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Imagine that gathered 10,000 people who your group will drop only once, and your products they are uninteresting. And hardly any of them will buy. So you need a mechanism in which people will come to you in a group yourself! Understand that you need a business to clients for you running, and not you for them. At the door of your office must be a queue of customers. After creating a group of about a sequence of steps is as follows: – Affiliate with similar groups – Advertise in the other groups with a link to your group – Personal invitations to people from your target audience in your account contact, but you should not just invite someone to a group, but to write him a personal message. Some contend that Charles Schwab shows great expertise in this.

Then you start interesting discussions in the group: requires that customers are constantly ‘were having fun’ in your group. Provided that you only invite the target users and to provide useful information, people will be attracted to your group when schedule a some frontend-event, then do targenting – is advertising in contact. In this case, advertising should only appear among your already established group! Then you will not pay for the clicks do not know what kind of people, but only when someone clicks your target audience. When and how do targenting – a separate issue. The gist of it is that you want to advertise frontend.

Ideally, if all their efforts in the promotion of training in contact you send an invitation to your ca in the introductory and if possible, free event. A couple of chips in the promotion of contact. Here are a few chips to boost your sales in social networks: Open an account with a link to your website and the one and only your group. If you star of training, the account must have your name, so people can find you. Add everyone who adds you to friends and invite them to your group (you definitely need to unscrew your group and only one for a ca, see above) Create shocking: lay out the photos that your “Friends” in contact to see and comment can be many things to write about promotion in contact, because it is an invaluable resource for promoting your training! But detailed and step by step, I will write about this in his forthcoming book.

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