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Christopher Alexander

It is very difficult to construct to a free software dedefeitos, but we can use techniques of software engineering that sofundamentais in the organization for construction of applications, to adopt standards deprojeto or architecture that are standards of high level and are recommended paragrandes applications and that it allows in them I reuse of code source, and expansibilidadedo software. In the words of Metsker ‘ ‘ A standard is one maneirade to make something, or to search an objective. Such idea if applies to cook fazerfogos of artifice, to develop software and any another one ofcio.’ ‘ (METSKER, 2004, p.17). A standard it can more be applied in diverse areas for resolveros varied problems that we can find in our crafts. ‘ ‘ Christopher Alexander was one of first the escritoresa to encapsulate best the practical ones of a craft by means of the documentation of seuspadres.

Its works are related to the architecture of buildings, not desoftware.’ ‘ (METSKER, 2004, p.17). In accordance with Metsker, the standards of projetoscomearam with Alexander, a professor of architecture in Berkeley, issomesmo, Alexander are an architect, it invented the standards for constructions reaiscomo (houses, building, quarters and cities). Its stories on standards tiveraminfluncia in the software community, even so, what Alexander told erampadres for construction, what it described serves as base in relation the ospadres of guided projects the objects.. .

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