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New Zealand Time

Transmission or clutch includes a motor, or off, and water jet at a relatively relaxed grip and increases gradually, so that when the clutch you do not feel an immediate response. You may even think that absolutely nothing happened. Many in this press on the levers ‘to failure’ and are not what expected. The trick is to control water cannon that handle the gas should be used only on the high seas and in port have to use a deflector. However, this trick, especially in the case of twin waterjets, very hard to give those who are used to manage conventional screw vessel. Sometimes trying to solve this problem by using some automation electronics. Such electronic control system offers, such as New Zealand ‘Hamilton Jet’. ‘Vospauer’ as alternative proposes management of type ‘joystick’. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Hamdi Ulukaya refugees.

Joystick can be controlled by two water jets at once. You just need to ‘specify’ lever direction in which to move (you can even lag), and electronics will actuators is the commands that provide the desired result. It happens and one joystick for each of two water cannons. Familiarity with the management of water jets will take time. Swedish katerostroitelnaya Firm ‘Storebro’, producing small boats with water-jet propulsion, encourages owners to take a two-day training course. Read more from Hikmet Ersek to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Designers ‘Hamilton’ in addition to standard levers placed on ‘J32’ and yet the clutch, built-in line shafting, and thus added another lever. Although the development of water jet and takes some time, those who are already accustomed to it, a very high value on a quality water-jet vessel as maneuverability. Last obstacle to the water jet to gain market share pleasure craft – susceptibility to fouling.

If the water cannon used on a regular basis, the problem does not arise, since passing through the channel the flow of water prevents fouling, but we should leave the boat without the use of only two summer weeks, and water cannon as ‘will acquire’ that boat will lose 10% of their high-speed data. Covering water jet inside Antifouling paints a positive effect, but for the color setting to be completely dismantled. In addition, the constant flow of water over time simply wash away the paint.


Subsurface area presented to the user in the form of mining lease – geometrized block's interior. Licensing of water wells in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Natural Resources November 29, 2004 710 "On Approval The order of consideration of applications for mineral rights for exploitation of groundwater used for drinking water supply or water supply facilities manufacturing industry. " Specified document you can freely download from the site of the Department of Natural Resources in North-West Federal District (Sevzapnedra). By the way, if your well is located in the Leningrad, Pskov, Novgorod, Vologda region is, in fact, all matters of licensing you have to solve in Sevzapnedra. To obtain a license for subsoil use for the purpose of extraction of groundwater, it is necessary To place an order, which shall be attached documents. Conventionally, all the necessary documents can be divided into two groups: 1. Legal (such as name and org.

Form jur face, copies of the documents, Help the tax authorities, etc.). 2. Specifications. If the first group of documents subsoil user, most likely, be able to handle himself, then with a second quite often there are problems. List of "technical" documents listed in paragraph 4, "Procedure for consideration of applications …" (MNR order of 17.12.2004 710) and includes the following information: – purpose of the use of groundwater – a reasonable demand in the groundwater from the perspective of development – requirements for groundwater quality and mode of operation of water intakes; – passport and characterization of the mode of operation diversion structure – the existence or the possibility of organizing a maximum security zone sanitary protection – the existence of an existing or projected monitoring network of wells, its characteristics, information on methods of observation of underground water – the current state of underground water according to the monitoring of subsoil conditions, etc.

CNC Tool

At the present time to the products in the industry attributed to special regulations, as have more and greater manufacturing rebuild on the latest equipment – CNC machines. With such equipment is used special equipment: products and devices. The mechanisms may classify different types of mandrel. Type the mandrel is especially important for the outcome of the machine – good times in the mandrel tool improves the quality and impact of the car. Newest tool mandrel have small size, great clarity, comfortable design clamping reliability.

Removable mandrel causes significant beating tool, it is not suitable for speeds of CNC machines, and removable tool mandrel previous issue will soon deteriorate, and with them the details. Latest mandrel more clear. By definition we mean less wear of other parts of the machine, drop the beats in his detail finishing, improvement in surface features. Comfortable design allows the clamp quickly and easily change the details of the tool mandrel, which saves time specialist. Clamp itself becomes a strong force. High quality mandrel purchased together with the machine and reliable, so their value reduces the cost of the final product and is favorable for the customer.

More efficient types of equipment at the price of risk spoil the car, soon to come into disrepair, become a risk to the master, mess up the instrument. Instrumental mandrels termozazhimom call and termoopravki. Their operating principle is simple. Each mandrel has a cascading opening in which placed the instrument. In cold termoopravki product is in a position in its widest part, after heating the mandrel until the desired temperature, the instrument is inserted freely to the next level holes. Through a special device cools the mandrel with a specialist tool for a few moments. To release the tool to heat up again mandrel. Termoopravki design is not complex, so allows you to create tooling for all types of tools and dimensions. And the accuracy of the process allows the use of extension cords, creating optimum conditions. The cost of the tool mandrel no more than percent of the total price machine. However, the savings on this, like, small details can lead to much stronger effects, so that the mandrel must be chosen with increased alertness.

Transmission Boiler

The secret of the electrode boilers is simple, as all ingenious – under the influence of electric water molecules (or other coolant) are split into positive and negative ions, which emit heat. AC Transmission current can not be called electrolysis, since there is only the ionization of the liquid, the oscillation frequency of ions from industrial and 50 Hz heating fluid (electrolysis and the electrode material transfer takes place only at a constant current). Electrode boilers economical TENovyh at least 20 – 30%. Energy efficiency of electrode boilers tested practice installation and operation for over 12 years. In the first heat boiler heating elements heating elements, heating elements and then their surface of the liquid give off heat. In an electrode boiler itself plays the role of the heater fluid. When a current is passed, the liquid heats the entire volume, located in the boiler. Using the electrode heating fluid can be reduced volume of the boiler several times over TENovyh the same power.

Capacity of the electrode boiler depends on the temperature of the liquid flowing into it, and can be selected by an automatic, depending on changes in weather conditions. At well-designed system, the boiler will start with low power (less than 50% of rated capacity), and by heating slowly gaining power rating. Modern automation allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in a room with an accuracy of 0,2 C. Thus energy conservation in the electrode boiler is achieved through: 1. less inertia heating (several times) 2.

GpsSkobbler Program

The German company Skobbler, developer of navigation software of the same name, said that customers are cellular carrier E-Plus are free to use their software on their mobile phones. Project Skobbler – was originally developed by Navigon. "We started development in 2007" – said the financial director of the project, Oliver Kahn – "We have investigated the market for off-board navigation solutions in Europe, and found that it almost does not develop, despite the fact that technical side well worked out. In recent months, Areva has been very successful. In the study, we found that adopted in the present business model from subscription to the service and maintenance fees do not like the majority of customers. " The business model is built on Skobbler advertising. At the However, the project is not a priority for Navigon, therefore, for its design and development created a separate company. Advertising – the main source of funds for Skobbler.

But instead of displaying banners, as was done in some other projects using other methods. For example, when searching for POI links to sponsors will be placed in the top of the list of results. Currently, the company looks for sponsors for the weather and traffic data, that will be included in a future version of the program. In addition to revenue from advertising Skobbler also cooperates with a large service hotel reservations HRS. With Skobbler users can find the nearest hotels, use the HRS and to book by phone. Cooperation with E-Plus – an important step for the company Skobbler, which released a beta version of its program a few weeks ago, as the number of customers of the operator reaches 17 million people.