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Administration Chair And His Limits

They were offered to directors, managers who demanded, as referred, giving talks, lectures to the future graduates in the classroom at the University of Carabobo, even invite them in to give a postgraduate know the mission, vision that the College generates projects in favor of the Administration Chair the problem of the Venezuelan government at that time under my responsibility that had been making meetings, seminars, conferences, conventions, workshops, maintaining a dynamic opening to the public, businesses, in addition to their CD releases, website (very busy) invited school administrators and especially Valencia Aragua, through Professor Nestor Requena to join the college with assistance from talks to persuade the prospective graduate to join the College Administration and especially to Schools administration, authorities define the profile of the manager as the region, the country needs to collaborate effectively with the public and private business sector.

Unfortunately the Directive, failed to seize the opportunity of opening the university gave them, especially our Chair, who also analyzed within their program which is a College of Administrators, office rules, objectives, vision mission plans so that future graduates commit to make real what was diagnosed, evaluated and proposed, topics that took advantage of the Board, its members, even though its members had been through these lectures. They did more than three times and then forgot about the great benefits that would be created in favor of the College of the Administrator. Benefits as Income, attracting members, both working together for school sue Body profile that they should develop in line with an administrator who promotes organizations, companies in which they will serve. The views emanating from union members, a product of his experience is very valuable exercise to strengthen the programs, define the desired profile to provide the required knowledge according to the demand of the present economic scenario, a point that still leaves a lot to say . He was given the opportunity to link with the Tecnologico de Monterrey, whom he spoke, in a opportunity, taking advantage of their representatives came to give a talk to Faces, invited by the chair of issues with the intention that it will realize the extent it represents in the modern teaching on-line courses where the Tec is the vanguard in Latin America sorry, President Castillo did not take advantage of this opportunity, which affected the projection of the College, especially union members take their MBAs with their respective terms in this way, especially when it is offered by a globally recognized institution. The Association of Administrators requires that keeps reviving stagnant for years, make way for new infrastructure, dynamism in the academic, research, professional, more meetings, conferences, seminars, refresher training and administrative tools, defense of the rights established in the Law administration practice in relation to wages to accrue, publications, website, among others.

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