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Tredition-Verlag GmbH, Hamburg

Publisher: tredition GmbH, Hamburg, and his book author: Jutta Schutz Speyer June 12, 2009 – most publishers shy away from risk, unknown authors to build and support and it is to translate books from abroad to still cheaper. The conventional publishing routine remains so simply closed the majority of new authors. It is very difficult without agents or relations to a Publisher interested in the manuscript of an anonymous writer\”to wake up. And if you got lucky and gets a contract sent to, you should study it very carefully. As an unknown author to make very, very little. We’re talking about 3 8% per book sale. Many publishers decide title, cover and content.

At the end, it no longer is the book that you actually wanted to bring in the people. So, the author was Jutta Schutz also long looking after a publishing company could realize their personal visions for the book design. It was not with this very sensitive topic of transsexuality\”, also easy to find a Publisher with courage on this issue. Jutta Schutz long searched the Internet for a suitable Publisher and found the tredition-Verlag\”, which was founded in 2007 in Hamburg by a young team from the IT and publishing industries. New authors have the opportunity to publish their works in principle free of charge. You must be but from the outset, aware of the fact that basic knowledge and technical requirements in the electronic text processing must be present.

An eBook, print-book or even audio-book with your own cover design and ISBN number arises so quickly. Comprehensive tools help in the professional design of book manuscript and cover and illustrators, proofreaders, Audiobook narrator and translator can work together on a work and participate in the success. All in all a Publisher, of the new and unknown authors offers a chance to publish their literary work.

The Manuel

Manuel already got used. Nor it binds more. It is not there of much colloquy. Only colloquy very when it is with ones and others. The sun burns lombo of Manuel. All it is sweated. To sweat is good.

Drips it leaves it of yesterday. Later it is alone to go even so, to take a good bath and the body until seems to be lighter. To the 5 hours it finishes the expedient, if it is that if it can call this expedient. Manuel goes pra house, before takes traguinhos in the bar of the Zeca pra not to lose the custom. That is pra to refresh. Also pra is good for finishing the fatigue. Of one biriba goes pra another one.

A friend arrives, arrives another one. Paid a thing, another paid other and thus go going. Now Manuel nor sees the time to pass. When of the account already they are 8 hours of the night. Manuel has that to go pra house. In the road it loses the direction. All wheel pra it. How more strange world! At last it arrives in house. It takes a bath and it has supper, however it is not seeing nothing. It seats in the sofa and it starts to attend television, but it grasps in sleep. All are in the attended room the novel. She starts to fall the head of the Manuel and the sister orders it to go pra bed. It leaves muttering, but he goes. When the sister goes to the room of the way, looks at that surprise! The Manuel was lying in full table. Consumers Energy CEO shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. But Manuel, you seeing that the hour did not arrive to still lie down in the table? For that is that Manuel found odd the feet of the bed. It never capsizes so high thus. It goes down of the table almost falling and cambaleando and goes pra kitchen. He opens the oven of the stove and tries to thread the head there when the sister appears. But Manuel what you are making there? Manuel mutters something. Devil of this house! It seems that everything shortened. It does not fit me more. It falls in the outburst of laughter the sister and says to the Manuel: you you not seeing that there it is the oven of the stove, Manuel? Stranger. Still well that the oven was not on. Then Manuel only finds the way of the bed.

Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse

Those who are ready to make money with her love of writing must consult only Wolfgang r’s book. It is full of insider information and tips: what makes the difference between a bestseller and a flop? The answer is here as well as a step for step guide, which you can publish your own book and doing the same to sell thousands of copies. On the almost 250 pages in large-format DIN A4 find all tools and techniques can earn 500 a day with own publishing activities. Here also, how to develop the work unless a book, newsletter, special report or special report; How to print his manuscript at the best price or produce can and how to get free publicity, the work to market and sell direct. You rich write the book is a comprehensive CD-ROM.

The Disc contains more tips, sources and contacts the author over the years personally has cultivated. This bonus material will help the readers to get additional support. This exclusive disk worth alone the price of the book! An old hand reveals all his tricks Wolfgang Rademacher himself started his literary career in 1992. He already his first title key of to success successfully brought in the self publishing on the man. Meanwhile, he has sold thousands of books, is a successful author and independent publisher, and has authored over 35 books related to the improvement of the quality of life. Due to his success Wolfgang Rademacher was contacted Meanwhile from almost every major publisher in the intention, to buy his rights.

The Selmer know obviously what is working on the book market and how to sell with profit Selbstverfasstes. Write up rich “is a concise, easy-to-understand summary of his hard-earned knowledge of publishing. If it comes to that Fulfilling of orders comes to the reduction of risks, or to the expansion of the own Publisher into a profitable company: the reader of this book can learn from this master seller first-hand, as they can lay their own works and neatly can benefit from them. The book is on Amazon or in bookstores available or under erfolgsonline.de/schreib-dich-reich.

Powerful Social Web

How does one customer-oriented employees? Motivated employees are the guarantee for satisfied and at the same time loyal customers. But unfortunately, this is not a given in many companies. It was never so urgent to customer-oriented leadership. Because today’s buying behavior of the social Web, where the power relationship between provider and consumer has turned as customers is determined. Business speaker Anne M.

Schuller delivers her Audiobook of the customer-oriented leadership”a Toolbox for successful execution in recent times. In our new business world is the customer of not only passive consumers but is actively the market”, explained the management consultant Anne M. Schuller, which stands for a new generation marketing. The companies were from the Hunter to the hunted, the customer is the real boss. It is therefore high time for new manners in management, with employees and customers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hikmet Ersek.

Only customer-focused companies have the nose in the future.” The ten times Author has therefore in their audiobook the customer-focused leadership”valuable success recipes put together, show the entrepreneurs and executives how they can make a sustainable leadership. It is very important to align the leadership so that she will meet the new demands of a market which is at the same time making a profit and even humanity”, warns Anne M. Schuller, Europe’s leading expert in loyalty marketing. The audiobook highlights motivational and practical, how executives create such conditions that the employees can not only give their best for the customers, but want this also. Seven steps to a customer-focused leadership will point the way. The basis for this are among other things a laughing ‘ corporate culture, as well as a full idea Bank of full customer enthusiasm ideas. The audio book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller the customer-oriented leadership in the 25 most valuable Best practices for successful execution in recent times Breuer & Wardin, 1 CD, 77 min., price: 19.90 euro / CHF 29.90 ISBN: 978-3939621898 the book on the subject, awarded with the Swiss economy Book Prize 2008 now in 3. Edition Anne M. Schuller customer proximity in the Executive Suite, how do you kundenfokussiert employee Orell Fussli, Zurich, 3. actual. Edition 2011, 26.50 Euro 44.00 CHF 255 pages, ISBN: 978-3-280-05282-2 more info:

Poets Contemporaries

Murilo Santiago poet of the revelation of what he is occult in nossointerior, poet that pulls out to the force our private thoughts and sentimentosmais, poet that are not interested for what you demonstrate to be, and yes for what you hide, poet who if interest for what you are nomundo of the dreams and in its particular world, poet of the profundezasmentais, poet that discloses what it is more disgusting in us, poets semsutilezas and delicacies interior, poet of not disclosed the close conflicts and dascoisas. Virtual loves Its impossible loves Are in fact its untouchable bodies, Its not realizable erotismo, Its incontidos desires, Its fetiches, its images and its ghosts That disturb its body. Its finished loves Left the taste in the souvenir, Left the sensation in the directions. Now after consummated You say that she loved, Perhaps in fact you have loved In way the Untouchable and impossible bodies and loves. It is probable that he has loved Or only consummated desires In bodies you touched and possible. Murilo Santiago J.Nunez18-07-09 a pseudonym of J.Nunez I am the psychological faxineiro when I am Murilo SANTIAGO

Family Samba

Music and the refro are adapted of a typical dance of the region of Arcoverde, known for samba of coconut, and the Reisado group of the Caraba? loaned name of the town that if points out in the agricultural zone of this region, as site of the City hall of Arcoverde. The coconut samba, second release of the group Lopes Sisters, is sung and danced since 1916, for the grandmothers of the Lopes family, and inherited for the master Ivo Lopes, today deceased also, that it made much success with its toadas benditos and. Of this Family of Brincantes the samba of coconut of the Lopes Sisters appeared, expression of joy of a warlike people, who obtained to inside create its space of the Arcoverdense community. The Mr. family. Laurentino Lopes was religious for tradition, livened up the nights of novena of the Chapel of Is Sebastio, today First of the Release.

Beyond of the Novenrio they livened up the samba of coconut that was a cultural inheritance of its grandfathers continued by its parents and, for consequence, for the new generations of the family. According to material of the Ministry of the Culture of Brazil, the heading Rockets of kings (or the war) makes aluso to the Folia de Reis or reisado, ritual catholic where musicians, singers, dancers, clowns and other folclricas figures, duly characterized according to legends and local traditions, organized under the leadership of the Captain of the Folia, visit the houses during the end of the December month until day 6 of January. The entoadas songs are always on religious subjects catholics, with exception of those touched in the traditional stops suppers, lunches or rest of the folies, where they happen livened up to parties with cantorias and regional typical dances, as catira, fashion of viola and cateret. However, in contrast Dos Reis of the tradition catholic, the intention of the folia is not to lead gifts, but to receive them from the owner of the house for filantrpicas purposes.