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' ' The lasting growth is a dream that can never become reality in these pases' ' , they write the authors of the study. The second thesis that was had as absolute truth and that now it gained some restrictions is that the growth biggest, exactly when confirmed, automatically means more money in the pocket of the investor. The authors demonstrate that he has factors more important that the GIP to explain the performance of the stock exchange. what it is happening in China, for example. Its economy grew impressive 38% in last the four years.

The stock market of Xangai, however, has not folloied this pujana. In this period, its main index fell 43%. This disparity can be explained in part for the precarious regulation and the lack of transparency of the local stock market. Many listed companies are state and the prices of the actions are kept artificially high by the government, for example. It has Chinese cases of company that see its value of market to fall for the half when they are listed in stock markets in the exterior.

The heavy interference of the State cause the distortions in China, but they also appear in other countries without as much influence of the public sector. In these cases, the distortions come of the lack of clear rules and transparency in the stock market. ' ' These restrictions harm the return of investidores' ' , Jorge says Xavier, partner of the Quest Investments, company of management of resources commanded by the former-minister Luiz Carlos Mendona de Barros. A good example is the shares. In the countries developed, according to Xavier, about 60% of the profits they are distributed the shareholders as shares. ' ' In Brazil 10% are alone and in China he is less ainda.' ' If the conditions are so bad, as have investors that they gain money with action in poor countries? ' ' Sorte' ' , Dimson says.

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