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Basque Country

Escapes to Hotels in the Basque Country Are truth that are companies of promotional marketing that stops to promote its campaigns and to attract consumers, offer the reclamation of the healthy life, senderismo, strolls, guided excursions is not less certain that there are hotels in the Basque country that cover all the needs. Thanks to these companies of marketing they cause that they improve the manipulated companies of, presses online, mailing, imprimiendo its pamphlets, and realising the buzoneo. The north of the Basque Country offers superb sites to us. Its rivers, I mount, footpaths the route of the way of Santiago of the North zone and the natural park of Aizkorri. Realising long walks by forests of the Natural Park of Aizkorri, starting off from Otzaurte and crossing the legendary cave of San Adrin, we will be able to find what it is of the old Roman road that soon would give rise to part of the North route or Cantabrian route of the Way of Santiago, (the Beasain Hotel is placed in this North route); we can raise until the Aizkorri mount or to enjoy La Paz you stand out in them of Urba. If we lowered the port of Otzaurte we will arrive at Zegama, door from entrance to the Natural Park; crossing the town we will be able to visit the church (one is the mausoleum of General Carlista Toms de Zumalakarregi and the oldest Cross from Gipuzkoa here), numerous hermitages, historical houses, the mill of Arakama and the Center of Interpretation of the wood. To be able to realise a trip by these earth is a benefit for all the senses, where we will find the rest wished, as much for the mind as for the body. It is always possible to find a little while to leave wonderful mounts, footpaths and to approach beaches. Source: Note of Press sent by MATI.

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