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Antivirus Programs

The antivirus will have to be used all the times that umdisquete, to pendriver or digital camera will be inserted in the computer, eliminadoassim all the possible infections. Downloads is another form of infection, then the antivrusatuais have the instantaneous checagem of download, so that it is opened nocomputador, the antivirus will search the possible infections or cdigosmaliciosos. The user can open any e-mails, more the grandediferencial is that we cannot open any archive that is attached in the email, therefore many of these e-mails are phisinng (disfarado), that they will be able to deceive osusurios, many of these e-mails seem friendly, but if it will not be of a pessoaconhecida, never it opens something attached. 6. Preventing the damages provoked for the viruses We can prevent you vary contamination ways, but tambmj we can be contaminated for computer virus (generally acontecequando somebody our computer or our proper incautiousness uses). When acontecea contamination, the procedure is to pass the scanneamento in records and memories, so that the virus does not provoke damages to the system, being corrupted the operational inicializao dosistema. Being thus possible of loss of the data and excessively. For isso good for having one backup and the inicializao of the operational system.

Antivirus exists that is in pendrivers or disquetesalocados in the inicializao of the system. Today already it is not reason not to have umantivrus, therefore it exists a variety of gratuitous antiviruses in the Internet. To adjust the antivirus so that inicializaodo can scanner operational system, to verify the integrity of the system and possveiscontaminaes. Thus being it will be able exempting in them of many profits and possveiscontaminaes. We know of the rapidity of our microcomputer, many dasvezes happens of one hour for another one, the travamentos system starts to be slow and comalguns, that is a possible cause of contamination, thus being able ovrus this using in such a way the memory to also leave the slow computer and the connection dainternet leaving to the slow one.

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