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Tambellini, Borgarelli And Coli: Winning Immigrants

The history of Italian immigration in Brazil is repleta of idealizaes and myths, great of them constructed by the novelesco character of the proper novels that had dealt with the subject. Although this, many histories of overcoming and progress of the immigrants are real and worthy of reverence. In the interior of So Paulo, in the region of the Circuit of Waters So Paulo, in Support, the Italian colony prospered in incomparable ratios, the point of in the stated period of two decades some Italian immigrants to have if become great land gentlemen, industrials and traders. In Support, three names are prominences: Vitale Tambellini, Romualdo Borgarelli and Giuseppe Coli. Vitale Tambellini was an industrial in the branch of drinks and foods that if became national known for its products. Romualdo Borgarelli was competing of the Tambellini Group, but although not to surpass them, it had the great prestige with its industry of beers. Giuseppe Coli was a farmer in the branch of the cafeicultura, that accumulated notable richness with the production and commerce of coffee in the markets of So Paulo and Santos. In this direction, as it is common in great cities, personalities with Italian last names are very gifts and consist as important names of the society.

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