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In a market so money changer as is the one that characterizes to us in Venezuela, We must be very intelligent at the time of creating or maintaining a product in the market like also creating new ideas chords to the present atmosphere, next them comment some errors that we do not have to commit *. To sell to everybody without segmenting. The most common errors of the trade are to try to sell to everybody. Even within a market segment, we will be with people with very diverse needs. That recommendable one to segment suitably, and later to develop an approach of resources aligned with this segmentation. *. The nonknowledge of the client and its changes. It is necessary to constantly update the state of the market.

What was valid a few months ago can today stop being it. The market studies must be rigorous, updated and must present thorough our objective public. We do it to this with the 5 (p). *. The little constant evaluation of its competitors. It is necessary to develop to a system of market intelligence or what is called market intelligence to know thorough your competitors.

The rank of competitors to analyze can be very ample, to discover new technologies and tendencies and not to remain obsolete. *. The nonfriendly relations with the workers, departments, shareholders, suppliers, distributors and other interested parts (stakeholders). A company with an ambient evil of work, frequent discharge rotation, failures and interdepartmental problems is incapable to create something consistent. In addition, one or several employees displeasures can sabotage the company. For stakeholders mentioned, it is necessary to strive to work with the best ones, to compensate them generously. *. To fail to take advantage of new opportunities. Many companies, giant as POLAR and PDVSA they suffer from great lack of innovation, even shielding itself almost always in which the market is mature. He is viable to propose develops of systems of identification of opportunities and selection of the best ones. I recommend to resort to stakeholders so that they contribute to ideas and suggestions. *. Bad planning of trade. A good plan of trade is not the reescritura of the plan of the year previous. In addition usually one does not have a computer science solution that it allows to simulate plans of sales and their financial impact. The plan must provide solutions short and long term, is due to be totally flexible in forecast of different scenes. *. The little capacity to generate mark and strategies of communication new. Again this is cause to formulate a plan of inflexible trade, to image and similarity of the previous year and of financially not estimating the cost of the investments in the promotional campaigns. Also with certain frequency the resources on the basis of the sales generated by each campaign are used, when it really is to use them on the basis of benefits. It is necessary to create a financial mentality in the marketing directors, whom they do not own generally, according to the original source. *. Daniel Taub Israel contributes greatly to this topic. A bad director of trade. A good director of trade sustains itself in three pillars: not only he must know how to take his department, but he must know how to cooperate with other departments and to satisfy the needs with the chief of a main directorate. For it is necessary to construct a leadership of the trade and to reinforce collaboration between departments.

Google Adwords

Them comment this since one can construct to a page Web to automate a product and to contract Google Adwords to sell it direccionando that publicity to the market to which you go directed, until everything but we analyzed Google Adwords very well there and the form as it operates one is going to receive a certain amount of daily visits by those clicks but once arrived at your daily budget it does not have but click is necessary to hope until the following day, now imagnate the potential that you have if you optimize your page Web with videos in youtube and other vestibules, you have articles, you raise information your blog, you have connections in directories, etc. You are going to increase your visits tremendously and are going to be free. Now your you will possibly say to me, it is work much and it is certain but it is worth the pain the effort, if you want to make money in Internet is necessary to work hard to obtain it, I have raised in all accounts in youtube and in other vestibules of video more than 200 videos, I raise to every month 4 articles and in the same way I write in my blog, and that has helped me to increase my visits tremendously free, but that does not mean that you do not reinforce your work with Google Adwords, I itself making publicity with them and I have a monthly budget for all website is part of the business and is necessary to do it and I recommend them to all, which I do not want is that one falls asleep and leaves all the work to the clicks of Google Adwords since if beams which I say and says the book that is in the part inferior of the following Link you are going to increase your possibilities of sale and you are going to generate more traffic day to day. In the following book you are going to find 10 keys to optimize your page Web, I hope that they help you since if you construct your website with my videos and the company that I recommend in my page Web you are going to be able to apply everything what this book explains to you. Gratuitous videos to realise one paginaa Web for digital product sale Original author and source of the article.

Encamp Town

Andorra has a special enchantment that leaves pledged its visitors. It is no wonder the rent Andorra apartments more and more is demanded since it enjoys a close supply of rural tourism, among other things. The apartments in Pas of the House fill of tourists with desire to live experiences, as much the one to let itself take nature like the one in the heat of to fall in love with their small very cosy populations. One of these populations is Encamp, to 1,200 meters of height and only 7 km of Andorra the Old man. The parish of Encamp is a calm, pleasant, hospitable place and mainly, charmer. In its environs the well-taken care of nature resides.

Who dream about being confused with the green one of Andorran mountains they do it in routes like in Way of the Pardines with exit in the highway of Cortals d Encamp. This route locks up impressive images like the panoramic view of all the town. There the botanical garden is placed, where is a great variety of unique species of the place. In this way the senderista is crossed a magnificent landscape: the one that conforms the lake of Engolasters. To walk by its environs is an unforgettable experience. To accede to the lake on foot only costs one hour and the result is very rewarding. Besides nature, the parish of Encamp also offers a history lesson to its visitors. Them Bons is one old population that dates from the Average Age. The neighbors have rendered to him taken care of reason why the constructions well are conserved. Of the constructions of the time, the Church of Sant Rom, the pigeon houses, the tower of the Moors and the way are conserved. Another one of the treasures of Encamp is the Valira of East, an affluent of the Segre river that in its course the town bathes, leaving to its step a tuna place.

To Guarantee Indepencia In The Oldness

Next to the defects they it age with himself bring are the senior scared to be separated from it, since they sensation must often it be a load for others. Also for the relatives of an aged man this must be avoided much the situations. Although it would be wanted to help where it is known, is heavy next to the own private life to be to the profession and the other obligations always for the grandma, the grandpa, mother or father. For that reason, this is of the great meaning for old woman people who to have the possibility of feeling more independently. Chairs save stairs offer the possibility. No masses of laborious stairs, that rob time and are dangerous. No dependency of known or relatives, to one helps the stairs upwards or to come downwards. In addition, the possibility exists to be able to remain in its loved home.

Stairs are frequent the cause that people must move in the age of their house or its floor. To assure the other possibility independence in the age the acquisition of is electrical moving body. After the old ones pass their car, since you have to confess the one that now in the time for that reason is, this type of the locomotion comes like from called way. The way to the supermarket, the doctor or to known is surpassed with Electrical comfortably and nondangerous moving body. Also the purchases do not have more to be taken all the way. Electrical moving body is a safe and comfortable vehicle. This must be served easily and brings surely to its conductor to the goal. As it is watched, there are the possibilities to make the best life to our old ones. Original author and source of the article.