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Zurich. While the news from Iraq are not comforting, the country of the two rivers in any way records progress, especially in the socio-cultural and economic field. Some news unfortunately are not disclosed and not come down to us. However this, the economic reconstruction of Iraq is not stopped and the interest by large, medium and small investors increases day by day. They are mostly foreign companies, among which many German bent on the same reconstruction, obtaining this higher gain. Experts like Michael Amram, Manager of the Swiss company M & S Investment, specializing in the currency trade, predict for this country rocked by the Gulf wars good economic growth.

Not benefit only companies and big investors but also local small entrepreneurs. M & S Investment with their offerings at offers anyone the possibility of investing in the Iraqi currency, the Dinar. In addition to economic development, it is the current exchange against the dollar that the Iraqi Dinar (IDQ) makes an interesting means of investment. The current change is over 0,000825 USD. We must remember that since 2004 to date currency has tripled its value. They are especially large reserves oil and gas driving the rise of the Iraqi Dinar, says convinced Amram. Their assumption is corroborated by the historical development of the Gulf region.

History shows that the Iraqi Dinar has long been a strong currency with a change equal to the other currencies of the Nations of the Gulf with huge oil reserves and sources of gas, between these Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Indeed, with the beginning of the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, it has involved the country in many military conflicts, the Iraqi Dinar has lost its value, in any era of 3.39 USD. Fundamentally international trade sanctions on Hussein times have demolished the Iraqi economy. Fortunately, the situation has changed and the economy of the country of the two rivers can again develop, another reason cited by the expert in favour of the recovery of the currency. The world of oil dependence, the repayment of Iraqi debt, new laws on free trade and a new banking system give the Iraqi Dinar fair features to become a good source of investment also for small investors, says Amram. The Iraqi dinar can be ordered directly at, site Internet of the M & S Investment GmbH, the largest European seller for the Iraqi currency. Here it is possible to receive further information and clarify any questions.

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