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Subsurface area presented to the user in the form of mining lease – geometrized block's interior. Licensing of water wells in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Natural Resources November 29, 2004 710 "On Approval The order of consideration of applications for mineral rights for exploitation of groundwater used for drinking water supply or water supply facilities manufacturing industry. " Specified document you can freely download from the site of the Department of Natural Resources in North-West Federal District (Sevzapnedra). By the way, if your well is located in the Leningrad, Pskov, Novgorod, Vologda region is, in fact, all matters of licensing you have to solve in Sevzapnedra. To obtain a license for subsoil use for the purpose of extraction of groundwater, it is necessary To place an order, which shall be attached documents. Conventionally, all the necessary documents can be divided into two groups: 1. Legal (such as name and org.

Form jur face, copies of the documents, Help the tax authorities, etc.). 2. Specifications. If the first group of documents subsoil user, most likely, be able to handle himself, then with a second quite often there are problems. List of "technical" documents listed in paragraph 4, "Procedure for consideration of applications …" (MNR order of 17.12.2004 710) and includes the following information: – purpose of the use of groundwater – a reasonable demand in the groundwater from the perspective of development – requirements for groundwater quality and mode of operation of water intakes; – passport and characterization of the mode of operation diversion structure – the existence or the possibility of organizing a maximum security zone sanitary protection – the existence of an existing or projected monitoring network of wells, its characteristics, information on methods of observation of underground water – the current state of underground water according to the monitoring of subsoil conditions, etc.

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