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Good Apartment

Before the crisis situation in which we are immersed (and without her also), many are the people who at the time of finding a house decide to bet by the rent of apartments. Western Union may find this interesting as well. ly. In particular, they show preference for this option because they do not enjoy the money sufficient to do in front of the purchase of a house and to the payment of a mortgage. By all this, it is essential that before carrying out this rent a series of questions considers to avoid not to fall in an error or a fraud, because lamentably the picaresque one is very present. We see some of most important: First before beginning the search it is to seat to us and to analyze calmly what we looked for and what economic capacity we must to be able to fix a price to us of maximum rent. Of this form, we will be able to carry out a task of more customized investigation. It is fundamental not to go with haste at the time of finding an apartment. The best thing is to go slowly seeing as it is the market, what offers and the conditions that are required. Of the same form this will suppose that we have time to visit an ample one number of buildings and we soon pruned to choose the one that better adapts to our requirements.

To shuffle with pros and cons what more as far as the form can interest us to find the house, or by means of real estate, particular or local plans of rent. To praise itself/pour off to only visit those buildings that fulfill our expectations as far as the monthly price of rent, location, dimensions and stays. At the time of the visit it is necessary to watch everything at great length, making special emphasis in the questions that affect as far as the daily development of the life such as the electricity, the water or the gas. He is advisable to ask, to clarify, how it would be the process to rent to the house from the contract to the monthly payment or the one of the corresponding invoices. It is important to know that the guarantee is obligatoriay the stipulated amount is of a month. In many cases, the proprietors of the house at issue can ask for the copy to us of a list or a endorsement. In main lines these are the advice who occur and who are due to consider before carrying out the rent of apartments because it will be the way to be able to realise this proceeding of the most satisfactory and effective way. Baqueira, Pas of the house, Vielha

Council Talk

Your silence is more useful than the talk. You should talk after knowing you can offer solutions, as the expert is who must speak in the Council. Recently Governor Cuomo sought to clarify these questions. Talk is the most difficult of all jobs. Educate yourself with thoughts from Governor Cuomo. It is who investigates who placed under its authority. Maximum 43 of the word just do not say one thing and then another, or place one thing instead of another.His place is inside of you.

Beware of breaking the cordage in you. Be careful according to what he says a wise man: listening, therefore if you want to stay in the mouth of those who understand you will have to talk after having delved into the Affairs of the master. If you talk to perfection, all your Affairs will be in place. The maximum 41 describes the characteristics of an ignorant person who is not one that is unknown, but the one who doesn’t want to learn. Maximum 41 of the ignorant regarding the ignorant who don’t want to listen to, can not do any thing.

You will see knowledge in ignorance and what is useful as harmful. It does everything what is hated, according to what the angry every day. Living things so it dies; warp the language is their livelihood. And continues Ptahhotep writing about the truth, MA’AT in the ancient Egypt, which was both goddess and cosmic energy, about the need to follow the voice of the heart throughout life, about how to get to have depth in thought and own criterion, on the acceptance of what life holds us (nothing you codicies, tell you live at peace with what you have and the gifts of God will come to you naturally), on the use of the Word as a power with which we can create or destroy (don’t talk against anyonelarge or small. Doing this is an abomination of your own creative energy) and on other matters that would form the authentic man with fullness and integrity, one who knows to relate properly with yourself, with others, with the planet and with the cosmos through a straight way of life, as a whole. Reveal the power of consciousness in each level of manifestation: in purely material or human, the psychic and the spiritual. In conclusion, Egyptian culture shows us that spirituality is not something away from the journal live, must be expressed and displayed, to become part of the world material and of the life of one who has developed in its interior. The heart, which for the ancient Egyptians was the headquarters of the most sublime and spiritual man part, must become guide your conduct at individual and social levels. Correct thinking, feeling and speak, the proper reaction to the events of life, avoid being pulled by the superficiality or the evil of others, staying full avoiding feed dense and negative energies, the development of human consciousness as a first step toward more spiritual and divine, all this was part of that basic education that each individual should acquire as a human being.