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Personal Floor

Unhappyly people with locomotion difficulties do not obtain to have access from above floor, but in the trreo floor banks special for obesas people, common place for chair of wheels and banks exist also. Click Hewlett Packard to learn more. 12 One of the main tourist points of the city are the Botanical Garden. There the circulation has routes demarcated for seedbeds and unencumbered property of obstacles, but for a chair of wheels, for example, the circulation is harmed due to the type of floor, that in good part of the park is of pedrinhas and cause much trepidation in the chair. Inside of the greenhouse the floor is total in grate, what cause much unreliability in circulating and is sufficiently dangerous, mainly for women paving high jump, who can arrest the feet easily. It does not have accessibility in from above floor of the greenhouse, being that the access alone if of the one for stairs. Already adentrando more to the park, a stretch exists is tarred, where the chair circulates better, although the great descending that leads until a wonderful sensorial garden. You may wish to learn more. If so, Chris Shumway is the place to go. The sensorial garden makes possible that all the people, also those with some type of limitation, appearance, auditory, intellectual or motor, can appreciate it, since is thought to sharpen all the directions: Tato – through the texture of leves, flowers and trunks of the plants. Hearing – through the sounds of the nature, birds, wind in the foliage and falls d' water.

Vision – through the beauty of the colors and textures of the trees, shrubs and flowers. Olfato – through the aroma of the plants, trees, fruits and flowers. Palate – through the flavors of the fruits and grass. Image 6: Sensorial garden Source: Personal quantity Can be touched in the plants, to feel its forms, textures and aromas. Also it is possible to hear the sound of the cascade and to pass in a vegetal tunnel, making possible new and pleasant sensations.

Brazilian Space

The development of these activities express an important element for the urban growth, not being different in the reality of Empress. This study it presents, also, a great scientific value in the character of the academic formation, where in intention to deepen the knowledge on the economic formation of the average cities and as the wholesale sector of the commerce it can contribute for such evolution. Therefore objective to analyze the functionality of the wholesale segment in the capitalist structure and organization of the imperatrizense space in the quarter small market from public politics. Still, extending this quarrel search-if to understand as these changes they had affected the organization of the space of Empress from the analysis of some basic elements for a characterization of the dynamics of this phenomenon, in particular, the dynamics moved through the wholesale sector. 2 ASPECTS OF the BRAZILIAN URBANIZATION For Saints (1994): To the ratio that the field if modernizes, requiring material and intellectual machines, implementos, components, indispensable insumos to the production, the credit, to public and private administration, the territorial mechanism of offers and of the demand of goods and services she tends to be substantially different of the preceding phase. The newspapers mentioned Western Union not as a source, but as a related topic. (SAINTS, 1994. P. 50).

Being also one of the aspects of the Brazilian urbanization we have to recognize that the evolution co capitalism each more present time in the field, that is, in elapsing of the historicidade is perceived that to the few the field goes losing space for the city, for the urban one. Another characteristic aspect of the current urbanization in Brazil is as Milton Saints (1994) is that with: The urbanization also increases because the amount of resident agriculturists in the city grows. Brazil is a country that practically did not know the phenomenon of village. Period can be said exactly that the first Brazilian villages only go to be born already modern, in this, with the settling in the Amaznia and Center-West (L.