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1,0 THEORETICAL RECITAL to carry through this work the group it searched basic algunsconceitos to understand what it leads to each day that passes, maispessoas for the market of informal work. It is through a video news article, that we show as plates if they fit inside of this perverse universe that a informality. Aspects as the Plate points, the perigos that estetrabalhadores face in the edges of the highways that cross the region of Jundiae the challenge to coexist in the way of many outlaws who if pass for plate to paraefetuar the load robbery and the discrimination suffered for them, had been objects deestudo for the group. National security advisor is likely to increase your knowledge. Therefore, this work has as objective to show umacategoria that inside has great importance of the transportebrasileiro system, and is ignored by the society. 1.1 The PLATES the Ministry of the Work and Job, does not define aocupao of the Plate accurately, however, classifies it as helping of truck, that is oprofissional responsible for loading and unloading truck. Beyond this funoo Plate mainly of the great cities, also has the function of infromar.

That is, it it takes the truck driver until its final destination, making trabalhode guide. They do not work registered, they do not emit receipt of its serviosprestados and many times are kept out of society the sides of highways. They are pessoasque does not have instruction none and the work that carries through of only for osustento of the family. Some popular definitions still exist that in remetema affectionate form as plates treat the truck drivers. Phrase as: ‘ ‘ meuchapa’ ‘ , that in popular linguajar, it means my friend. By the way, dicionriocompleto of the Portuguese language launched by the periodical Now, has a felt definioneste, whose meant he is friend I summon and partner. __________________ MESGRAVIS, Pedro.


Other plants had also had a participation in the popularizao of the refrigerator, such as the Electrolux and Frigidaire. 4Moms often addresses the matter in his writings. In the decade of 70, already decrease was a common product in homes of middle class, As back in house, for example. He has one dictated that he says that the first refrigerator nobody forgets, and in fact I remember until today our first refrigerator, a yellow Frigidaire gold, with its corpinho of ones 1,30m of height, for 0,80m of width and 0,70m of fundura, true caixotinho! But, please, my uncle Dimitrius does not leave to be knowing that I said this! He exempts me to god! It is capable to fight with me. This would be an offence its first passion. What? Vocs not they knew that the Frigidaire of house was there to the first passion of the uncle Dimitrius? By the way, I find that still it is the only passion of it.

It was thus, we we were a great family of eight children, three men and five women. My uncle Dimitrius, who was the youngest child of the family, came to live with us, to finish the studies and to obtain a good job. My grandfathers liveed in the farm and they did not want that the uncle Dimitrius followed way of them the same, or perhaps has been the uncle Dimitrius who did not have vocation pra works in the farm I do not know to the certainty, but the fact is that it liveed with us for occasion of the purchase of ' ' Gertrudes' ' , affectionate name with that my uncle Dimitrius baptized our first Frigidaire refrigerator. It was passion to the first frozen drink of water! It was a success! But, passion for a refrigerator agrees that it was not very normal, and this caused many problems of relationships in the life of my uncle.

The Separation

Whenever possible, she left for parties and badalaes, she kept contact with friends and friends, looked for to return to its previous life and was with other men, conscientious that she would not have to look a steady relation for a good time. She had that to recoup its independence, to become free themselves of the suffering, being same it of new. She was necessary to erase Jean of the memory, for more painful than she was to accept the fact that more would not have contact with a person who was so important and special in its life. The separation resulted in a pack still more heavy for Jean. It had occurred in a very bad period for it, that it did not understand the reason to have been abandoned.

This only served to feed its deep melancholy, becoming the suffering biggest that never. It cried very and it retook suicidal thoughts with bigger intensity. In contrast to Camila, Jean did not have friends that they could offer some comfort to it. Curiously, however, it did not intensify the use of drugs as remedy for its bitterness. The rejection, loss feeling, was more than enough and intense, supplanted any another thing, also its proper will. It only had Camila in its thought, nothing and nobody more.

Although the time to go passing, and Camila if to pledge in forgetting Jean, it were constantly seen rambling in front of the building where it inhabited, also of dawn, as the doormans always told. Already it tries to enter before in contact with it for telephone, but Camila if refuses to take care of and to answer its linkings. Thus, it did not have more courage, at least chance, to try a personal meeting. It was, whenever it could, there, in the street, walking at random, leaned in a pole or seated in the sidewalk, looking at for the apartment of it, which an abandoned animal of esteem, without place to go, understanding what it happened.

The Sound

Rain hurt the skin with its ferocity and punished high of the trees, pulling out some more fragile twigs and balancing poles of electric energy. Its front it saw the work that a woman was having, with serious difficulties in loading a child small a stock market that seemed to be heavy. More the front it saw other people entering hasty for the door of the hotel, that in the truth, was one of those old mansions, transformed into tourist point and inn for travellers without route, thus, as it. Coming close to the woman in difficulties it caught the stock market in its hand and waved for the door. The sound of the wind was so high that Mrs. hid gratefulness.

The child in its arms seemed scared and it she made covering for the two while they directed themselves for the entrance door. Bafo hot of the interior of the house when hugging gave them to them to it sensation of comfort and security. There, it could hear the sound of the voice of the woman who spoke without stopping, it did not obtain to syntonize in it for more than three words and mumbled something without feeling if directing until the reception local it. A common young woman, with pale blond hair stopped its front without nothing saying to it, not even a good afternoon, or the sketch of a smile of either welcome. It only looked at for it of tedious form while she extended the fiche to it of I register in cadastre. Perfect! It was what it thought, without gossip or questions of which it did not desire to answer. It filled the fiche and later he opened its wallet and he paid in advance, in money. The young woman of the balcony caught the money she kept and it in the recorder to the side stops later without demonstrating much interest and the least to look at that it was written, simply, caught the filled sheet of paper and it annexed it to the open filing-cabinet its front.