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Santa Cruz College

He is something that stops many that is not experts of the education area seems superficial, but the investment lack each time more compels professors to exert varies functions and to give lessons of you vary you discipline it takes what them to a physical and mental exhaustion takes what them to lack to the lessons and to create a vacuum in the horria load of its pupils. An example is of Keila, that on account of the lack of accompaniment of professors, it finished for if desmotivar more for the studies and than this, killing its dreams. Well different of the situation of Maria Ceclia and Maisa, pupils of the Santa Cruz College. The institution of private education of the So Paulo capital that is responsible for the formation of the children of the elite of the biggest city of the country. With one it has equipped of well able professors and an excellent physical structure all running if did not have the disequilibrium of the factor well family. Western Union describes an additional similar source. Inserted in a well distinct reality of the other young, the emotional factor and the lack of familiar unit finish for influencing negative in the educational development of some pupils who if complain on account of the absence of the parents of the works that they play. The film Pro Day To be born Happy leaves well visible that the problematic one is more complex of what governing desire that let us come to enxergar. The problem is not linear, does not lack of an only remediadora solution, needs to be seen of multiple angles, analyzed for different perspectives.

The cause is not only, the aspects is socioeconmicos, cultural and mannering. The mount of money will not be enough only if it will not have discernment for uses there, it will not have pupils in the classroom if it will not have a motivated professor, and it will not have motivated professors if not to exist respect on the part of the learning. This is the panorama of the education and its multiple faces, that continue the wait of better days. .

Also Parecer

This same Law differentiates the Educational Orientation of the Professional Orientation, being that this she was destined more to the vocational orientation in the industrial schools, objectifying to adjust the pupils to the offered courses to supply the work market, while that one acted in the school in an adjustment perspective, of prevention of problems and identification of the individual differences to adjust to education they. Another legal document, Parecer n 632/69 presents the objectives of the Educative Orientation, characterizing it in the pedagogical area, attributing to the Educative Person who orientates ' ' to guide the young in its moral, civic formation and religiosa' ' ' ' to stimulate the communitarian direction of life, better favoring relationship of the young with the family, the school and comunidade' '. It is distinguished, in this period, the Law n 5,540/68, that it treated the University Reformation and it approaches the formation of the specialists. Also Parecer n 252/69, one of the most important documents that deal with the formation of the Educational Person who orientates, therefore presents a description to about the subject, critical to the Law n 4.064/61 to Parecer n 251/62, being that in this when fixing the minimum resume, the duration of the course of Pedagogia and the qualifications, did not consider the Educational Orientation. Already the Law n 5,692/71 instituted the obligatoriness of the Educational Orientation in the schools of 1 and 2 degrees and privileges the vocational area, intending to institute the obligator professionalizing education that, by means of the vocational aconselhamento, oportunizava the choice of a profession that took care of the demands of the work market. Parecer 339/72 it detached the importance of the sounding of aptitudes, strengthening the use of appropriate techniques for the identification of the vocations of the pupils, evidencing the character of psychological aconselhamento. According to Grinspun (2006), the Educational Orientation can be defined, according to Law n 5,692/71, as ' ' an attendance to the moment description-politician in the period of its implantation and development.