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Few of our contemporaries knew anything about the ghost towns. More precisely, almost no one believes in their existence, including their foreign fiction writers. Since it appears that such nightmares happen only in movies. An example is a fairly well-known reel of film about the town of Silent Hill. But hardly anyone thinks that we live next to people who have experienced something similar. In the future, we want to tell you about the current ghost town called Pripyat. Just a few kilometers away Pripyat and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Forty-seven thousand people once lived here, left town immediately after the explosion which occurred at the nuclear plant.

Belarus suffered – on its territory accounted for 70% of the total radiation contaminated territories. A quarter of the population of this country was at risk. And while people were evacuated from Pripyat, saying that it temporary measure, so there no one more, and never returned. This young city – a major transport node – does seething life. Built cinema, sports complex, recreation center, parks, shopping centers, amusement park even had time to Attraction set 'Ferris Wheel'. This wheel has become a sad symbol of the exclusion zone. Sometime today a ghost town of Pripyat was considered as illustrative, demonstrating his guests, and proud of him. Then all were convinced that only a bright future ahead.

But the inhabitants of Pripyat had ever leave their beloved town. When all people were evacuated, the city entered marauders who looted everything they could carry. The city quickly overgrown by plants. What do the trees have grown up right in the stadium, the center of the tracks. To date, returned here about three hundred people, mostly elderly people who could not to adapt to life in a foreign land. Every year in April and May here attracts thousands of people who once lived here, or eliminate the consequences of the accident at the plant. It's part of their lives. The sad fate of this once got beautiful and promising city. That is the fate of the discharge to pass the 'real city' in the category of 'ghost town'.

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