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South Ossetia

Under the pressure of strong evidence of experts is uniquely authoritative international commission recorded the fact of Georgia's aggression against South Ossetia and Russian citizens living on its territory. August 26, 2008 Russia has officially recognized independence of South Ossetia, September 9, between the States established diplomatic relations. Recent history After the events of August 2008, relations between Georgia and South Ossetia is hardly friendly. C beginning of 2009, the parties have repeatedly accused each other of attacks and provocations. The current round of tension began in the spring. April 24th South Ossetia accused Georgia of firing large caliber weapons from the village Orders Znaur area. Georgia accused of shelling South Ossetia of its territory 28 and May 29.

July 30 the Defense Ministry of South Ossetia reported that the outskirts of Tskhinvali on the night of July 30 was subjected to mortar fire from Georgian territory. From the Georgian Nikozi village in the direction of residential areas have been fired two mines, presumably in caliber 82 millimeter. July 31 was fired from a smoothbore gun territory of the Russian military base. According to unofficial information, the victims and there were no injuries. Defense Ministry accused Georgia of military provocations on the border with South Ossetia and promised to continue in the event of an escalation of tension "to use all available forces and means to protect the citizens of South Ossetia. " In turn, Tbilisi has denied the shelling, calling it a provocation. "No shooting was neither Georgian nor Russian sides," – said the Georgian Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili.

North Commune

It was common to see for any street of the commune, always wearing suits with buttoned chaque and that own doctors of yore, medium plump Briefcase walking and constantly stopping to greet how passerby it is crossed by the way, was that gift to people as say my grandmother than don Lucho, as many lovingly mentioned him, he drilled daily in his diary live. Do sometimes saw him in that Fiat 125 red, who one day, capriciously, left start? to where goes don Lucho? Touched me more than once asking him, (I guess as many any time LO did), to the found me it in any corner of the eighties, not so urban Maipu like today, see an enfermito answered, interested to know always or try to recognize those who interpelaban on the street. Of that classic question, it was clear that what was coming was becoming his faithful Squire and accompany him where was the enfermito not rarely rested in some okochochi of the Rinconada Maipu or one North with Vespucio, when it wasn’t yet Vespuccio and only a peladero of those that no longer exist in Santiago. It had come from Linares Santiago I don’t know when, but I’m sure it was when Maipu was a small commune where we knew everyone, or because we studied in the INSA school, the parish, Liceo Maipu, Trinity College or the College that was to the side of the Castle, which was next to the boat, my missing friend the WillyIt was next to the State Bank, which was next to the Pompeii of my endearing friend Dario Pavez, who in turn, was next to the source of Soda Apollo of the Mr Pavez, who was next to the butchery Santa Rosa and that finally, was next to the Banco de Concepcion today Corpbanca. You could walk the streets of Maipu and remember each neighbor, House or villa and recognize who we were those who habitabamos this commune. Jeff Gennette is often mentioned in discussions such as these. .

New World

This route made linkings between Saint Antonio of the Patrol and Step of the New World, current city of Taquara, from there until Great Hill for the right edge of the River of the Bells and leaving Passo of the New World in direction to the Fields from above of the Mountain range. In October of 1846, deep Hunter the Colony of the New World. The place with an extension of one hundred and fifty a thousand braadas was divided in lands called colonies. These colonies could entirely be vendidas (a colony) or in lesser lands, with one room, or stocking colony. Hunter made this enterprise through financings to the new inhabitants of the colony with accessible prices so that the colonists could pay. Meanwhile, the colonists transformed closed forests into productive land areas, changing the landscape of the busy space. One of the great obstacles for the adaptation of the immigrants was the shock with the known aboriginals as bugres.

These native inhabitants, although to be he has many centuries in region, was not recognized as proprietors, being considered as wild beasts. This contact was a cultural shock between different civilizations. The stories on these contacts make in to perceive them the cultural shock occurred between aboriginals and colonists on behalf of the racial superiority. Many lived deeply brutalities had been suffocated regionally and in level of Empire, in order not to confuse the enterprise of Hunter. However, it initiated – a process of substitution of enslaved man power for the free man power, the point to create a work structure where the slavery would not be more interesting to the great large estate owners. With the turn of century XIX for century XX, the population of libertos blacks was removed of the urban center of Taquara for some localities that, since this time, already were called fricas. This if gave so that the new city did not demonstrate in its streets or the commerce, vestiges of a black past and that the city did not come to be condemned at full moment of its esplendor.

Portuguese Crown

Therefore subjects of the king had become. The mission served for the end to inside politicize guarani of the molds European politicians. The mission while Been inside of another State, having guarani as its agent creates in this the direction of being owner of something concrete and appearance as he was ‘ ‘ mundo’ ‘ of the missions. ‘ ‘ However, to the measure that the guarani-missioneiros fight, to defend its interests (leaving that the Portuguese and the indians infidels steal to them the cattle as well as they are not become enlarged for its lands) it is proven that they leave of being objects, will become citizens (…). ‘ ‘ (SAINTS, 1998:124) Analyzing for this optics of guarani as subject of its missioneiro historical process we can understand that it had in the reality the double blow of disarticulation of guarani. Since this was integrated in the culture of the Jesuits.

It stops again later being reorganized with its expulsion for the Iberian Crowns of the region of the Seven Peoples. In middle of century XVIII we are ahead of the reorganization of guarani. If not of all guarani due to dizimao caused for the guaranticas wars, at least of one parcel that migrou forcibly for pertaining lands the Portuguese Crown, As (SAINTS, 1998:127), guarani transladados for the Village of the Angels would be of interest for the region pertaining Portugal and reinserido in that context of politicosocial similar world and spiritual to the Spanish world, which guarani already was aculturado. However it was another reality due to the Portuguese peculiarities and its language. ‘ ‘ If what the missioneira experience notabilizou was the transculturao process, the same if it cannot affirm with regard to the Village of the Angels, since the guaranis families would have ‘ ‘ nicknames portugueses’ ‘ , as well as they would be obliged to say ‘ ‘ ours lngua’ ‘ above all, the authorities must have the care of that: ‘ ‘ if they forget the language and many of its rites and supersties.

North American

It appeared, then, ' ' myth of the democracy brasileira' ' , for which, thick way, inexisted racial conflicts in Brazil, before it was about parents whose process of settling had integrated all the groups in a species of racial carnival. When trying to destroy the paradigm raciolgico, at the hegemonic and coated moment of cientificidade, some authors had finished exaggerating ' ' the racial harmony brasileira' '. It was, then, mounted the scene that was? e, partially, still it is? palco of the intellectual battles on the racial relations in Brazil. One will intend, here, to present some consecrated readings and interpretations and its implications in the field of the public politics with respect to politics of racial quotas. On ' ' Racial&#039 democracy; ' Transformed into the years of 1980 in the main target of attacks of the black movement, as well as of the majority of the intellectuals, and characterized as a myth, supposed ' ' democracy racial' ' Brazilian follows being an interpretation and species of catalyser critical of the racial relations in Brazil.

The fundamental arguments would support that it would be, in the conception of Joaze Bernadino (2004), the supposed absence of an intense hostility enter the racial groups in Brazil, being here the relations most harmonious and cordials, had, over all, the significant process of miscegenation that was effected here. Being, thus, the social classroom – and not it race – that explains the different attribution of status and chances of the individuals. When compared with the North American racial conflicts, Brazil really did not develop a legal racism, operating with black a white binomial/to point out the individuals in the social hierarchy. We develop a pluriracial system, however, footwear, also, in the subalternidade, discrimination and preconception of ' ' no-brancos' ' (SKIDOMORE, 1976). In Brazil? how it demonstrated Of the Matta (1998)? it did not operate, and nor operates, a logic maniquesta between black color and white, or better, black or white; before, we have an infinite set and varied of categories you would intermediate where the mulato represents the exemplary crystallization.

So Paulo Janeiro

The modernismo properly said was a located phenomenon, over all in So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, with a prolongation in Minas Gerais. In others it had manifestations parallel bars, as in Pernambuco, or of commitment, as in the Rio Grande Do Sul. is curious to notice that, even so the famous Week has occurred in So Paulo, the modernistas of Rio De Janeiro did not costumavam to go nor to have activities in So Paulo, while the natives of So Paulo frequented the River very and participated of its cultural life. The reason pparently is obvious, at that time Rio De Janeiro was the capital of the country and the cultural center par excellence, while So Paulo not yet passed under the villager aspect. River had much more important cultural equipment and was the place that consecrated.

According to Antonio Candido, who desired to receive the seal in literature, music, painting, theater needed to pass for the Carioca bolter. Some examples: Guillermo de Almeida arrived to live there, as well as Ribeiro Couto. Mario de Andrade liveed and worked there, in a similar way that Rubens Borba de Moraes. Oswald de Andrade went there always and there it had apartment, as the patron of Pablo the Prado. We can observe is clearly that today, everything changed and had certain inversion exactly. Of the cultural point of view, in century XX the proper matrix of So Paulo alone if defined with the solid fast increment of the university culture, of the spirit of inquiry in sciences, accurate how much natural and in such a way social. E, although the tumultuous Week and iconoclasta of 1922, never had in So Paulo, according to Candido, the touch of favour and imagination, the brightness of the literary and artistic bohemian, the spirit freedom that characterized Rio De Janeiro and gave the greater impression creativity.

Tambellini, Borgarelli And Coli: Winning Immigrants

The history of Italian immigration in Brazil is repleta of idealizaes and myths, great of them constructed by the novelesco character of the proper novels that had dealt with the subject. Although this, many histories of overcoming and progress of the immigrants are real and worthy of reverence. In the interior of So Paulo, in the region of the Circuit of Waters So Paulo, in Support, the Italian colony prospered in incomparable ratios, the point of in the stated period of two decades some Italian immigrants to have if become great land gentlemen, industrials and traders. In Support, three names are prominences: Vitale Tambellini, Romualdo Borgarelli and Giuseppe Coli. Vitale Tambellini was an industrial in the branch of drinks and foods that if became national known for its products. Romualdo Borgarelli was competing of the Tambellini Group, but although not to surpass them, it had the great prestige with its industry of beers. Giuseppe Coli was a farmer in the branch of the cafeicultura, that accumulated notable richness with the production and commerce of coffee in the markets of So Paulo and Santos. In this direction, as it is common in great cities, personalities with Italian last names are very gifts and consist as important names of the society.

Observatory Center

Examined a large mound, the sanctuary was a hemispherical elevation with a flat pad size on top and a moat around the ring. Identified were funerary complex and the temple-shrine. The temple, the sanctuary was erected on the ruins of the burial complex. He looked like a 9-speed truncated pyramid erected log cabins, from the stands, the soil and cane. The steps of the pyramid and the top floor used for ritual activities. Arch Closest historic match Sintashte – Arch, which also dates from the XXII-XVII centuries. BC.

Oe. and close to Sintashte in shape and size, but remained in a satisfactory condition. Arch – the oldest center of industry, religion, agriculture in the southern Urals was discovered by archaeologists in 1987 Perhaps the most mysterious archaeological site on Russian territory. The city-fortress of the ancient Aryans was abandoned for unclear reasons the owners and burned about 4000 years ago. Arch reiterated his the existence of occult notions of Aryan settlement. Arch was built on a pre-drawn by the plan with precision. The entrances to the fortress clearly oriented to the cardinal. All lines have a circular center where radial lines converge.

The city was built and lived by the laws of astrology, according to the laws of the Cosmos, which gave reason to believe that Arch – prigorizontnaya Observatory. In general, the Aryan culture has always been closely linked with astrology. Researchers note that to create an observatory of this kind had to know that the Earth is a sphere and with the other planets move around the sun.