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Tax Code

This accounting treatment of these funds does not apply to the acquisition by this source of depreciable property. If this occurs, the funds received are recorded as revenue as the recognition of the cost of depreciable property. In case of violation of the conditions for obtaining funds provided by the new state received the full amount reflected in the income tax period in which the violation. If after the third period, the tax amount received funds in question, exceeds the amount of expenditures reported, actually made from this source, the difference between these sums in full reflected in the composition of the non-operating income tax period. From 01.01.2010 PIT revenue is not recognized by the borrower (his successor) indebtedness under the credit agreement, accrued interest and recognized by the court fines, penalties, amortization lender beneficiary at the expense of the insurance benefit. These are insurance contracts entered into by the borrower in case of death or disability, as well as property insurance contracts is to ensure borrower's obligations (mortgage).

Provided that the exemption from personal income tax applies only to the amount of debt the borrower, accrued interest and penalties recognized by the court (new paragraph 48.1 of Art. 217 Tax Code). This change does not apply to employers as tax agents, and therefore should not be reflected in the "salary" programs. Electronic VAT invoices – in the future Tax Code now provides for the possibility preparation and invoicing electronically. Law 229FZvneseny changes to Article 169 NKRF. Invoices can be prepared in electronic form by mutual agreement of the parties of the transaction and if they have compatible technical means and facilities for reception and processing of invoices in accordance with established formats and procedures.

International Academy

International Academy of Business and Management (MABIU) was established in 1994. Today, the Academy trains specialists and bachelors in 27 specialties and areas of higher education, 5 graduate education majors (graduate), 15 specialties of secondary vocational programs, and 3 additional education. The Academy has four branches in the cities of Bryansk, Protvino, Saratov, Tula. University has a state accreditation. Over the years the Academy has trained over 10,000 specialists with higher education, is currently in the academy has about 300 teachers. Academy partners are many well-known foreign educational institutions, in particular, Adizes Academy of Management and York University (USA).

In the process of active development of the Academy was a question about the transition to a new level accounting automation. Due to the increasing number of students academy and the growth of the processed data to make productive use of enterprise information system was inadequate to provide stable user experience. Disruptions to the system led to the loss of data and increase the period of tasks the employees. In addition, it was not possible to keep the history of changes to integrate the operations of students (Users can get information only about the current state). In this regard, the leadership MABIU was decided to implement a system based on program '1 C: Enterprise 8 ', as it has the necessary functionality for solving tasks, the performance and scalability, ample opportunities for further development of the system. To implement the project were invited consultants '1 C: Accounting and Trade '(ICE) as 'BIT' has extensive experience in the automation of accounting and management education.

Custom Software Development

Why do I need this custom software? First, a custom software company for no extra features. Second, a time-saving resources and significantly reduces expenses. Can to say that custom software is flexible, it can be applied in different circumstances. This software is very easy and convenient to use. Compare with the finished software. It will have to use, even if it is not fully meets the needs of the enterprise. When choosing a custom software development, there is a guarantee that it will satisfy the needs and not be burdensome to use and support.

When buying and Installation ubiquitous or ready software should always be compromise in respect of lost time, efficiency, power. Local developers or foreigners? Before you entrust development of software to a company, you need to weigh the pros and cons. It is necessary to ensure that the company has a good team of programmers who know the competitive environment and be able to understand all the requirements for the software. Ask what competitive advantages you get from development of new software. Development of custom software must necessarily lead to change for the better. How? Should save time and money. So, success depends on proper selection team. Really need an experienced team of people who can take into account all the requirements at the earliest stages of development.

Naturally, that quality software should be excellent. The company, a developer should be professionally organized, customer service department. A technical support should be provided with basic necessities. There are many companies specializing in software development. Often they are looking for customers. Taking into account the needs of businesses and linking requirements with the needs, experts develop individual Software. These organizations are very much professional and experienced software developers, they are continually working to fulfill all the requirements for custom software. We must remember that software development software – this is a difficult task that requires time-consuming. In the disposal of the company appear any functions which it needed. No more compromises. Usually price of the software rather reasonable, but at first it may seem high. However, it must be remembered that the use of a bespoke, individual software saves time resources, increase the speed and quality processing of business processes company will be a good assistant in production. Although the benefit is extended in time, it is significant.