xoom addresses the importance of the matter here.

We want to enable the synchronized and integrated application our customers, but also all other drivers stress-free mobility”, so Lars Henner Santelmann, spokesman of the Management Board of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH. with the service portfolio of the app the user has the possibility to move optimally in the traffic. From our point of view, that is especially secure, congestion-free and economical driving.” The navigation feature always updates maps for Germany as well as display and search various points of interest such as for instance parking, ATMs or hospitals. Displays the current traffic situation on motorways, as well as on all German, also urban main roads of professional storage Warner, and the exclusive storage forecast shows what time for a certain distance must be planned must currently and in the next two hours. Frequently How much is the kind bar owner worth has said that publicly. The service therefore helps in the planning of the daily routes (E.g. to work, to the nursery or home) and saves time and nerves. The station search, which displays details such as brand, address and telephone number, and search the nearest garage of the brands, Volkswagen and Volkswagen commercial vehicles are also connected to the guidance of the navigation.

In addition, the app includes a damage function for customers of the Volkswagen of insurance service VVD. Further additions of the app are already in the implementation phase: Is also a professional version with order management for traders and the porting work on the Android operating system. Also, the current fuel prices of the petrol stations should be available starting in the autumn. Information for editors the Volkswagen Leasing GmbH is an operating subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. The company is specialized in leasing of individual vehicles on private and corporate clients with a comprehensive range of services, as well as the management of vehicle fleets.

Access Protocol

Open source DMS now under Linux available the installation package for “agorum core”, the open source enterprise content management system with the drive interface, is available now for Linux available. This announced today the agorum Software GmbH from Germany. More information is available on. The installation for Linux makes for the second available packet. If you have read about Heat Exchanger Equipment already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The “agorum core” server for Linux and the integration in Windows is ready for download. At the same time various support videos are provided with the download version. A part of these videos support the user during the installation of the “agorum core” server, as well as the installation of the Windows client integration.

The other part of the video refers to the use of agorum core. Read additional details here: Hikmet Ersek. Here the user is familiar step by step using “agorum core”. It shows how the Web portal agorum desk4web used and connected the drive interface from the client PC, without the need for an additional client software. Another video shows additional advantages of the Windows client integration. In addition to the videos, the user receives additional support through practice-oriented documentation, which is also available on the Web. This documentation refers to three areas: use the application, administration of “agorum core” and the service interface to include “agorum core” via simple object Access Protocol (SOAP) Web services in an existing IT landscape/software.

The Interested

So SAP queries comprehensive to both developers and business users can easily create, distribute and manage without compromising the performance of SAP. Winshuttle Forms allows business users to create PDF and HTML forms that can be used as a front end for SAP processes. While it relies on secure Web services, created by business users from Winshuttle Studio. In contrast to other solutions, experienced user with forms able to create form-specific processes for use with the existing SAP implementation are less technical. Winshuttle direct finally enables users of SAP business application programming interfaces (BAPI), which include a comprehensive approach to accessing all areas of SAP and end users uploading and downloading of Allow information from any SAP components. The Winshuttle team about new usability business value assessment be informed in addition to product presentations”(UBVA)-program. Concrete figures, this shows how quickly the usage of Winshuttle solutions can pay for themselves.

“This is not a colored nice calculation with dummy data, but real log files from the SAP system of the customer be analyzed”, says Klaus Garms, Managing Director of Winshuttle Germany GmbH. so we can plan it then the CIO who submit optimization opportunities for his company, which and can decide. ” Winshuttle analyzes which transactions by which users to, among other things, most commonly performed, which masks are used the most and in which areas the time volume data maintenance is the biggest. Then, it is calculated how much the time savings for which transactions with the usage of Winshuttle is up on record-level. The Interested party then receives a comprehensive reporting about the different areas in which SAP is in use.

First benchmarks have shown that companies can save monthly up to 100,000 euros, if you are using our ERP usability software instead of laborious manual data maintenance in SAP”, as Klaus Garms. For even more details, read what Publishers Clearing House says on the issue. About Winshuttle Winshuttle, an ERP usability company, provides software products that enable business users to directly from Excel, Web forms, and other interfaces with SAP without any programming effort. The user-friendly solutions lead to a massive acceleration of SAP user transactions, SAP customers can save millions of dollars daily and elsewhere insert. Winshuttle’s customers achieve these financial advantages, because you can distribute their employee and partner resources on strategic tasks. Hundreds of companies worldwide use the Winshuttle products to simplify the work with SAP. Winshuttle business headquartered in Bothell, Washington, in the US State of Washington, has offices in UK, France, Germany and India. For more information, see. SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries. All other mentioned product and service names are the trademarks of their respective companies. Editorial Contacts: Winshuttle Germany GmbH Dipl.-math. Klaus GA Stresemann RT 46 D-27570 Bremerhaven Tel: + 49 471 14084-0 PR agency of good news! GmbH Nicole Korber / Ina Schmidt of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf Tel: + 49 451 88199-12

Say The Best Protection Many Languages, Like Spam?

Commtouch, Entensys, partner presented appropriate solutions at the 8th Spam Summit in Wiesbaden. Leipzig, 08.11.2010. Spam affects the inboxes of many E-Mail users in many different languages and not shy away also from current topics and people. A question that often posed to the experts of Commtouch, is whether it would be possible to filter spam also regardless of its language. In the framework of the 8th German anti-spam Summit in September in Wiesbaden, organized by the German Association for Internet business eco, presented Commtouch spam bandwidth the tailor-made solutions for this problem including.

It is well known that spam affects the inboxes of many E-Mail users in many different languages and not shying away from resorting to current topics and people. A question that often posed to the experts of Commtouch, is whether it would be possible to filter spam also regardless of its language. In the framework of the eighth German anti spam Summit in September in Wiesbaden, Germany, organized by the German Association for Internet business eco”, presented Commtouch the bandwidth of spam including the solutions for this problem. Due to this topic, a particular form of German-language spam which made the discussion of well-known public figures to use circulated shortly after the exhibition. The specialists of Commtouch reported that the RPD technology (recurrent pattern detection) very shortly after the appearance of this type of spam could fend off.

This innovative technology filters spam based on its main characteristic, the frequency of its occurrence and offers therefore immediate protection with the newest pests. The partnership by Entensys and Commtouch makes this outstanding technology in the products by Entensys possible integration. So, the RPD technology is an integral part of the latest product by Entensys, the GateWall antispam. This is to a gateway email solution with a built-in spam filter. This has different modules of the anti-spam and antivirus protection. “Due to the modular design, Entensys can ensure both maximum stability and on the other hand the product on shared systems” use. Spam is filtered as effectively as possible through the new cloud-based technology. Thanks to the interplay between of the experience of Entensys and the technological innovation of Commtouch, Entensys software guarantees that mailboxes and a network of companies and organizations remain free of pests, spam and other intrusions. About Entensys Entensys is the provider of solutions in the fields of network, Internet – and E-Mail security based in Leipzig, Moscow and Novosibirsk. The company develops and markets products that meet the highest requirements by latest technologies; provide maximum security and nevertheless optimum user friendliness. So, it increases the efficiency of networks and their users. Entensys’s portfolio includes matching Software solutions for future-oriented and safety-conscious corporations, Governments and administrations, as well as for education and training.

Risks And Barriers To IT Modernization

The risks are known the barriers lie somewhere else! You can put the head in the sand because it is quiet and it is happy. Then, also, you can see not the looming fiasco. You can smell not the slightly acrid smell of burning fuse at the time bomb on which it sits. At all understanding: Doing nothing certainly improves nothing. Consider: what happens if is nobody dares to identify possible errors and risks? What, if the chance is missed, just in time to do something? What technical and financial – adult consequences thereof? What a start for the man who himself dares to analyze risks and solutions to demand! The continued existence of an enterprise often depends on how well the internal IT works. Many elaborations, and many others received on the need of efficiently running applications, ability to adapt to changing requirements, rapid and accurate data for decision-making, transparency of the structure and processes exist for this topic. Enhancements, additions, etc. make historical unique from different languages, platforms, and applications each system a feat of the programmer! No wonder that IT managers get goosebumps when it comes to the topic of IT modernization: Who dares approach to such a structure? Who has risked a well driven – often only apparent – stability? What is if after nothing else works? So is adjourned.

Better: do the right thing in small specific steps and the most important first. Then it says define risks and to tackle the greatest risk first. Legacy problems such as high staff costs, increasing maintenance costs, low speed, slow data access, poor Web access are well known. Much more important are the economic, strategic and personal barriers to IT modernization: necessary investment cost for the IT modernization understandable reluctance, but looking to the future! Modernization projects at a fixed price”- how much Sense of security raises that to you? Risk for the business correctly when a new system is introduced under pressure, the probability of failure is very high. Timely transition stands for safety (the old system is still running), relaxed work (there is nothing left), plenty of test runs and room for improvements. Time problems first of all: nobody really has time to take care of additional projects. The crisis”may not sound, but why not actually that (unfortunately) free time for meaningful projects use? A downhill followed by an uphill. In the Valley, you can oversleep the consolidation of the economy or use.

Validation aller production processes and cost structures, systematic search for new markets and customers, and IT sure make sustainable! Information demand and service of the IT service provider should be not only a supplier, but also technical and strategic consultant. Shoulder-to-shoulder with a partner from A like analysis to Z like Satisfaction. EasiRun Europe knows the risks, has the tools, experience, and knowledge, and has deep understanding of the barriers of those responsible in the corridors of our economy. Against this background, we develop together with you the correct for you and appropriate strategy. Why wait until first risks are serious business problems? Speak with us about your visions and dreams of open architectures, virtualization and Green IT. Many roads lead to the modern world – EasiRun accompanies you! EasiRun Europe GmbH Stockheimer track 20 61250 Usingen 06081 phone 916030 fax 06081 916049 E-Mail Usingen, October 8, 2009

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