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Pedraza Alternative

Since a few years ago the tourism and construction have been the engines of the economy in Spain. With the blissful crisis, construction, and home sales, it has come down. Tourism has fallen but not both and adapting in different ways. Almost everyone in ear talking apartments rentals, companies, or individuals themselves, rented every summer, in places like Benidorm, Salou, Torremolinos, etc.; and many of us have made use of them. We always liken season rental and vacation to the beach and the summer months.Increasingly are being imposed the vacation rentals for tourism on the internal and cultural tourism; especially as cheaper than traditional hotels accommodation option.More if possible when travel large families, groups of friends the rise of posadas, cottages is also leading many people to rent the houses of peoples, as an option to overcome the crisis, such as extra income, to pay the mortgage or as a solution until the housing market improves and can opt to sell.Houses already built that they try to preserve its rural essence, but giving the current comforts (heating, appliances, television, and sound equipment) normally constructions in wood or stone, fireplace, and the sound and smell of nature makes these places really cozy nature, calmness and tranquility are letters that plays the accommodation in the rural environment. Rentals in the mountains, or in villages, allow another way to enjoy the holidays, weekends, bridges accommodation is more intimate and much better price, and can cook to save budget. And if you want to in short displacements cities or tourist areas you can visit in cualquiler time. The haystack of Pedraza, Santiuste de Pedraza, in the natural park of Sierra de Guadarrama, is one of these rental options for holiday in the province of Segovia.

Process Engineering

Process technology trade press day: 2011 in Karlsruhe at the press Festival 2011 (www.fachpressetage.de) the editorial office in Stutensee professionals from the engineering informed numerous published members of the trade press on latest developments in the industry. The processes themselves are usually mature, improvement potential often still in their handling. Tags are plant preservation, safe work processes, compliance with legal requirements and internal management. To achieve this significant improvements through optimized approach, was the content of most presentations. Management simplify the problem “Where is the car keys” everyone knows well.

The answering key fob, the solution was already for some years ago. More complex is a localization system for the sizes of the production facilities, developed by R.Stahl from Waldenburg. RFID-based system does not allow also confusing sites, easy to locate labour and means of production as raw materials or products, and people. Even property several companies on a chemical Park can safely keep apart. Each part to identifying Gets a tag, the terrain is covered with the surface, fixed receivers equipped.

This works well even in hazardous areas. The active transponder signals are received, evaluated and displays the location depending on the application or processed via the ERP system. This saves time and cost and increases by the way still the security and reliability of the system. Also the improvement of logistics and operations turned the lecture of the Rosberg engineering. Human error during operation can cause some significant consequences of product quality and safety in the process industry; the filling tank wagons is only one example. The new practical concept ensures complex processes, which consist of several manual steps. The vendor-independent solution uses special, adapted to the harsh environment mobile devices, with for mobile operation of suitable software. So the prescribed work processes can be called step by step, implemented, and ticked off via PDA or Tablet PC.