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Purchase Dutch – Netherlands real estate is a complex area of activity, so before you come in contact with local realtors or real estate agents who have property for sale Holland – the Netherlands, you probably will count it helpful to learn more about what is behind the purchase of property, real estate in the Netherlands. Owning your own home among the Dutch was the phenomenon of relatively unusual before the 1960s, when more people began to seek to purchase or build their own homes. The Government of the Netherlands – the Netherlands continues to promote home ownership. Freedom of choice and individual home now encouraged, in contrast to previous political strategies aimed at building mass housing, which has no distinctive features. Netherlands – The Netherlands is a small but densely populated country.

This leads to a situation – especially near big cities – where demand exceeds supply and thus price increases above the reach of many potential buyers. However, in the north situation is not so critical. As a general rule (except when buying for investment purposes), most sources do not recommend buying property in the Netherlands – the Netherlands, if you do not intend to stay in There are more than three years. The costs associated with the acquisition of property in the Netherlands – Holland (and relatively slow growth in prices at this time) are such that the profitability of such a purchase seems unlikely. The aim of this paper is an overview of processes related to the acquisition of property in the Netherlands – the Netherlands, but it can not cover all circumstances. Therefore, you will need professional consultation regarding individual cases. Be prepared for the costs to purchase real estate in the Netherlands – Holland There are some costs, namely: Rating (taxierapport): Approximately 0.2% of the purchase price (plus BTW (tax value added tax).) The rate may be negotiable, but costs may be taxed depending on the circumstances of the preliminary contract (koopovereenkomst): Approximately 0.3% (plus BTW) of the purchase price.