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Mortgage Holders

You have a mortgage? Then hang on! Few people know what is stress and constant voltage. Governor Cuomo has firm opinions on the matter. Most banks offer a loan at an exorbitant rate of 13-15%. Took even a small one-room apartment, you sign under monthly payment of 20 thousand, or even 25 thousand rubles. Agree on the nose crisis and no guarantee that your work will yield a stable kind of money. Banks offer loans for 20-30 years, and this is when you think about all of life. Will you be able to pay 25 age 15-25 thousand rubles I think that not everyone is. It was quite late when I decided to give up the apartment. Under the contract, I had no right to sell or transfer its rights but lived assets, so this nuance much knocked my already shaky position. I agreed with the agency on exhibiting my apartment up for auction and it turned out I lost about 1 million. rubles, only paying 2va year mortgage. That you have a car? A little squeezed in the bank cash? And who can You hedge? Ask a question in which there are answers and I'm sure you make the right decision. In general, if you're not sure of its stability, think several times before committing to a mortgage.

Banks Can Be Loyal To Borrowers

Some banks are still quite loyal to borrowers who do not have a sufficient amount recognized Help 2-PIT. There are programs that provide proof of income information form the bank. If the borrower’s income is insufficient to take the desired amount of the loan, the banks are willing to consider co-borrowers income. And in As such, can act not only relatives, but, for example, civilian spouses. However, it must be borne in mind that these loans are riskier for the banks, so the interest rates on them are usually higher. Misconception 8. In the case of financial difficulties arising from the borrower, the bank immediately sells the apartment what would happen to the apartment and the borrower, if he can no longer repay the mortgage loan? In most cases, banks are going to meet their borrowers and produce a solution that is acceptable to both parties. If insolvency is temporary in nature (eg, during shift work), then we can arrange a bank payments are deferred during this period (the bank may to delay repayments of principal for several years). You can use the restructuring of mortgages from hmla (the so-called installment in mortgage payments for good borrower is temporarily lost his ability to repay the loan in full). In any case, it should be understood that the borrower and the lender – it’s allies are equally interested in the successful operation of mortgage lending.

Kiev Property Prices

During 2005 and 2006, property prices, apartments in Kiev and Kiev region went up sharply. This contributed to a sharp influx of newcomers from other regions of Ukraine, particularly the south-east, who had enough financial funds to buy all kinds of real estate in Kiev and Kiev region. As we know from the laws of the market, demand creates supply – and as demand for apartments (at first) increased, respectively, have grown and prices. But not Only visitors from other cities so influenced the growth in property prices in Kiev. The rapid growth in mortgage lending to households, banks' high level of competition among themselves for the client's mortgage, have led to an overall decrease interest rates on loans, which means – and to their cheaper, which makes it possible to get a loan to buy an apartment or real estate rather broad strata of the population of Kiev.

Not the last role was unprecedented for most regions of the Kiev wages that allow people of Kiev as a loan, and in 2004-2005, to buy an apartment without a credit, then using it is still relatively low price. It should be noted that quite a high percentage of cost flats (approximately 30%) laid the developers initially to "solve the issue," – quite simply – to bribe officials to the capital. After all, has long been known that due to the level of shadowing in the allotment Kiev city authorities and officials considered to be one of the most corrupt in the country. During 2007 prices for apartments in Kiev increased (compared with the previous two years) is negligible, amounting to 5-10%. After purchasing power has reached its critical limit, which explains the complete stagnation, and calm in the capital real estate market in the summer of 2007. Many experts are predicting a possible mortgage crisis, such that erupted in the United States. However, despite these pessimistic forecasts, as well as the impossibility of a growing number of people buying less expensive housing, metropolitan developers do not intend to reduce the price of being built by them square meters, which led to the verification of their activities by the Antimonopoly Committee.

Military Mortgage: Affordable Housing For Servicemen

According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, in housing or housing improvement needs of more than 150 thousand families of the military. Fact becomes relevant military mortgage, which the authorities are engaged in the development for several years. Developing the concept of military mortgage was completed in late 2005 and in April 2006, the State Duma passed amendments to the Law ‘On Status of Servicemen’, according to which the military to the contract after January 1, 2005, will be able to buy an apartment with a special mortgage program. Participation in military mortgage can take non-commissioned officers and warrant officers, the total length of service for which the contract is three years, as well as sergeants and sergeants, soldiers and sailors who have entered a second contract. Prior to the adoption of the law the Ministry of Defence has identified the special depository, which will control the military money mortgage – it was the company ‘guarantor’.

In addition, identified 10 companies that will manage these funds. To date, military mortgage is only available for election. For example, in 2007, program participants will be only 300 troops – is the first experiment, the holding of which allocated 100 million rubles.