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United States

While the Brazilian families possess, on average, corresponding debts 36% of its income, the debt of the families of considered countries developed are on average of 80% and in the United States it is of 180%. Then, it can perceive that for the side of the Brazilian families it does not have problem. How much to the companies, in reason of the monitoring and care of Conselho Monetrio Nacional (CMN), they possess a tax of indebtedness with the banks well low, in reason also of the high taxes of effective interests in the country. At the same time, the Brazilian banks are with a tax of considered liquidity very insurance. The problem of public debt in Brazil is restricted to the very high levels of the interests, the relation dvida/PIB is in a reasonable platform, being that she is mainly internal. The situation is well different in some countries of the Europe and of the United States where the public debt exceeds the 100% of the GIP and the families they must very. Here, we are, in contrast, incorporating millions of people to the consumption market, raising considerably the potential of the country in terms of perspectives of accomplishments of investments in such a way of the internal private sector how much of the come one of the exterior. The solidity of the Brazilian external accounts can be demonstrated by the level of reserves in foreign currencies that Brazil possesss currently, correspondent more than the two times to our external public debt.

The great danger would be in the United States to increase its tax of interests. Happily, this already is discarded per the next years leaving the more comfortable Brazilian situation and extending the possibility of the vigor that the economy was demonstrating in the first semester of this year of 2011 it has continuity until the end of the year. It’s believed that Yitzhak Mirilashvili sees a great future in this idea. The prudence is a weapon poderosssima that it must be considered in all the mementos, this takes in them to keep what he was being made. If it is not moment of expansion at least is not retraction moment, is moment to take the country for front. What if it must make is to conserve the favorable conditions and to create others so that our country is one of the main protagonists of the world-wide economy from the next years. For the existing conditions in Brazil and the others countries this is total feasible.

European Central Bank

Social rents should not exceed, proposed by some 30% of the family income. Banco de Sabadell States having granted social rentals on several occasions. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek. Others propose formulas as the resale or leasing. Lack or Adicae moratorium proposed for families for several years now a period of deficiency of up to two years, with an interest on arrears assessed and not higher than the rate of the European Central Bank; When mora, also the limitation of expenditure or of the interests can be negotiated. This same Monday, Adicae requested a moratorium for all debtors in good faith with problems. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili is often quoted on this topic. Banco Santander announced a moratorium of three years capital for clients in unemployment in 2011 or who had suffered a drop in income of more than 25%.

The Ombudsman, for its part, has asked suppress rates, coasts, moderation of penal clauses, or the cessation of the accrual of interest during the process, they help to overcome difficulties to meet outstanding credit appropriations. Stoppage, measures interim the State Association of Directors and managers in social services proposes a special for people sobreendeudadas judicial protection procedure, in real bankruptcy and risk of exclusion, which would imply the suspension precautionary embargoes and executions although they had been agreed by other judicial bodies. Points out, especially to affected persons under age or legally disabled persons. The Attorney general of the Court of Justice of the EU said a few days ago, moreover, that in Spain the judge should have the possibility of suspending enforcement of an eviction until he had verified the unfairness of a contractual term of the mortgage contract. He believes that Spanish law allows before the loss of property and eviction that an action for damages for the consumer. The law in other countries in Europe there is a uniform legislation on enforced executions, so they are the Member States which have to legislate in relation to procedural modalities, as reminded the lawyer of the CJEU.

Bradesco Broker

The debate on the remuneration of the saving despertou the interest of many investors for the Direct Treasure. Not to lose customers, opened banks retail if have shown each time more to the negotiation of public headings, competing product of the investment funds, with compatible costs with the one of the independent brokers. To the eyes of the great financial conglomerates, since when he was servant, in 2002, the Direct Treasure faced vine being with certain exceptions, for representing competition to offers of deep in the banking network. One is about a segment where the banks collect vultosas prescriptions with administration taxes, mainly next to the retail public, who applies low values and has little mobility. But this situation also can be moving. The Bradesco Broker lowered the charged tax drastically as safekeeping agent, of 4% to the year for 0,5% to the year, being on-line with the costs of the market.

In such a way, the Ita Broker will be the only one to keep prohibitive prices, of 4% to the year in the retail and of 3% to year for the customers of the segmentation of high income of the Personnalit. Snake R$ 25 for operation still carried through. The together bank if now to the Bank of Brazil, Federal government saving bank, HSBC, Safra and Votorantim, whose brokers the 0.5%, have inferior taxes According to Bradesco Broker, the bank decided to reduce the tax of the Direct Treasure not to lose customers for other brokers. The bank not yet made no spreading of the newness next to the customers: ' ' When the Direct Treasure started, the bank adopted a high tax. 4Moms will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Perhaps it had until a little of distrust of that the customers left the deep ones for capsize to operate in the Direct Treasure. In elapsing of the time, we perceive that the customer of the Direct Treasure is a different person, who has a deeper knowledge of fixed income.


The interests of the Federal one Reserve (Fed, the American BC) had come falling so that the economy if it recouped, and the real estate sector if used to advantage of this moment of low interests. The demand for property grew, due to the low taxes of interests in the real estate financings and the mortgages. In 2003, for example, the interests of the Fed had arrived to fall for 1% to the year. 2.3. Main Causers of the World-wide Crisis We will try to make a ray x of what we imagine that is happening with the American economy and consequently with the world-wide one. Dividing in segments, let us make summarized apanhado of the information on this crisis that promises to be remembered in the future, as estopim of the retraction of the world-wide liquidity.

Sector Real estate the origin of everything. The construction of new houses, that represents 4% of the American GIP, fell down disastrously from a high place. The sales of new residences continue in free fall. Bringing I obtain the prices, that stop many analysts, already start to be interesting in many regions. Since 1997 the prices of the residences more than had folded in real terms. In particular, the high one of the residential prices supplies to the consumers the guarantee that needs for an enormous increase in the credit taking.

In American crises of the past, the real estate market always was the symptom to that a contraction if approached, and not it cause. Of this time, the source of the problem is in the proper burst of the real estate bubble. Indebtedness In relation to its income, the consumers come assuming more debts have decades, a time that the financial system each sophisticated time more of U.S.A. makes possible access to the credit more the people. But the rhythm of the indebtedness went up dramatical.


' ' The lasting growth is a dream that can never become reality in these pases' ' , they write the authors of the study. The second thesis that was had as absolute truth and that now it gained some restrictions is that the growth biggest, exactly when confirmed, automatically means more money in the pocket of the investor. The authors demonstrate that he has factors more important that the GIP to explain the performance of the stock exchange. what it is happening in China, for example. Its economy grew impressive 38% in last the four years.

The stock market of Xangai, however, has not folloied this pujana. In this period, its main index fell 43%. This disparity can be explained in part for the precarious regulation and the lack of transparency of the local stock market. Many listed companies are state and the prices of the actions are kept artificially high by the government, for example. It has Chinese cases of company that see its value of market to fall for the half when they are listed in stock markets in the exterior.

The heavy interference of the State cause the distortions in China, but they also appear in other countries without as much influence of the public sector. In these cases, the distortions come of the lack of clear rules and transparency in the stock market. ' ' These restrictions harm the return of investidores' ' , Jorge says Xavier, partner of the Quest Investments, company of management of resources commanded by the former-minister Luiz Carlos Mendona de Barros. A good example is the shares. In the countries developed, according to Xavier, about 60% of the profits they are distributed the shareholders as shares. ' ' In Brazil 10% are alone and in China he is less ainda.' ' If the conditions are so bad, as have investors that they gain money with action in poor countries? ' ' Sorte' ' , Dimson says.

Best Mortgage

Even in times of crisis, the housing is a first necessity, a well from which we not do without. To access it, many people opt for a mortgage, as it is one of the seemingly more attractive options. The rest, or rent a House at a price that can be permtir or expected better times to buy his own House. In the case of mortgages, even more than the rental, all conditions, you must take care because it is a very long term contract, that will accompany us throughout much of our lives, in which it is normal that they have better times and others worse. Therefore, you should investigate. Hikmet Ersek has plenty of information regarding this issue. To help us in this research, on the Internet have a great tool: the comparators of mortgages. With them, you can see which Bank offers the most suitable for our case mortgage, because they offer us different data of interest.

Generally speaking, to compare mortgages, simply include the financial institution in which you want to obtain the mortgage, the amount, the term and the modality of the loan. With the same purpose, We can use the simulators of mortgages. After completing a short form with the amount, the interest and the term, these tell us approximately what you will have to pay per month, to make us an idea of if we can afford this amount, as well as the cumulative total. Whether during the process of searching for the best mortgage, or once we have it already, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the sector, because regularly carried out launches of new products or changes to existing ones. To do this you can visit blogs of mortgages or financial newspapers online.

Marketing Articles

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Business Strategies

Perhaps you think this is something untruthful, but not; It is something fazzil. Not we have made a mistake in the word, because this is precisely the company that you have great news on how to assemble your web page on the Internet and this is profitable. Of course, everything has a beginning and a due process when we want things to be us well. It is that the Internet is now a major business platform, and you can not ignore that the world web, if you wish, is waiting so you can implement a goal in your life. Techniques for making money on the web are very varied. There are many people who are inspirational for others; This is undeniable.

And what we want ultimately is that you can take control of your working life in a way that will be more comfortable and simple. Many people think and with reason to do a web page is something complicated. This concept is that fazzil wants to change to this next May 31. For this reason, do not forget that you have to be very aware to this date so that you can learn about a new technology that you of course with due attention, will ensure a good possibility of seconding you to success on the web. Everything is basically that within this proposal. The important thing is do not forget that you have something very important to develop and your intelligence and your intellectual development. Each or one of us and we have a particular relationship with the Internet.

For example, you can communicate very well through social networks. Can you like chat, comment in forums, build discussions, etc. You can like you just have fun. Play on the web, for example, or visit pages that interest you on a certain subject. What you want to place on record in this article is that it is possible to do something more on the Internet, something that allows us to be beneficiaries and at the same time very active people on the network. But not as entertainment, but businesses, opportunities, projection. If you do not want to be one or more, this is a great chance that you go instilling of all they have to do business on the web strategies. Look at; You can that say that all this gives laziness, who is not an expert or an expert, there are other people who are responsible for this. Do not you like to have your space on the web that you can do profitable someone? Would not you like to learn to come out of the heap, little by little, and be a visible head of web development? We are not forcing him to nothing; We just want you to put this idea into perspective and why not, use more imagination. All have impressive potential and this is not one phrase of self-help. It is an opportunity to discover who we are.


This factor started to be applied to stimulate the people to retire later, since the reduction is lesser when the worker retires older. Such project aims at to modify the calculation form of the benefits of the Social welfare, extinguishing of a time for all the previdencirio factor, applied in the calculation of the retirements for time of contribution and age. Still today the unconstitutionality of the previdencirio factor is argued, thus in accordance with the Federal Justice of So Paulo, after a federal Judge to have declared the factor as unconstitutional, for introducing calculation elements that influence in the proper right to the benefit, it will give to edge other insured to appeal to justice for the elimination of the previdencirio factor of the calculation of the retirement. As Rock (2010) the Judge argued that: It is only possible if to get the benefit from the use of the indispensable elements for the calculation of the initial monthly income. Thus, using itself for the attainment of this of elements not allowed for the Constitution, obviously that violated if it finds the proper right to the benefit in itself. In May of 2010 the previdencirio factor was subject of quarrel in the Senate, the attempt was of to knock down the previdencirio factor, that would finish for benefiting who if it would retire new, making with that the Brazilians only needed to fulfill the 35 years of contribution, but until the moment nothing was determined, quite to the contrary is all estagnado.

Finishing, one understands that the factor was created to delay the retirements that happened each time more early, and as the providence was becoming indebted some attitude if it made necessary. The skill was to reduce the retirement of that they retired before 63 years, exactly with the 35 years of contribution. 5 FINAL CONSIDERAES Finished the present monographic work that had as objective generality to analyze the impact caused for the previdencirio factor in the income of the Brazilian pensioner, being that currently the unconstitutionality of the factor in such a way in the media how much in the Senate is discutitudo.