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Integration Testing

Integration testing should be carried out by persons other than the designers of programs and can also verify the proper functioning of the correct program design and interpretation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hikmet Ersek. (3) In addition to these 10 principles: The test can be used to show the presence of errors, but never their absence. The main difficulty of the testing process is to decide when to stop. Avoid unplanned test cases, not reusable and trivial unless the program is really easy.

4. A necessary part of a test case is the definition of outcome. The test cases have to be written not only for valid input conditions and expected but also for invalid and unexpected conditions. The test cases have to be written to generate the desired output conditions.

The number of undiscovered errors is directly proportional to the number of errors discovered. The tests should begin with “small” and progress towards “big.” With the exception of unit tests and integration, a program should not be tested by the person or organization that developed it. The tests should be performed by a independent team. 2.2 Types of Testing Unit Testing: The test unit focuses on the module. Using the detailed design description as a guide, to test the important control paths in order to discover errors within the module. The unit test makes extensive use of techniques white box testing. (4) Integration Testing: The objective is to take the modules tested in the unit test and build a program structure that is in accord with the dictates of the design.

Javier Gosende

Otherwise, this will have been the user's last visit real estate portal. The effect Anchor "Originally based shopping centers in its convening power elements called" anchors ", ie, department stores with a great brand name, highly positioned in the market, with huge spaces, with a variety of products and can capture a significant amount of people. "In the web case, if we look in detail our traffic statistics website, will probably find that certain pages receive a higher rate of visits to other sites because of the content posted. Or it may be the case that in an online store a product page more visited than the other pages to be an item that has a higher demand. We must identify these "anchors" that can take our site and place a single click page where there is the profitability of the page.

(The quote request page, shopping cart page, etc..) Accessibility and usability "Among the strengths that make a mall traffic are received architecture, wide aisles, clean, convenient parking, security, etc. "The equivalence of these factors applied to off-line is simply a web accessibility and web usability. The fact, for example, that a Flash intro page then 20 seconds to load can be an obstacle to a visit by a user, or also that the resolution of the website is far from the average resolution of your visitors may cause a drop in visits. Focus on the people who visit us "We focused first on people who visit us. We need to know how recurrence, which are positive or negative, to eliminate what hurts and strengthen or improve the things we're doing well. " In the case of our website, is required to have a web statistics system that allows us to register the mark left by the visitor and thus be able to identify profiles of visitors likely to become customers.

A good set of statistics will tell us which pages are being visited more than others, with which keywords our visitors, how often have repeated the visit in the last month, etc. All this data is well interpreted the raw material for decision making effectively. Exposure of the foregoing factors leads to the conclusion that many successful strategies used in the off-line world can be applied success in the online world. Everything is to use logic and make appropriate analogies to find out what weapons they can give us competitive advantages in the difficult goal of achieving profitable traffic to our businesses. Article by Javier Gosende responsible for at Human Level.