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In many freudianos texts the unconscious one is assimilated to the stressed one, however, reserves a place for innate, filogenticos contents, that they constitute the nucleus of the unconscious one. Western Union understood the implications. The contents of the unconscious one are the representatives of the pulso who are fixed in fancies, imaginary histories, conceived as manifestations of the desire, that is one of the polar regions of the defensive conflict. The unconscious desires extend it to an accomplishment, reestablishing on signals to the first experiences of satisfaction, through primary process (LAPLANCHE & PONTALIS, 2001). Freud considers to explain the functioning of the psychic device as a tpica construction. Thus being, in accordance with the place that occupies inside of the psychic device, the unconscious one only can have access to the conscience by means of Conscientious the Daily pay-conscientious system/. In the ticket to this last system, the unconscious contents, are submitted to the requirements of it, way that any content of the Ics* alone can be known will have been transcribed, in way distorted and modified for the syntax dictated for the Pcs/Cs (GARCIA-ROZA, 2007). According to Kusnetzoff (1982), the Unconscious one is the part most archaic of the psychic device. The representations contained in the unconscious one are called representations of thing.

These representations are fragmentos of reproductions of old perceptions of all the directions, made use as a succession of registrations, as a sensorial archive: a set of naked elements of words, whose registration was made at a time where words did not exist (in the first infancy of the citizen). Therefore the unconscious representations form ' ' true ghosts, loaded of proportionate energy for pulses' ' the representations of thing operate in set with the pulsional energy. They possess an easy displacement and exempt discharge, through the primary process, passing of a representation for another one by means of the displacement mechanisms (substitution and descentramento of importance given to the content) and condensation (abbreviation, omission and combination of contents) (p 124-125).

Ecological Theory

Bronfenbrenner (1996) brings in its Ecological Theory of the Human Development, a divided ecological environment classification in four systems, with a psicossocial approach, in which the man if relates and evolves: in microssistema the interpersonal relations are given face-the-face, the person are participant and possess social papers (house, school, work); meso and exossistemas consist of the processes that occur between two or more contexts, being that in the first a person she is inserted in all and in as, the least in the one of them person in development do not participate, but it suffers influences; macrossistema holds characteristics of the systems ampler as, culture, economy, education, politics, etc. and its effect are indirect, that is, if they reveal through the interactions of the person in the several microssistemas that it circulates. Fellow creature the definition of Bronfenbrenner, however with a space and social vision, Moser (2005) classifies the space, in four levels, also being: individual level or micron-environment: residence, implying the individual; level of the neighborhood-community or environments of proximity: half-public spaces (quarter, workstation, parks, etc.); level public individual-community or collective environments: intermediate, povoamentos cities, spaces diverse; global social level or surrounding: environment in its totality, constructed or not, the natural resources and the referring ones to the society while such. Altman (apud Morval, 2007), identified three types of territories that correspond above to environments argued for the authors, however it attributes to a direction of privacy degree and control on the part of the individual in relation to the space: primary territories, the house or particular office, personalized of form that discloses the identity individual or of the group; secondary territories, less exclusive as a small bar that for times appears strange customers to the habitual users; public territories, spaces opened as beaches, parks, etc., they provide little privacy. Classifications of the environment as the cited ones, become basic for a theoretical planning and better study of the relation man-environment, since the environment propitiates the direction and the identity, locating the social individual, economically and culturally.

Boris Izraitel

The third fact which speaks in favor of horary astrology is that self-treatment to an astrologer, already an event in the life of a man who turned to him. I'm in my practice are constantly confronted with it. If we compare the client's horoscope and horary horoscope, we sometimes see significant similarities. Boris Izraitel even proposed to carry out rectification horoscope based on time of the application to an astrologer. In my practice, convinced that his proposed method indeed shows excellent results. Thus, horary astrology can really help to find answers to many questions.

Sometimes feel that horary astrology can be used only to answer the question "Yes or no." This is true, but only partly. Horary horoscope also shows the whole situation and everything connected with it. At the same aspects of the decaying matter in the horoscope often point to the events that have already occurred, while convergent aspects of the show to see what happens. For example, if a horary chart too much decaying aspects and too little to converge, we can assume that much has already happened, the situation has passed its climax. If also in the map pattern is reversed, the situation is still in its beginning stages and major events yet to occur.

An interesting trend Horary astrology is also possible to search the missing items! At the time of issue of the loss can be constructed horary map that shows the location of an object or even a person. Horary astrology can be a very rich information, and not only get a response level "Yes" or "no" (although this, too, horary astrology is strong), but also to describe many situations. Particularly valuable horary horoscope may be for those people who do not know the exact time of birth or even a day birth. Thus, the use of horary astrology in practice can bring huge benefits to the client as an astrologer, and an astrologer himself, who will be able to significantly expand its toolkit and improve accuracy of the conclusions and judgments.


– examine our options, there must be a solution – I control my feelings and emotions – chose to do so – I prefer – will not allow than your bad state of mind is me spread as we can see, the reagents are mediocre and conformists; they hope that things settle alone and are not capable of making decisions; they always respond to stimuli of the same fashion, driven by emotions, feelings, circumstances, conditions, or the same environment. REACTIVE model: Stimulus => response on the other hand, the proactive are able to break that model because they have inner freedom, i.e., they have the ability to choose how you react to certain situations, and can thus make more prudent decisions. PROACTIVE model: Stimulus = / > answer how does it? When presented with a difficult situation, pauses (in the same way as pause a movie or a game), and used 4 tools with which a person is born: self-knowledge; away from himself and observe their thoughts and actions. Awareness; you know to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Imagination; It provides new possibilities and potential consequences. Will independent; It has the power to choose the best alternative.

The more we exercise them, we become more proactive. We can apply them in any situation; When speak ill of us behind our backs, when we collide the Auto, when you take away something that we both want, or we simply lose or break down a thing. That way, not only we will face problems of best way to positively influencing people encouraging them to repair the damage caused, but also to avoid bad consequences that adversely affect us even more, that hurt the people who appreciate, that destroy our relations, that spoil our future, etc. As I said, being proactive allows more control over our lives, that does not mean that we can control everything that happens to us, because there are things that are not within the reach of us or had not planned that they succeed. However, if we can control how we react to what it happens to us, why must stop spending energy worrying about things that we cannot control or do not have, and concentrate on thinking about what Yes we can change. For example, be better student, be best professional, become a better Distributor, be best friend, being best dad, being the best son, be best husband, etc.

Finally, I want to make a few practical suggestions to be proactive. And don’t worry, we can start from small acts that repeating them, will become habits. Make yourself a promise and keep it. Pay attention to the words that you say in the day, records how many times use the reagent language, and next time try to change it. Identifies any situation that you have to face in the future and which detect you always behave reactively, analyzes why do you and try to be proactive in this situation. Get something you always wanted to do but never dares. (Get on a roller coaster, invite someone to quit, starting a new business etc.) If you are angry with someone, be the first to apologize. Identifies something that always concerns you and you can not do anything about it, and forget it. Press the button pause before any unfavourable situation. Set goals for the short, medium or long term, and comply with them. As city without defense and without walls is who does not know master is.

Rio De Janeiro

It has certain fight between patient psychologist, where of a side the patient with its dream pulls of a side, using of defense mechanisms, and transforming the dream into a fancy in itself, and of the other the psychologist with its shrewdness and comment. Freud brings and it teaches in them through its workmanship that if became essential in the psychoanalysis area the importance of the dreams, when writes the Interpretation of the Dreams, sample that we finish carrying through our desires that we do not obtain to admit to want them, or many times we in such a way convergences in for desiring them them that the society in ‘ ‘ prohibit’ ‘ or it determines ‘ ‘ libidos’ ‘ , placing our moral values in first place, we restrain such desires we play and them in our the deeper and obscure abyss, the Unconscious one. When we obtain to leave a routine, a society that imposes on us, its acquisitions, dive through the dream in this abyss in search to carry through them, a search in satisfaction of our accomplishments, therefore the dreams are the only form of accomplishment of restrained desires conscientiousness. It is basic psychologist to understand such formation to it of the dreams and as its mechanisms of defense will be elaborated, as well as the principles of its had interpretation.

Holy Writ Publishing

The organizations need to accept the character individual of the motivation and to have the conscience of that hardly the collaborators will be completely satisfied: a necessity not taken care of will always exist that will direct new motivacionais behaviors. Although this, fits they to make with that the collaborator understands which is its mission and where it incases itself inside of the vision of the company, if felt respected and being part of the project of the organization. In the end, the decision will fit to the proper collaborator to be or not motivated, changing its attitude and if compromising to the results of the company. When hearing what it has to say, clarifying it what he needs to be carried through and propitiating a pleasant environment, the company will be showing that he is worried about it, that he believes it, therefore is not possible to remain itself forever motivated without he has stimulatons. Perhaps thus this collaborator does not give to the work that executes a simple direction of half obtaining to be happy is of it, a form of survival and nothing, and skirt more not pronouncing phrases of the type ‘ ‘ my interest for the company is the same that it has for me: financeiro’ ‘. Optimum investment inside of an organization still continues being the human capital.

REFERENCES AGUIAR, M. the Psychology applied to the administration; an introduction to organizacional psychology. So Paulo; Excellus, 1996. AGUIAR, M. the Psychology applied to the administration; a boarding to interdisciplinary.