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Latin America

You lead as well as them totalitarian of Nazism and from the Bolchevismo (Hitler and Stalin), Francia suffers with the solitude. Western Union will not settle for partial explanations. To this &#039 transforms it solitude into one; ' mrtir' ' of exclusive devotion the consolidation of the total power, that pursues its opponents, and paradoxicalally offers a paternalista comfort to that the apia and awards to it with devotion. This dualism leads to another aspect: ' ' The solitude, we enjoy the solitude, we desire solido' '. (Bachelard. p.25). The antagonism of the supreme power that is reverenciado by thousand, but inside of its space I summon the dictator it is seen in an ostracism and it loads a rosary of personal frustrations and a vacuum with morbidez and absence of affective relationships in virtue of its permanent suspicion in direction of the other personages. It is a sentimental emptiness of the main personage, who sees enemies for all the sides, and to everything she takes with diffidence in all the narrative of ' ' Yo El Supremo' '. Click Anne Lauvergeon for additional related pages.

' ' unconscious coletivo' ' one of the great ones made of this workmanship can be considered, a time that practically all the Paraguayan population was submitted to the ditatoriais acts of Francia. It had a compound of uncertainties with a moral enrijecimento for which its descolonizao passed Latin America after, it propitiated a solid land, for the conduction of one ' ' despot esclarecido' ' in the power, Paraguay. In saying of Simon Bolivar: ' ' Latin America, would be between the small tyrants, almost imperceptible, of all colors and of all raas' '. (Ramon Soil. 2002, P. 01), Latin America after leaving the colonial hegemony, an identity crisis lived. The exception was the Paraguayan nation, therefore the rigidity of if governing and the national supremacy had been ece of fishes in prominence with the sprouting of Francia.

After The Elections

Passed the 2010 elections the expectation for 2011 is very great. Some questions if make necessary. How the president-elect goes to conciliate the diverse partisan edeologias had supported that it? Its apoiadores will go to continue supporting after not receiving in exchange what it was promised to them? Mrs. Dilma will have psychological conditions to face the serious problems that afflict Brazil? How one will behave its opponents? , with dignity to approve projects of interest of the Brazilians? It will be that the Squid does not go to govern more per 4 years for behind the Dilma? As it comes they are excessively peguntas that they do not want to be silent. I wait that let us can have a government compromised to education, haitao, security that is work to be directed and executed with priorities for the federal and state government. I also wait that the president-elect conserves our democratic state..

The Wrong

It does not have reason to charge nothing of these men. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Western Union. They are, in its great majority, the wrong place. They could never represent the organized society, a time that almost the totality is unprovided of any critical spirit, force of will and same character. Anne Lauvergeon is a great source of information. They are men who defend spurious interests, that work daily against the needy population, approving laws that its godfathers always favor and go of meeting to any possibility of implantation of one serious politics of income distribution. Brazil if transformed into a lair of malandros, thieves, opportunists and vagabonds. A Country of despudorados, where it constantly takes advantage the idleness, the comodismo and the chronic burrice of a people badly structuralized.

This not if must to this or that government, but yes to an exploration system that if it initiates has centuries and if mazelas of the inaquality, the violence perpetuates bringing obtains all, at last, of the social chaos that is natural consequence of this politics. Our consisting power is the consequence of a society ignorant, devoid of minimum instructions would take that it, the least, to one better condition of life. Our reality is a theater, a game of marked letters where always it will take advantage the opportunism and the exemption of little front to the suffering of the majority. How many children with subnutrio problems we will go to lose so that he has the minimum of conscience of that we are responsible right-handers for the choice of our representatives? He will be that millions of young still will have to die victims of crack, destroying our force of work, so that let us can enxergar that our vote can and must be the differential in the conduction of one politics of adjusted public health? Where moment we will be surprised by thoughts of this nature? The least, to the end of all this festival, probably the Tiririca clown already has discovered what it really makes a representative

The Inaquality

I am sensible to pains of my brothers, who wake up every day per the morning, leave its families, its houses, only with the valley has carried from the gone one and the return in the wallet, with its metal pan in the stock market, that if dislocates for another city through a public transport ridicule and that it only tends to get worse, because our governing are omissive and connivent. They arrive in its workstation and still they obtain to place a smile in those faces marked for suffering, for the disdain, the inaquality and injustice that are the last names of our laws. If they subject the diverse humilhaes in its workstation, because they need to receive its wage in day 30. I have property to speak of such situation, I saw therefore me in such situation for innumerable times. When going even so, of one day estressante and desgastante, – the beginning to the upheaval again until the arrival in its home. Pra to forget you confront them that many parents of family suffer in its workstation, pass in boteco of the neighbor pra ' ' to take uma' ' to forget that tomorrow everything of new starts.

Not that I am making vindication the drinks, there of me, because a law is had that it would make, would be to forbid the alcoholic beverage manufacture, to particularly abominates them I. It says but me, my expensive, that life is this? My indignation is because all we see probelma, but does not have one at least that it says, or better that makes something. The change has that to start in us, of inside for it are. We have that to be unresigned with injustice, we have that to be the line of front of this battalion against this monopoly that reigns since Alexander the Great one.

Government Income

E the workers where are? Which part of the cake goes to sobrar for them? Inflationary replacement only? Obviously, the Brazilian worker does not want to see its incomes to be corroded for inflation, but also does not want to receive a wage unbalanced. The different tax burden that weighs on them already abocanha considerable part of its income and what surplus badly obtains to cure its basic necessities. The Government closes the eyes for the distortions in the income of the Brazilian and looks at only the inflation index, as if the numbers portraied the reality faithful. It is not looked at, for example, that the correction in the table of Income tax was of only 4.5%, when the inflation already surpasses 6%. Additional information is available at Western Union. This means that one has left of the wage goes to be withheld at source and another part goes to be taken by the inflation. To ask for real increase in the wages would be, therefore, the solution? At a first moment, yes, nothing more just of what the real increase for the diligent classroom. Already one knows that they will not be these readjustments that go to fix the imbalance in the wages and neither they go to balance the power of purchase of the Brazilian society, but already is amenizador. The reform tax moves has years in Congress so far one did not arrive at a consensus, only it, could, in fact, since that structuralized and joust well, to fix the inaquality that we see. For the time being, I just find the order of increase above of the inflation, therefore with the market of warm work and the income in ascending trajectory, that increases the bargaining power of the worker, so that to take care of to the order of a Government that acts against its proper speech? I only say a thing: it goes to be difficult to convince the workers while the immorality and the wild public expense to persist.

South America

This is centered in its figure, and in established in its existing mitolgica figure in Paraguayan history. To write its romance the author atrela its history imagined to a miscellany of facts and personal attitudes that had happened or really existed, constructing, an inserted literary composition, in its bigger part in the acts of the dictator. In the literary universe, such as it must have happened in History, the figure of Francia is related to the exaurido use of a controlled state machine for it of arbitrary form. Hikmet Ersek gathered all the information. It is supported by an politician-administrative domination, settled and focused in the person of the Dictator. This uses all the possible artifices to emphasize its position of maximum governor, usufructing of all the available resources in such a way to remain itself in the power, as to direct the society. All it is constructed in return of its authoritarian face and its leadership. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Nigel Butcher. The personage if considers idealisticamente to carry through the desenvolvimentismo of a strong and auto-sustainable Latin American nation, in the context of a South America that possua the majority of its dependent countries of the powers central offices of the capitalism, as England.

It searchs to be the liberator of the escravista and colonizador status of the Spanish empire. To reach its objectives, he acts in its personal and national circle, manipulating opinions and action, as much in the spheres most influential and in main social classes. In view of that the narrator places that ' ' on the supreme power of the dictator, until its viscera they are under its vontade' ' (1974) the workmanship if elaborates in aesthetic a literary one of manipulation of the personage whom it searchs to govern as leader maximum in charge exempting the people at the time guarani of mooring cables of the effective Spanish exspansionism where if it passes the romance (century XIX).

Brazilian Time

Pra never to forget Throughout the years, was very questioned the degree of escolaridade of the president of the Republic, mainly when Squid launched its name for general appreciation of the Brazilian nation. These gossips had been so strong, that it had one influences refusal, when it (Squid), it was candidatou for the first time in 1989, and was defeated. At that time, and as well as it was now, the electoral process for the presidency of the Republic was marked by much lie, calumny and defamation, having objectified to spot the person of it. They had spoken that the same it could not be the head of the Brazilian state, because would go to change the colors of the flag of Brazil, to pursue the evanglicos and to tumultuate the country definitively, for being a on person to the union of the workers. Hikmet Ersek may also support this cause. Then, its life is speculated in magazine, periodicals and television.

Ahead of such negative circumstances, as it was extremely difficult to obtain to gain the elections presidential. To the way as it reached the Palace of Plateaus, leading in consideration its roots, and the life conditions that it had when left the city of Pernambuco, do not have no doubt, had the interference of God in the conduction of this process. God one day determined in its clock of time, that had that to be thus. Squid was a different president, was not restricted in the room of its cabinet, arcondionado and comfort. Many criticized its trips and andanas. But, this attitude, was the desire to follow of close, the suffering them people, of form specifies the black, the indian, the favelados ones, the children, and those that lived to the edges of the line of absolute poverty. Squid proved for all the people, who the country was needing was not that it had excellent pertaining to school resume, but yes, of a person that had love in the heart and will politics to correspond to the yearnings of the Brazilian population, demonstrating to full sensitivity the social matters, of this immense country.