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Unified State Registry

To understand what a process of elimination, you should first apply to the Civil Code, which provides an accurate and legally correct explanation of the term "liquidation of the company." Liquidation – complete termination of the legal person lawfully without succession, that is, to others the rights and responsibilities not transferred to the organization. A legal entity may be liquidated by a decision of its authorized body or its shareholders or by court order at the suit of an authorized state or municipal authority. Simply put, the liquidation of a company – is it an exception from the Unified State Registry removal of the tax registration and a complete cessation of all claims to this legal entities. Now consider more specifically the general procedure for closing institutions. First of all, at a general meeting of founders decided to elimination, and also approved by the members of the liquidation committee, date and manner of liquidation.

For the organization would be better if the liquidation commission (liquidator) is made up of citizens who are well acquainted with the state Affairs of the firm. Chairman of the liquidation commission (liquidator) can be assigned to any person. It should be noted that if the firm is liquidated member state or municipality, in of the liquidation committee shall include representatives of local government. Thus, the commission is created. What should she do? First post a message in the official press about the liquidation of legal person, as well as notify creditors of the liquidation of the company.

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