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Executive Federal

Thus the foreign companies will be able to concur normally in equality with other companies. ‘ ‘ 10. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo insists that this is the case. The preference edge the one that if relates 6o will be extended to the originary goods and services of the States Parts of the Common Market of the South – Mercosul, after the ratification of the Protocol of Public Acts of contract of the Mercosul, celebrated in 20 of July of 2006, and could partially be extended, total or, to the originary goods and services of other countries, with which Brazil comes to sign agreements on purchases governamentais.’ ‘ Another substantial alteration, the inclusion of the MERCOSUL being able to participate in the country, being able to enjoy of the benefits of the edge of preference with other companies who are is of the Market Common of the South, saved if Brazil to possess international agreements on governmental purchases. ‘ ‘ 11. The notices with invitation to bid for the good act of contract, services and workmanships will be able to demand that the contracted one promotes, for the public administration or of those for it indicated, measured of commercial, industrial, technological compensation or access the advantageous conditions of financing, cumulatively or not, in the form established for the Executive Federal.

Brazilian Grow

But nobody better of what the incomparable rock musicians Raul Seixas (that he would be completing a new spring today, 28 of July) and Z Geraldo: ‘ ‘ petty politics with inferior paleolithic trends? it does not add nothing in my goal as to be humano’ ‘. (Raul Seixas, the brilliant perpetual Bahian and maluco beauty).

‘ ‘ The dull and senile elite who all loans amaparo pra badly of Brazil legal Worm of it take-there-gives-here, that vende the vote to veto the violence and misria’ ‘. (Z Geraldo, composer and mining singer). When it is that we go to learn? When it is that we go to grow while people? The French politician Jean-Paul de Gondi, cardinal of Retz (1613-1679) affirmed certain time that ‘ ‘ when the ones that they order lose the shame, the ones that they obey lose respeito’ ‘. I do not have respect none for the Brazilian politicians! I believe that only we go to grow exactly when to learn this lesson left for the Cazuza (composer and singer of rock, years 80 and 90 of the last century): ‘ ‘ The only thing that people have that to move in the world it is the hunger. The hunger is bsico’ ‘. still has much people passing hunger in this immense tropical and rich Country! Before they also put the guilt in it: the nature does not have guilt therefore! (Mrcio Melo – plus one only infuriated of the nation! 28 of July of 2010).

Edgar Morin Reality

In the contemporaneidade the institutions of public security if show distanciadas of the reality and yearnings of the society hostage of crime each more increasing and sophisticated time. Western Union might disagree with that approach. In this direction, to verify the ftica reality of the actions of the public security guard and until point these actions are lined up with the paradigms contemporaries are condition of utmost importance to implement changes to reach a satisfactory image and to bring up to date performances in order to be coadunarem with this new reality, with sights to take care of in such a way publish intern to it how much the external one in efficient and effective way, of form to reach the institucional objectives through indispensable a recursiva and interactive relation. 2 THEORETICAL REFERNCIAL 2,1 Of beginning, history. The scientific knowledge until years 50 of the last century had as objective the discovery of necessary principles universal of the nature in a reducionista entailing. The consensus was the possibility of always being possible to reduce the explanations of the characteristics of a system consisting of a great number of interagentes elementary units to the knowledge of the simple characteristics of these units. From then on, one notices that structurally identical systems can demonstrate diverse behaviors under different conditions. It starts to happen what some call ‘ ‘ resignation to the epistemolgica priority of the categories simplicity, order and regularity, in favor of categories as complexity, clutter caoticidade’ ‘ (FIEDLER- FERRARA, 2003 P.

3-19). Therefore, it is extended epistemolgica position without suppression of the previous paradigm, only widening the existing concepts. In this manner, the fundamental myth of the science of the previsibility of the nature falls and emerges thinking complex, resulted of the intersection of innumerable theories of the physics, mathematics and philosophy among others.