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Brazilian Time

Pra never to forget Throughout the years, was very questioned the degree of escolaridade of the president of the Republic, mainly when Squid launched its name for general appreciation of the Brazilian nation. These gossips had been so strong, that it had one influences refusal, when it (Squid), it was candidatou for the first time in 1989, and was defeated. At that time, and as well as it was now, the electoral process for the presidency of the Republic was marked by much lie, calumny and defamation, having objectified to spot the person of it. They had spoken that the same it could not be the head of the Brazilian state, because would go to change the colors of the flag of Brazil, to pursue the evanglicos and to tumultuate the country definitively, for being a on person to the union of the workers. Hikmet Ersek may also support this cause. Then, its life is speculated in magazine, periodicals and television.

Ahead of such negative circumstances, as it was extremely difficult to obtain to gain the elections presidential. To the way as it reached the Palace of Plateaus, leading in consideration its roots, and the life conditions that it had when left the city of Pernambuco, do not have no doubt, had the interference of God in the conduction of this process. God one day determined in its clock of time, that had that to be thus. Squid was a different president, was not restricted in the room of its cabinet, arcondionado and comfort. Many criticized its trips and andanas. But, this attitude, was the desire to follow of close, the suffering them people, of form specifies the black, the indian, the favelados ones, the children, and those that lived to the edges of the line of absolute poverty. Squid proved for all the people, who the country was needing was not that it had excellent pertaining to school resume, but yes, of a person that had love in the heart and will politics to correspond to the yearnings of the Brazilian population, demonstrating to full sensitivity the social matters, of this immense country.

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