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The Time

I worked for a magazine in which I got a job because of the absolutely fantastic events, which this magazine is untenable. But these events took place every six months, and all the rest of the time needed to engage in normal business magazine. As you know, one of the main revenue sources of magazines is to sell advertising space. And it so happened that I had to sell the most advertising space.

Appears to run month and a half, two, and I ! Before that I had with sales of no problems. I communicate well and usually can not find common language with completely different people. So when I had to sell, I have sought to good results. And here – zero! This puzzled me greatly. For some time, almost all two months, I puzzled over what was wrong. Then I realized. I do not want advertisers to buy advertising space in this magazine. And you know why? Because, well owning the issue of creating advertising, I understand – Advertisers throw good money after bad! They are guaranteed not to receive any customers, if I advertise in this magazine! And ads it was worth a king’s ransom. In short, if you speak softly, this product is not worth the money, who asked for it.

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