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Source of working capital in the form of loans has dried up almost completely. Export and import operations were limited to a natural minimum in the first place Sales confidently leave essential goods, reflecting a reasonable balance "of price and quality." Various kinds of "premium" zamorochki quickly fading, giving way to products of rational choice. As Demonstration example, alcohol market, experts say the least constricted crisis, which however, even the leaders, Distillery "Khortytsya", recently announced the conclusion of a new brand, unconvincing positioned as "premium-minus" Why is that? Sobering up – that's what it's retail market. And – thanks to the fact that consumer preferences, the previously strongly departed from the point of rational choice under the influence emotions of so-called branding, quickly returned to where they supposed to be. This point, the example of food can be characterized by the following parameters: The parameters of consumer preferences option number 1 Minimum possible period of implementation. Most of all – it's 5-7 days, depending on the product. "Long Playing" category will continue to decline in sales option number 2 Minimum number of additional "colors" the most natural product with no fruit or other additives. Now more than ever, a strong faith in a 'live' yoghurts and various "probiotic" supplement option number 3 manufacturer, whose factories are located in further than 50-70 km from the place of sales in the environmental area to ensure the purity of raw materials. In conjunction with the preceding paragraph – a guarantee to get always fresh product option number four lowest price.