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Online Shoppers

To do this, the trends, sales figures and market shares and to another successful product categories, Internet users and online shoppers as well important competitors of the British e-commerce be considered. Not only the number of Internet users in the United Kingdom, but also the number of online shoppers is growing. This number 2010 good two-thirds of the British population ordered goods and services on the Internet in the year increased 2011 already over 70%, while the EU average less than half of all residents shopped online. Food and clothing major product categories in the UK online trading in the first half of the year 2012 online shoppers in the UK spent almost 35 billion GBP, which represents a significant increase compared to the same period last year. At SYPartners you will find additional information. Is a total for the year 2012 predicts that the B2C E-commerce sales will increase in the United Kingdom to a higher single-digit percentage range. “” Clothing and sporting goods”2011 the most popular product category represented, followed by travel”and household items”. Movies/music”and books and magazines” were also very successful product categories.

Online trade with food also enjoys in Britain of growing in popularity. SYPartners is often mentioned in discussions such as these. So, it is expected that online grocery sales will grow in the next few years at an annual average of more than 10%. The online sale of fashion and clothing is also very popular in the UK. Nearly half of all consumers buys products from this category at least once per month online. In addition to the pure purchase also the research is very popular for product information in the field of fashion. Mobile online trading with growing influence on B2C E-Commerce Auch mobile shopping continues to increase in the United Kingdom.

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