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CarTruck Kamaz

If you are interested in buying heavy-duty trucks, we recommend you get acquainted with the representative of heavy-duty dump technique Kama automobile plant – car-truck KAMAZ-6520 with a 6×4. This representative machinery KAMAZ can lift 20 tons and weighs 33 tons KAMAZ-6520 – the base model heavy-duty trucks, heavy trucks. This truck is designed to move all sorts of goods for the construction industry or on the road, when a load 10-13 tons had to strengthen the frame, making them solid. Thus, the capacity of KAMAZ-6520 has increased. Stabilizer bar on the the front axle and rear axles ensures greater stability laden truck in the turns, and lock the differentials interwheel improves patency in heavy traffic conditions.

On a flat road KAMAZ-6520 can speeds up to 100 km / h or more at a rate of 39 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Motor truck KAMAZ-6520 capacity of 320 liters. C. Fully complies with environmental standards Euro-2. The construction of bridges leading truck KAMAZ-6520 provides spaced drive: Planetary reduction gears and a single-stage side gear in the center. Dump truck KAMAZ-6520 is safe, manageable and perfectly harmless, ie, in compliance with the standards and requirements for trucks of this class in Russia and abroad.

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