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Objects of any kind renovate with specialists – 12designer monument guns are a special heritage, that you should get for the next generations. However, there are about 880,000 objects that are listed, but not restored for cost reasons and get are can after an estimate of the Association of free real estate and housing companies (BFW), in Germany. Including the most diverse objects can be found, and each tells a story that is also interesting and important for our culture. More disappointing given it when such objects to gradually fall into oblivion, is must be forfeited and eventually torn down for safety reasons. Each demolition is a piece of cultural death and thus you can only trust for private and business investors for these projects can become warm. Whether now for sentimental reasons as return on investment, a historical building which is under monument protection, is not a barrel without a bottom, how do people always claim. On the contrary.

The purchase such real estate can be worth, if adapted to undergo legal guidelines correctly and to the existing it. Therefore, fortunately to know that more and more people who want to buy a home, look for such objects, and the new federal countries offer a lot of wonderful real estate here. -There reasons for the acquisition of a building for it actually enough. The proper renovation of old buildings is supported tax and through various promotions. But you should have a competent partner in restructuring itself at his side, so that it is also professional and appropriate, or alternatively, to acquire an already thoroughly reconstructed building. 12designer for example offers, special in the new federal States, specialized services in the field of rehabilitation.

In the context of access here very much forward-looking concepts of company that create lasting value investors and private buyers by monument-oriented renovation. The professional renovation is this by its own architects and construction managers, guarantees and includes project planning and also complete implementation of rehabilitation. 12designer supports this principle only to partners that have proven themselves in several years of collaboration and are just as powerful as the company itself. Also, 12designer naturally increasingly value sets implement quality measures that are fully adapted to the object. In the course of the restructuring are basically again habitable objects with the flair of the past and modern comfort. A great advantage of old buildings is that they are often built close to the city centre and is therefore usually good access to public transport and shopping opportunities also. Contact: EC 12designer GmbH Sven Langbein Stephan str. 6a 90478 Nuremberg Germany E-Mail: Web: phone: 09112399200

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