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The Cold War

. The Cold War is over. No more wars to fight. A war so intense and so disastrous to liberty and the free world is going on, but character is totally different now. We should be concerned.

It is organized crime worldwide. . . – Transnational Crime is rarely the cause of armed conflict, but is an important source of revenue for terrorists, warring factions, insurgents, and underdeveloped states in conflict. Statement of conflict and peace agreements are more difficult to achieve when the opposition forces have the resources to keep fighting. Similarly, the establishment of democratic institutions across the nation and has assistance programs in peace operations where organized crime and undermine the rule of law through various forms of corruption and violence. The difficulty of dealing with this threat comes in part to the inability of academics, law enforcement agencies and the international community to agree on a common definition of transnational organized crime. There are many definitions of organized crime, but one of the simpler and easier is offered by Phil Williams.

According to Williams, organized crime is “a continuation of business by professional means. “At first glance, this definition may give the impression that organized crime is involved mainly in white collar crime or crimes related to the business and its activities have little or no impact on military operations or international security. Williams definition is broad enough to cover a wide range of professional behaviors, but do not refer specifically to the sinister nature of the crime and its associated violence and brutality.

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