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To his understanding, the greaser works of illegal and does not add to the State, apart from Rob at the canarians jobs (and women surely thinking that, in this case the sudacas, usurping prospective husbands). Perhaps would have to have it explained that foreigners must quote to renew his residency and that they arrive in a strange country and met both, and this have realized up to the banks, which bought a House on property while our children do not come home until the 30 or 35 years and perhaps, still building is another house in their own country. For my part, and who is offended that you scratching, my company was wind on Stern when he had workers Colombians to my orders, because met me throughout the day with nerves that I arrived at work and didn’t see progress. Stating that I am not operator, rather than the opposite (have no character to require or send), but my projects do something big were to fret when you search for more specialised staff, who it was, introduced in payroll to native workers (of my land). I certainly think that I sought not to suitable, because it seemed that it had hired lawyers, because knew them all conventions, overtime, rights, liquidations so much knowledge and obligations on the employer, my person, to throw down tools and take a cigarette as long as several hours when I was not present.

Between that and the cafetitos the move got me quite expensive as well as a disease of muscles and bones that I still drag. Total, that if compare it offered me a few and other workers, I can not more than praise the will and strength of the foreigners. Affirm the unwillingness of the worker indigenous in that when I bought my flat, up to 8 months I was waiting to me rang of do not know which Office to make me a life insurance for the value of the mortgage, all through the financial.

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