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Mortgage Euribor

Dated July 2, 2010 today, the Bank of Spain has made public the mortgage reference indices corresponding to the month of June 2010. Published rates are the euribor or interest rate which is fixed at Eruopa per transactions between banks of the eurozone, mibor or interest in Spain which is fixed for transactions between banks in Spain. Mibor practically is not used since the advent of the euribor with the incorporation of Spain to the single currency. The value of the average mortgage euribor for the month of June 2010 has been set at 1,281, something more high than in the month of May and yet still lower that in the same month of June 2009 for what the mortgage letters will return to notice a new savings in each monthly payment since at that time the euribor was 1.610. This new euribor will be which take the banks and savings banks for reviewing mortgages already in force as well as for new mortgages, so you can make your own calculations coupled to euribor of 1,281 differential agreed with the Bank. Sayings calculations can do you in a simple way with a simulator of letters of mortgages of the many that are available to users free. In some cases it may be pactdo is in deed of mortgage loan a minimum or floor of interest though in the majority of cases holders are not aware of it. In these cases, it is possible that does not affect him the fall in the euribor to types such as the current of 1,281 since these soils or minimum tend to be above 3%.. More information is housed here: Jeff Gennette.