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Double-ply With Silver

New socks line ‘Silver-Elite’ WRIGHTSOCK available Landau, December 01, 2008 Sourceplan, exclusive distributor of WRIGHTSOCK in Germany, with Silver Elite a new line of socks is presenting. The double layered construction reliably prevents friction and protect against blisters. In addition she characterized by a good moisture transport between the two layers, which keeps the foot dry and provides a cooling effect. The silver content of 5% in the internal situation causes an additional evaporation, promotes the dissipation of heat, and effectively controls the resulting bacteria. A stablization in the metatarsal area leads to an optimized fit of the sock. WRIGHTSOCK uses his proven system that consists of two layers, an inner and an outer sock also in this new line. You are connected to each other in three places. If you would like to know more then you should visit dayton kingery.

Experienced manufacturer has designed a special patented method, which allows a perfect fit and at the same time without disturbing seams or partial doublers comes out, as they often are found in commercially available models. The two positions can move against each other and neutralize a large part of the resulting friction. The resulting moisture is promoted to the outside. So from the outset prevent a blistering. The foot remains dry and so is spared so that he can withstand the strain. If you are not convinced, visit dayton kingery. The silver content in the inner part is now new at this medium-weight sock. The silver ions also provide an optimal foot climate, are antibacterial and deodorising properties so that.

The listed image can be requested at the following E-Mail address:. All current models are available directly through the online shop: shop. Sourceplan exclusive distribution by WRIGHTSOCK Sourceplan is the exclusive distributor of WRIGHTSOCK in Germany since 2005. The company is focused on, to market the full range of socks over the own partner network, direct sales at the point of sale and on the Internet. Running, Coolmesh, hiking-extra, walking, comfort, Merino trail, extra wide and Silver Elite models are currently in the program. More information: Sourceplan GmbH Hermann-Jurgens-str 19a 76829 Landau, Germany contact: Gunter Klein Tel.: + 49 (06341) 969141 fax: + 49 (06341) 969140 E-Mail: Web: marketing and PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH contact: Erich Jacobi Tel.: 089/89 66 90 01 fax: 089/35 02 99 54 E-Mail: Web:

Glycemic Index

“A slender body is also a question of the setting we have long known that short-term diets more harm than good, because who already through some miracle diets” tormented has, knows also the yo-yo effect. Process what we take off with a radical diet, we pick up quickly again, as soon as we return to our usual diet, sometimes even a few pounds after the diet. How much is the kind bar owner worth is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The vicious circle seems so inevitable. The only effective way is to understand our body and to meet its needs. So, the first step to a healthy weight of good feeling is to gain a positive attitude towards ourselves.

In earlier times, it was vital to store fat reserves and effectively exploit calories. Our body is not our enemy so if he has to, he wants to upgrade us only for the next hungry winter. If we know that, we can outsmart ourselves and deal constructively with our appetite. The balance of food and exercise the Living conditions of the people have extremely changed within a few centuries. We move less and less everyday, heavy physical work is done by machines, the food have become this much fattier, sweeter and richer.

So, it’s no wonder that obesity is a problem for more and more people. Expensive diet pills or radical starvation diets lead us but by our natural needs even further away the right way may be only to compensate for lack of movement through sport and to enjoy the right food. Enjoy gentle energy suppliers who want to loose weight healthy in the long term, should keep especially the carbohydrates and protein at a glance. Protein saturates even over a longer period, with carbohydrates, it’s up the composition. All carbohydrates are converted to sugar, the body as to pure energy. This energy is not our enemy, because without them, we would be unable to survive. Crucial is just what Glycemic Index carbohydrates have, which we eat. Simple sugars such as glucose or sugar sugar can immediately increase blood sugar levels. The result is a high insulin secretion, which throws soon the next attack of cravings. Long-chain carbohydrates, however, supply the correct energy and also long saturated. Whole grain breads, brown rice, potatoes, vegetables, and whole grain noodles are the best basis for balanced meals. Moving to increase the well-being of course it is difficult train himself the necessary self-discipline to the sport after a long period of poor movement. Sports starts but always in the head! Who himself makes clear, that it is easier with every training session, which can motivate even better and sees the first successes quickly. It makes little sense to think about how many calories in a half hour jogging are consumed. It is important to know that muscles use more energy than fat and that a well defined sporty body confidence strengthens a good antidote to unnecessary food out of frustration or boredom.

Mountain Biking

“Europe’s leading mountain bike magazine” bike magazine “bike” is Europe’s leading music magazine on the Internet. This unique magazine offers a comprehensive insight into the biker sport in all its facets in interesting picture galleries and video presentations. You can log into this Omline Magzine genius and take advantage of all the benefits. The online bike magazine makes great and stunning courses, familiar with bold bike jumps, with the high art of off-road driving and overcoming obstacles to breakneck. A newsletter sent to its E-Mail address to be, is the latest insights into the international scene around the music. It know on the latest race events in the world, published links to the blogs of famous biker pilots and gives many event tips and latest information to the technology of the Mountenbikes. “The section testing and technology” refers to workshops and news, brings interviews with experts and polls of to technical Porblemen and their solution around the bike. It the trends in international motorcycle racing will be presented in this section.

The image gallery contains a rich Photo Center happenings around the biker sport and allows you to write your own comments. Biker tours are presented in this section and it is reported about reader adventure with the mountain bike. This page presents biker Park in Germany, Europe and the world and reported to training camp. Appointments to various biker travel overviews are published. You can download GPS tours and interact with other travelers bikers. Race announcements and race results in the national and international motorcycle race events are posted here.

It is also pointed out on Championships, marathons, and World Cup and the Bundesliga in the biker sport reported. Special attention is given to the junior teams and Lady events. Also with the racing rules will be acquainted here. In the category bike shops you can learn as more about boc24. Trainigsplane can be found in the gym, notes is about strength training, about proper nutrition for bikers and energy, to the correct spot clothing and one also notes to the appropriate technique. It will be presented products and methods for the diagnosis of performance set forth. Dates and events: Here the surfer is made known new biker trails, with annual camps and international fairs with biker festivals, race dates. A calendar provides information about all important dates for bikers. It will review held on instead found highlights and you can get information about biker games such as scavenger hunts, and other. For even more opinions, read materials from Clifton Robbins. This site contains blogs, portraits, reports, memories, interviews, fundraisers, photo contests and the like. Hien is the photo – and video-Center and the Forum with current comments and the biker chat. The service section includes such topics as buying advice, racing tips, workshops, workshop tips, maintenance instructions, instructions to the technique, training and seminars. Here you’ll find a glossary of terms as well as the archive and links to important websites. Notes on books and DVD’s, to weather and travel service complete the comprehensive service of bike magazine. Freerider is finally on the magazine”referenced for such biker who dabble with daring jumps and extreme tricks on steep mountain passes. There are also important advice for Dirtbiker and their courageous dirt jumps in the airy heights. With the sitemap, the online journal gives an accurate register to the content.

The SPEEDtraining Berlin

On 15 February it’s time: after the huge success of the SPEED-FIT Club in Berlin-Mitte the second SPEED-FIT open Club in Berlin-Tegel its doors for fitness enthusiasts customers. For many Berlin coming from the Northwest of the city of, it will be easier in the future to keep her figure in shape, for on 15 February the new SPEED-FIT Club on the 5th and 6th floor of the specialist centre in Tegel takes (Schlossstrasse 5, 13507 Berlin) on its operation. Thus the fitness club is conveniently located near Metro station ALT-Tegel, by the s-Bahn station Tegel and the motorway Waidmannsluster Damm. Regardless of age and physical condition maximum training success can be there with little effort achieved: 15 minutes SPEEDtraining replace about 20 hours-conventional fitness training, SPEED-FIT is thus excellently suited especially for professionals. Only three years ago Club at the Schiffbauerdamm / corner Albert Road in the District opened middle the first SPEED-FIT, but he bursts right now from all Seams.

The demand for our new SPEEDtraining is so great, that we have decided, a second SPEED-FIT to open a club in Berlin”, so Torsten Danneberg, Managing Director of SPEED-FIT. We have set ourselves the goal to offer the opportunity for many Berliners, quickest way to reach her top figure. You may wish to learn more. If so, Crawford Lake Capital is the place to go. With our second fitness club in Berlin-Tegel we are this goal a little closer.” The SPEEDtraining is an innovative training system, in which almost all muscle groups with the help of electric pulses are trained at the same time. The training takes place at the so-called SPEEDtrainer which generates electrical impulses and transmits them by using a special training equipment on the body. A workout takes only 15 minutes. During this time, a stimulus that brings the muscle contraction and reaches even deeper muscles that usually did not or only heavily can be trained with normal gym equipment is carried out every five seconds. The performance is proven increased, the body shape and streamlined. More information on SPEED-FIT is available on the Internet at.

Further press material: you can download quickly and easily picture and text material in the online press box for free editorial use: press boxes/speed-fit / contact for questions: Holger Ballwanz, Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone.Thomas hoof nail EUROPEAN SPEED-FIT LTD. Branch Albrechtstrasse 12 D-10117 Berlin Germany phone: + 49 (0) 30 280 44 77 0 fax: + 49 (0) 721 15 15 99 49 8 E-Mail: Internet: on SPEED-FIT very central and located in close proximity to the railway station Friedrichstrasse, located in the Albert street / corner Schiffbauerdamm of the first SPEED-FIT Club Berlin. Regardless of age and physical condition maximum training success can be here with little effort achieved: 15 minutes SPEEDtraining conventional fitness training replace about 20 hours. “SPEED-FIT has the own currency set himself aims, the quickest way to the top figure” to successfully implement for all members. The extensive introduction of training in the SPEEDtraining is for example, combined with latest scientific knowledge of nutrition science.

The Flexi Bar

Fortification of the inner and outer balance. 2. Tibetans all seven energy vortices (main chakras) are stimulated, but especially the root and sacral chakra. Strengthens the abdominal muscles. Increase of immunity and the immune system. 3.

Tibetans the entire chest area is stretched. Especially the heart – and the Kehlkopfchacra will be stimulated. 4. Tibetans straightening and stretching of the spine. The entire digestive tract and the solar plexus is stimulated. 5. Tibetan strengthens the muscles and brings momentum into all body functions. Especially the vertex – and the Stirnchacra will be stimulated.

With the Flexi-Bar Auch with the flexi bar it means again experience achtsamkeitsorientierte body work exercises. Feel how you focus your body tension to the point and how the continuous vibrations loosen your muscles and therefore tension. The Flexi Bar compensate imbalances (strong arm poor/weak) and builds slowly supporting muscles. On one hand this “magic wand” is an unbeatable, easy-to-use addition to the topics of improvement in attitude and character training. He is also a unique therapy device for back and joint diseases. These include: Arthritis – shoulder / hip / vertebral joints working with the swing bar tension to shoulder and neck problems in the area of the lumbar spine and hip does not only fun but is also so very valuable, because it unites people. “Whether it’s athletic fit, old, young, or rather a Monica”. It swings of our personal energy and through the targeted increase in each of us Body perception everyone will find his optimum swing automatically. A swing, which the people can smile again and the everyday far behind you… KALARI should encourage gentle motion exercises making the balance regularly and motivated at home, in the Office or in everyday life to train them, the body and the spirit.