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Brazil Question

However, in this walked, Scrates made some enemies with its investigations, questionings and discords. The worse ones of them had been leader religious and the State. In this direction, the questionings of Scrates were so strong and influential that arrived to bother the powerful ones of the classic time of Greece, a time that put in guideline and question truths until then unquestioned, that it could influence of negative form the citizens. In the words of Loving Alceu Rasp, it describes the crimes for which Scrates was accused: Scrates was accused to refuse the cult due to deuses of the State, introducing demonic entities, with this perverting the youth and taking it to commit it the same crimes (of atesmo against deuses official), therefore thus would only be the crime under the jurisdiction of the King, to who competed the defense of the religion of the State (Rasp. 1992. P.

7. in Vindication of Scrates). truth is that Scrates, when questioning definitive effective subjects at the time, influenced diverse heads, as of the young and its disciples, making with that these started to question all an order that watch, provoking quarrels and debates around this. An example clearly of this is Scrates to believe that the power would have to be destined only to those with the real capacity to govern, a right government, for the merit, that is, of the philosophers, a time that they could only lead the plis of form joust and virtuoso, therefore the absolute truth would only set question for its hands. In this direction, Scrates brought a debate that is rank until nowadays, regarding the form of as the governing are elect through our democratic system, that is, for the majority. However, to a large extent of the times, nor always what a majority he chooses is the ideal for a system politician, as in the case of Brazil, where representative they are elect for its fame, for its jarges, its favour.

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