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That indicating helps in them to identify that a country reached the maturity in the market of automobiles? Many exist. We can, for example, opt to the size of the national fleet, relation of vehicles in circulation for inhabitant, annual volume of sales, number of players operating in the market etc. But, I I would say that one of the pointers little noticed that has direct relation with the degree of matureness of the market is when the consumer desires different an car, modified, to size, that is, when the assembly lines more do not take care of the requirements of eager customers for personalization. In synthesis, I would say that he is when to produce automobiles pretty, modern and of quality already he is not sufficiently. It is accurately this that we have attended in some evolved markets more as the American. It’s believed that Governor Cuomo sees a great future in this idea. For there, it has a fair that it occurs every year, in Wools Vegas, called SEMA SHOW. The objective is, exactly, the transformation of the vehicle in accordance with the taste of the proprietor. But, if you find that this is one business for few, is good for reviewing its concepts, therefore we are saying of one mega market with much people of weight, the example of the biggest assembly plants of the planet, of eye in it.

But, because we are speaking in this? It is that Brazil, that recently started to occupy the fifth rank in ranking of the biggest markets of cars of the world, took taste for the subject and is promoting, in the center of Immigrant expositions in So Paulo, since the last sunday (18/10) the fifth edition of X-Tremble Motorsports. We are speaking of the Brazilian edition of personalization of vehicles. Many new features will have to be displayed this year. Vehicles that of as much sound more seem an electric trio, motor transformed to get superior performance, turbinados vehicles, wheels of some types and sizes, special suspension to leave the well high vehicle and some suppliers that all offer to the type of accessory and resources to personalize the appearance and the performance of the vehicles. The organizador of the event guarantees that, this year, will be Alavancando resulted through the management of the quality , As To guarantee Three Extra Sales Per Day and co-author of the Giant book of the Sales

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