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Local Boot

With this the virus if installs in the memory and the prximousurio to place the floppy in the computer, will be its contaminated floppy eassim continues the cycle. 4. Virus for email Another form, that today is focada by the creators devrus, is the e-mail. It is half the most efficient one of if spreading umvrus, therefore practically all the people who use computers, possess ume-mail. When the user opens its email with the textonada message in of abnormal person will go to happen, but consequently the annex will have confided quecontm the archive with harmful code, will be initiated the process that will go executaras malicious instructions. That they will be able to damage the operational system and seusrespectivos.

One of the main characteristics of this anexadosaos virus that are e-mails, is of if autocpiar for the HD and its partitions, searching osendereos found in the email of the Outlook, netscap, Eudora, gmail, hotmail, oulista of email in other formats. 5. Types of virus Virus of BOOT: These types of virus have characteristics dese to locarizarem in the inicializao of the units of storage, in such a way to dependriver, hd and floppy. The maiora of the units of storage reserves umlocal of its space for information on directory, archives, formatting, nomee a called program ‘ ‘ bootstrap’ ‘ , that it is responsible for loading namemria of the system, in such a way operational as an executable one. Thus being, oBootstrap is the main target of the viruses of shipment or virus of boot. Local Boot o where if it initiates the operational system, thus being virus modifies ocdigo docarregamento, modifying the sequncia of boot of the computer, that carregado the BIOS after..

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