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Teverga Paintings

The Park of the prehistory of Teverga is quintessential ancient pinacoteca, houses the most important collection of rock art in Europe between 10,000 and 40,000 years old. Visit him we get a very broad from the Paleolithic, and during the two hours that, approximately, we can calculate our visit, we will go as far as possible to the details of everyday life of primitive man, empatizando with its harsh reality, sharing your way of seeing the world. In Teverga find that ideal space that begin to interpret more rigorously the cultural treasure of our origins, mainly his paintings. Located 40 kilometers from Oviedo, in the locality of San Salvador de Alesga (Teverga), the Park of prehistory is the largest set of replicas of this exciting stage of humanity, with exact copies of the main European sites of parietal painting and Art mobilier, selected according to rigorous scientific and ready criteria through reproductions facsimilares, copies, recreations, photographs, models and reconstructions. Replicas, very reliable to the originals, are organized according to an enjoyable and didactic proposal. The actual Museum facility consists of a complex of three buildings.

The first hosts the center of reception and cafeteria. After a short walk and crossing the Moor River on a new bridge, we see another property in the shape of Crescent Moon with vegetation cover, call Gallery. After the dramatic entrance with a circular skylight open to the sky, the visitor delves into an interior of a few thousand square meters. Inside we find a complete circuit of audioisuales, documents, and reproductions of paintings and engravings of the Upper Paleolithic, as the panel of horses from Chauvet or Lascaux, both in France; black cow the central part of the roof of the bisons of Altamira (the authors of the replica are the same as the neocave installed at the Museum of Altamira and worked for more than two years to get one exact paintings reproduction), the camarin of the Hinds of Covalanas (Cantabria), the grotto of the bears of Ekain (Basque country), the bison of La Covaciella in Cabrales (Asturias), the panel of the signs of the cave of Llonin in Penamellera Alta (Asturias), as well as tooling and figures from Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic or Russia. The location of the park itself, in a valley of great ecological and landscape value, just without traces of human activity in the vicinity, and with the underground buildings, completely camouflaged with the environment, makes us the closest men of the caves. There are 25 hectares of Virgin surface, at the foot of the impressive Pena Sobia, in the Natural Park of the Ubinas.

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