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Olaia Fernandez Davila

" We have not wanted a reform of holders but either imprecisa" , it has affected. In this sense, its bet by the voluntary delay of the stimulated retirement has remembered suitably and to consecrate like " derecho" the automatic revaluation of the pensions, to avoid another one ' congelacin' like the one of 2011. " Our amendments have not been had in consideracin" , it has observed, auguring that its first one CTO will be to " immediate entrance in deficit of the system ". ' Harakiri' before 15-M On the part of IU, Gaspar Llamazares, has assured that the Congress is done harakiri approving this " historical backward movement " realised " to the service of the markets instead of the one of ciudadanos" , to that age of retirement has been unknown in the decision of the delay of him, which explains the protests of the movement 15-M, reason why has asked to the groups that are " insumisos" and " they stop one tramitacin". Then, the one that to shares, it takes which it in its electoral program of the next general elections. The spokeswoman of the BNG, Olaia Fernandez Davila, has described as " lamentable" that one extends the age of retirement and the period of calculation of the pension, that will suppose a loss of the public pension of until 10%. In his opinion, the measurement clearly is in favor of the investment in deprived bottoms, within an attack " voraz" untied by the markets against the State of the Well-being. Source of the news: The PSOE removes ahead in the Congress reform of the pensions with the support of CiU

Regal Barcelona

The incredible state of grace of the Bizkaia Bilbao, the one that has allowed him to fly on the Power Valencia and Real Madrid and to land in the end, was worth to stay to him still on, to throw of flema when the beating was enormous and to end the high head in spite of close undergoing a capital punishment (62-36) already of the last quarter. And that is, very many much. Because one had them to do with an inspired Regal Barcelona, brought back to consciousness to the maximum in its double mission: to render to top and not to let themselves rock by the minimum confidence before a rival, on the paper, inferior. On the one hand, it knew how Bilbao is spent to them; on the other, it has still a thorn nailed by his collapse in the end of the previous campaign before the Labor Box. Source of the news: : Bilbao runs into against a colossus