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Cabinet Income

The star of the package is the elevation of the threshold of the nonseizable pay by a hypothecating one that anuncin in the debate on the state of the nation. She is one of the measures approved in the Cabinet of this Friday. ICO will help the SMEs that have debts with the city councils. The Cabinet has approved east Friday a decree law in which the threshold of the pay will rise that cannot be obstructed in a hypothecating execution after the Congress of the Deputies has given green light to a resolution from one of the proposals that the president did of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, during the debate on the state of the nation. Get more background information with materials from Tulip Retail. In particular, the quantity of the unattachable income is increased when, once executed the mortgage and sold the good, it is still an alive balance of debt. If until now the unattachable quantity were limited the multi-industry minimum wage (SMI), plus a 10% in the case of these indebted ones, now that quantity will rise until the 150% of the SMI. That is to say, of little more than 700 Euros up to 960 Euros.

In addition, if other members of the familiar nucleus without income exist, or with income inferiors to the SMI, that quantity one rises in an additional 30% by each of those relatives. Thus who it has to position two members of their nuclear family without own income will see high the inembargabilidad limit up to 1,350 Euros. Also, two reforms are adopted to guarantee that the auction of mortgaged property will not give rise to abusive situations nor to the malbaratamiento of or. First of all, the access of more buyers to that auction is facilitated, by means of the diminution of the quantity of the previous deposit from the 30 to 20%, with the intention of facilitating the presence of more pujadores.

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