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Hypothecating Law

Others of them establish that the aid to academic titleholders to subsidize stays of formation, practices, collaboration or specialization that implies tasks in regime of benefit of services will have to establish in any case the quote to the Social Security like formative contracts, although it does not force the labor hiring. On the other hand, the Government is committed to prove in a year the prescribed development of regulation of the inverse mortgages and the insurance of dependency and by which certain tributary norm settles down, pending from the reform of the Hypothecating Law of 2007. The rest of amendments, confirms agreed the past week between PSOE and CiU during the Communication. " The coherence of CIU" The deputy of CiU Carles Campuzano has observed " coherencia" of its group from 1995 before the challenges that suppose the reform of the pensions, that always have arrived with agreement of the social agents, since it has been this case. " By respect to the agreement taken at the end of January by Ceoe, CC.OO.

and the UGT, we will maintain this posicin" , it has affected. Campuzano has affected its support to the delay of the age of retirement by demographic reasons and has assured that this does not affect in any case governmental function of the pensions. In addition, there is dndido that their amendments elevate the fairness and justice of the system, compensates historical claims of the independent communities, they improve the transparency of the system and support vindications of the released and independent professionals. " The system will enter dficit" The spokesman of the PP, Burgos Takings, has assured that the Government removes in front of way " unilateral" and thanks to " mercadillo" with the Catalan nationalists a project " that low the pensions to ciudadanos" , and it has observed that the PP proposed an alternative " it does not stop recortar" , but to guarantee the sustainability of the system.

European Central

/The Eurbor raises in daily rate until 2.150% and will close June in 2.14%. In spite of this slight stagnation (it had been five months continued raising) who review their mortgage now will have an ascent in their monthly receipt. The experts assure that the index will close 2011 in the surroundings of 2.5%. Read more from Nordstrom to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The eurbor, indicator of rrencia for the majority of the mortgages, will close June to 2.143%, four hundredth less with respect to May. In spite of this slight stagnation (it had been five months continued raising) who review their mortgage now will have an ascent in their monthly receipt. And it is that in June of 2010 the eurbor was to the 1.281, reason why the annual revision that becomes east month will increase in price the mortgage an average of 50 monthly Euros (about 620 annual Euros) for an average loan of 120,000 to a 20 years. IWP can aid you in your search for knowledge. If the revision that is made now is semester, the ascent will be smaller, of 36 Euros and about 228 Euros the semester.

In the case of the mortgages of semester revision, the quotas will undergo one more a slighter ascent, since the rise of the eurbor in relation to the December data (1.526%) it is inferior in comparison with the data of June of 2010, when the index was placed in 1.281%. Thus, the quotas will reach as of June 527 Euros, which supposes 38 Euros more and 228 Euros more to the semester. The quote of the Eurbor was characterized by a certain stability during the first days of June, nevertheless, the uncertainty on Greece and the fear to a suspension of payments elevated the tensions in the interbank market. The lack of confidence and the maximum levels of the risk premium increased the quote of the eurbor during second half of the month, although the index stayed in moderate levels and it will be placed in June below the May level. The experts assure that the index will close 2011 in the surroundings of 2.5%, although this level will depend finally on the policy of types that carries out the European Central bank (BCE). eurbor l stagnates but the eurbor raises to the mortgage, indicator of rrencia for the majority of mortgages, will today close June to 2.143%, four hundredth less with respect to May. In spite of this slight stagnation (it had been five months continued raising) who review their mortgage now will have an ascent in their monthly receipt. And it is that in June of 2010 the eurbor was to the 1.281, reason why the annual revision that becomes east month will increase in price the mortgage an average of 50 to monthly (about 620 annual Euros) for an average loan of 120,000 to a 20 years. If the revision that is made now is semester, the ascent will be smaller, from 36 to and about 228 to the semester. Source of the news: The eurbor restrains its ascent but it continues raising the mortgage

American Mardy Fish

The Spanish won in five disputed sets to Mardy Fish (4-6, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 and 6-8). Feliciano surpassed the adverse atmosphere to give to Spain the first point in eliminatory of quarters of end of the Glass Davis before the United States. Feliciano Lopez prevailed east Friday by 6-4, 3-6, 6-3, 6-7 (2) and 8-6 to the American Mardy Fish, number one of the American set, and granted Spain, after almost four hours of party, the first point of the quarters of end of eliminatory of Glass Davis who is being celebrated in Austin (Texas). Feliciano demonstrated that he feels the red one to him of the Spanish selection well. The inhabitant of La Mancha raises a step whenever it defends the national flags in Glass Davis and extended the shock until the limit, when ‘ was able to seal a first key point after to have wasted two; match ball’. In the first Seth, the toledano taught the claws at the suitable moment.

After the initial respect and of which both tennis players maintained their serves, Feliciano it broke the service of Fish in the seventh game, moment in that it had up to four balls of breakage. An excellent experience to finish finishing off the Seth with the same chaste one who gave green light him to put itself in frank advantage. After overcoming in the following game and yielding in ninth, closed the opening act with hopeful a 6-4, that diminished the local player. Already in the second Seth, the Spanish player lost in imagination and offered the initiative to his opponent, who little by little was entering heat. Thus, and after breaking the serve of the inhabitant of La Mancha to first of change, Fish took the control and ended up winning by 6-3 after breaking, again, the powerful service of the left-handed person. And it is that the party had become a constant interchange of ‘ aces’ (34 for Fish and 30 for Lopez), with a game of serve and volea that went to the thousand wonders for the Spanish player, who returned to ‘ enchufarse’ in the third sleeve.

Feli broke, with a game in target, the fourth game and gave back the Seth, by identical figure. Feliciano suffered to win In the fourth sleeve, the one of Minnesota woke up with the good tennis, a pair of globes that they condemned the fifth and definitive party, and that they mortgaged the good one for doing of Feliciano, that it needed very little to come down. This, tried to correct it Albert Coast, that removed to shine the virtues of its player. Feli realized, and with more sacrifice than his rival, it forced ‘ tie-break’ . There it was deflated completely and it yielded to the local player the advantage in the sudden death. Advantage that would not fail to take advantage of to win by 7-2. The toledano breathed, took air and it was entrusted to the last assault. And there it appeared the winning gene of Feliciano, the same that always has made him render at a tremendous level in Glass Davis. After an interchange of breakage and to equal with 6-6, one of the heroes in Mar del Plata was able to praise/pour off of its side both following games to establish 1-0. Spain already commands in hostile territory.

Cabinet Income

The star of the package is the elevation of the threshold of the nonseizable pay by a hypothecating one that anuncin in the debate on the state of the nation. She is one of the measures approved in the Cabinet of this Friday. ICO will help the SMEs that have debts with the city councils. The Cabinet has approved east Friday a decree law in which the threshold of the pay will rise that cannot be obstructed in a hypothecating execution after the Congress of the Deputies has given green light to a resolution from one of the proposals that the president did of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, during the debate on the state of the nation. Get more background information with materials from Tulip Retail. In particular, the quantity of the unattachable income is increased when, once executed the mortgage and sold the good, it is still an alive balance of debt. Crawford Lake Capital oftentimes addresses this issue. If until now the unattachable quantity were limited the multi-industry minimum wage (SMI), plus a 10% in the case of these indebted ones, now that quantity will rise until the 150% of the SMI. That is to say, of little more than 700 Euros up to 960 Euros.

In addition, if other members of the familiar nucleus without income exist, or with income inferiors to the SMI, that quantity one rises in an additional 30% by each of those relatives. Thus who it has to position two members of their nuclear family without own income will see high the inembargabilidad limit up to 1,350 Euros. Also, two reforms are adopted to guarantee that the auction of mortgaged property will not give rise to abusive situations nor to the malbaratamiento of or. First of all, the access of more buyers to that auction is facilitated, by means of the diminution of the quantity of the previous deposit from the 30 to 20%, with the intention of facilitating the presence of more pujadores.

Commitments Of The Insurance Agencies, ‘ Surely Of Precio’ The One Of Direct Safe

The new strategy of Direct Safe is called ' Surely of Precio', positions and it like an insurance agency that always offers the price more under all the competitors. The company is implied in this new proposal and it will take responsibility to reimburse the difference twice if you find Safe a price more cheap comparable del than it offers Direct. Considering the present situation of the sector of the insurances, that every time is more competitive, the insurer is placed a 20% below the average prices of the market according to the accumulated IPS of January to September of 2011, getting even to be distanced, in the case of the Insurance to All Risk with Tax exemption, a 29%. In Gem declarations Reig, Chief Marketing Officer Spain & Portugal has been able escuchar" With this bet we want to demonstrate to our clients no whom better supply in the market are and that with Direct Safe not can equivocar". With regard to the new campaign of car insurances, one is very active in television with a spot titled ' Palabras' although also they conduct battle in radio, Web and social average. For the Direct promotion Safe it has created site baptized with the name of segurodeprecio.es that counts on the spot emitted in the main television networks and the conditions of the promotion. All the information can be consulted in the Web

Olaia Fernandez Davila

" We have not wanted a reform of holders but either imprecisa" , it has affected. In this sense, its bet by the voluntary delay of the stimulated retirement has remembered suitably and to consecrate like " derecho" the automatic revaluation of the pensions, to avoid another one ' congelacin' like the one of 2011. " Our amendments have not been had in consideracin" , it has observed, auguring that its first one CTO will be to " immediate entrance in deficit of the system ". ' Harakiri' before 15-M On the part of IU, Gaspar Llamazares, has assured that the Congress is done harakiri approving this " historical backward movement " realised " to the service of the markets instead of the one of ciudadanos" , to that age of retirement has been unknown in the decision of the delay of him, which explains the protests of the movement 15-M, reason why has asked to the groups that are " insumisos" and " they stop one tramitacin". Then, the one that to shares, it takes which it in its electoral program of the next general elections. The spokeswoman of the BNG, Olaia Fernandez Davila, has described as " lamentable" that one extends the age of retirement and the period of calculation of the pension, that will suppose a loss of the public pension of until 10%. In his opinion, the measurement clearly is in favor of the investment in deprived bottoms, within an attack " voraz" untied by the markets against the State of the Well-being. Source of the news: The PSOE removes ahead in the Congress reform of the pensions with the support of CiU

Regal Barcelona

The incredible state of grace of the Bizkaia Bilbao, the one that has allowed him to fly on the Power Valencia and Real Madrid and to land in the end, was worth to stay to him still on, to throw of flema when the beating was enormous and to end the high head in spite of close undergoing a capital punishment (62-36) already of the last quarter. And that is, very many much. Because one had them to do with an inspired Regal Barcelona, brought back to consciousness to the maximum in its double mission: to render to top and not to let themselves rock by the minimum confidence before a rival, on the paper, inferior. On the one hand, it knew how Bilbao is spent to them; on the other, it has still a thorn nailed by his collapse in the end of the previous campaign before the Labor Box. Source of the news: : Bilbao runs into against a colossus