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Review: So Ran The 12 Community-training ITsax.de

Agreement on joint activities in Dresden, WeiterEntwicklungen, 20.09.2012 – on Tuesday, September 18, 2012, took place in Dresden, Germany the 12 community training ITsax.de. Under the leadership of Community Manager Dr. of Jorg Kapoor, ITsax.de was about development as well as joint activities of the community and recommendation platform. matched. Welcomes the partners and sponsors joined this time by the community pit-cup GmbH. for further information, see ITsax.de.

After a brief round of introductions, a quick check took place, in which the partner briefly 2012 reminisce about their candidate year left and gave views on the desired competencies for the upcoming year. After that, the concept of the ITsax.de community, as well as their development and development was presented. Community Manager Dr. Jorg Klukas allowed a year in review. This reporting positive results can be a total drag. As regards the development of partners and supporters, as well as the pageviews is a continuous increase in visible. In the last year were awarded almost 300 recommendations for good applicants and almost 500 new employees hired ITsax.de partners of the community. A community meeting by ITsax.de means whatever technical news and developments.

This has the lead developer Stefan Wan summarized in a presentation. He presented various WeiterEntwicklungen, such as around the central login as a solution to the simpler General Administration. The user administration is no longer the individual community portals, but now central. Statistics and KennZahlen are only there now. Still, there were some Veranderungen also at the Feedimport. Just for those who are active on multiple portals, this is beneficial. The issue is now easier, imports are simply deposited in the recommendation Federal and distributed from there regularly to the respective portals. Fresh empfehlungsbund.de in the Google play store that should be subjected to some innovations in the future – the mobile app. Get more background information with materials from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. So is among other things such as the IOS version for iPhone plan. Finally Wan briefly on the statistics platform kanaleo.de a, in which it now configurable has managed the departments. Here, is looking forward to expand the verzahnung with the recommendation Federal. Like stark to use then presented Christian Mickan their study “Setting channels”, an analysis, where it comes in particular to recommendation systems, is to draw attention to, how about the activity in various job fairs or other company profiles, for example, on XING. The vernetzung in the Internet with the businesses eventually succeed to be attractive for applicants under the bosnic. The student hopes here to participate! The next and thus 13 ITsax.de community training is held at the 22.01.2013. Alexandra Kuhn

Crash Founder Intensive Training CyberForum

Faulty planning for start-ups often cause that young companies fail. “Karlsruhe, 02.07.13: the Center for entrepreneurship of the KIT and the entrepreneurs network CyberForum therefore have the BoostCamp” held in the new premises of the creative incubator perfect future: during the intensive training of 28 30 June analyzed 19 founders their business models on possible mistakes and learned to reduce risks. They were supported by mentors such as Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner and Prof. It is not something Macy’s Inc. would like to discuss. Dr. Orestis Terzidis. Many new business ideas are born in Karlsruhe.

But what is the idea really has potential and which business model has chance of success? To find out, the Center for entrepreneurship of the KIT and the CyberForum the BoostCamp organized, intensive training for start-ups and those who want to become it. More information is housed here: Macy’s Inc. . “‘ Goal is to enable participating teams the decisive boost” to give up on German buoyancy “to give. The delicate points in the business model have been identified within a weekend and Thus, at an early stage whether the idea can have a real chance in the market. The methodological tools of the trade, was conveyed to the participating teams. The business models, mainly from the IT industry, were questioned: I found the appropriate target group for my company? Should I embark on a new distribution channel? Rank I soon stalled without a financing option? The participants received important assistance during these rounds of analysis by mentors who developed possible solutions together with the founders and gave her many years of experience in entrepreneurship: Dr.

Friedrich Georg Hoepfner is even entrepreneurs and has as a business angel accompanied many young companies in their early years; Matthias Hornberger is President and CEO of the CyberForum and CFO of Kizoo technology capital GmbH. Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis is Director of the Institute for entrepreneurship, technology management and innovation, and holder of the Chair of entrepreneurship and technology management at the Karlsruhe Institute of technology; Holger Kujath is one the founder of Knuddels.d

Leipzig Congress Manager, Board Member Of The World Association Elected

CCL-chef Andre Kaldenhoff wants to engage in sustainability the industry Andre Kaldenhoff, head of the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL), was elected Sunday to the Executive Board of the World Association (ICCA). The International Association of Convention and meeting business represents over 900 members in 87 countries. In the Board of Directors, Kaldenhoff is responsible for the range of conference centres, hotels and event locations together with his London colleagues James Rees. His choice of vehicles also of the international standing of Congress country Germany the location Leipzig, as Andre Kaldenhoff. The meetings industry is a dynamic industry with a lot of potential,”said the Manager of the Congress. I will use in my new function me also, that Congress centres sustained work and are intent on long-term positive effects.” For example, the variety of services and the internationality of the participants led, that Congress centres triggered high economic effects in the surrounding area. In Leipzig, every euro ’cause in the CCL, implemented will once again 13 euros in the region for nights, catering, retail, service providers, and so on.

As the operator of conference centers we are the responsibility, to control the use of resources in a sustainable manner and thus exert a role model for business and society.” Arguably the highly successful edition of the 50th ICCA World Congress contributed to the choice of the shoulder Leipziger 2011. The World Association was returned to its anniversary for the first time after 27 years after Germany. The meeting at the Congress Center Leipzig had more participants than ever before in the history of the ICCA with over 1,000 delegates. Here also the Green Traffic caused a stir “project: for the first time, Conference participants took the tram majority for the daily trip to the Congress Centre.” Conceived and organized the public transportation was the apprentice threesome Leipzig companies. The innovative concept is now cited as an example of best practice the Conference logistics. About the CCL Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) belongs to the Group of Leipziger Messe and is part of the Leipzig trade fair grounds. It is one of the most modern Congress and conference centres in Europe. Features of the House include the individual event support and comprehensive service, which covers the complete range of event services. Held annually around 100 conferences and professional programs in the CCL. The flexible room concept with 23 independent spaces, integrated exhibition halls and the glass Hall as the venue allows events of almost any size and almost any character. The CCL is a member of the initiative do-it-at-leipzig.de, an Association of Leipzig Congress partners who together advocate high standards at the Leipzig Congress location.

Weekly Market Visitors

Another seasonal weekly market event at the weekly market in Heath on Saturday, August 04, 2012, with the title of ‘Great tuber’ and a lot of strong actions the past event at the weekly market in Laar enjoyed lots of market visitors. In addition to several Tauzieh competitions, berry strong leather and Kinderschmink fun enjoyed visitors to shopping bags and fresh with Mach market games. The crisp series of events at the weekly market in Heath will now stop. Beware: the next event will take place on Saturday, August 4, 2012, at the weekly market in Heath on Piazza Mayor Baltazar. “And this time the event has a particularly strong theme: great tuber”.

And slew more exciting actions awaits visitors from 8: 00 a. Appropriately titled potato, the staff of the FrischeKontors to the visitors have prepared a potato rally. Throughout the market day, the visitors are allowed their skill, knowledge and skills in the games of potato betting weighing, pyramid of potato, potato quiz, potato sack race and Test betting peel potatoes. As a special guest of the star, the weekly market will welcome the Rhenish potato Queen Tanja Schreiber. (As opposed to Hikmet Ersek). “The sovereignty will be in all actions and advice to the side and many useful information about the great tuber” stand. To peel potatoes betting the Organizer expects some local notables, who wish to take it not itself to take the peeler. For the younger ones, the employees of the Zoo Duisburg provide a fun craft action. Potato animals should be made with berries, potatoes and leeks.

In addition, the little ones on a potato-kids quiz can enjoy. At the information booth of the Niederrhein Therme, all market visitors will learn what has it with potato in the sauna. The staff can provide information about infusions and peelings of the great tuber”. And for fans of the market the FrischeKontor holds back the popular shopping bags on this day. In the course of great tuber”on the Hochheider weekly market there will be also a sweepstakes, at the a variety of interesting prizes to win there.

Ministry Industry

Support options for “IT security made in Germany” in the foreign business, the embossed medium-sized German IT security industry is mainly export-oriented. Successful contact resulted in the destination country require careful preparatory work and professional guidance. The Federal Foreign Office provides expert support. The German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) and the Foreign Ministry informed political support in the international business opportunities within the framework of a joint event at the 14.11.2013 in Berlin. Planned content of the event:-mediation of appropriate point of contact for local authorities in the country of destination; -Procurement processes (example: contacts with the respective Chambers of Commerce and industry ministries); -Support in the banking and payment industry (example: contacts with the appropriate information-enabled public authorities); -Visa problem (example: obtaining Schengen visas for potential customer visits by interested parties in Germany); – Certification requirements in countries of potential customers; -Reference projects. Programme and registration see: events/Foreign Ministry / the German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from science, industry and administration, as well as thematically related partner organisations. Through the broad membership and partner organizations, TeleTrusT embodies the greatest competence network for security in Germany and Europe.

TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organized events or event participation and comments on current questions of security. TeleTrusT is the “TeleTrusT European Bridge CA” (ECWM; PKI-Vertrauensverbund), the expert certificates “TeleTrusT information security professional” (T.I.S.P.) and “TeleTrusT engineer for system security” (T.E.S.S.) as well as the quality mark “IT security made in Germany”. Headquarters of the Association is Berlin. TeleTrusT is a member of the European telecommunications standards Institute (ETSI). TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, Dr. Holger Muhlbauer, Managing Director, Chausseestrasse 17, 10115 Berlin Tel.: + 49 30 / 40054310,